Redheaded Yoshimitsu Returns to Liberate Your Soul

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Our favorite member of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu, has been revealed for SOULCALIBUR VI. Yoshimitsu returns after being part of the series since SC1. Funny enough, he seems to be the only SC1 character that did not get his SC1 costume redesigned. Yoshimitsu seems a little more interested in souls this time around. He can now remove the soul essence from his opponent's body and use it as a weapon against them. He looks the flashiest he has ever been!

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Should note that the trailers on YouTube keep getting taken down, so the video we used may or may not be broken later in the day.
hell yeah!
it looks like he has something similar to nightmare's SC4 soul wave mechanic with the soul eating moves
it might give him one free soul charged move usage like nightmare's does, but it might also be something more arcane like iron fist possession or something
0:27 he cancels door knocker into 66B and then 4A into a new crazy floaty spinny move - cancels are probably from eaten souls
0:41 looks like his while rising K is his while standing...3 or4 idk? from tekken, and in soul charge he cancels that into manji dragonfly
I wonder if the stuff following that is a manual combo or just an autocombo after dragonfly B tho
looks so fuckin good though, getting more and more hyped for this game
NICE! Now I'm only missing Cervantes and all I could ever want out of the roster will be there. Costume looks great, Even tho nothing can beat SCV: the split mask and skull was just too gorgeous.
Yoshi looks more fun then in the games befor - i hope there are more options to mix up then in SC5.
Also i hope random moves are in (i love them - best thing for mix up, since you don't know youself what comes out xD)

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