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  • hey whats up sent u a friend request on psn just let me know when your ready
    Sure kid, I need to start branching out from Raphael though....When I played my Local Comp, he's just too easily shut down by any character with good step. Seriously, watch, when we play, anytime you see me do prep games, if you block anything, try stepping left(raphael's right). 85% of Raphael's move list can be stepped left. Hilde's step? she can get behind Raphael in a blink......so yes, expect some n00bie Cass/ and some very new Amy action.
    Now that's just silly. Just cuz you have a hard time against Ivy? 2 main things I suggest you do against her:

    -Step. Most of her good stuff is the linear ish iirc.
    -Punish CL 214B/[ B ] with 236KK.

    You havta show these online people his power. Don't give up!
    You know....Vaan is just kinda there. Balthier just might be the main character.
    No, don't do it! It's like a drug, it is - at first, you'll be like "Oh, I'll just use some 1a here and there." And then before you know it, you won't be able to go an hour without your fix of mitsu online madness! Addiction is a terrible thing.
    I see. So do I. but where do you live? EC? I dunno what your time zone is lol. when you say 9 it could be like 1am over here LOL. But if we live in the same time zone, then anytime after 10 is good for me too. If fact I work today till 9:30
    anytime works for me as long as its not past 11:00 at night i suck past 10:00

    our match will have to be after Wednesday

    i havent done my home work on yun
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