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I like the part where he sidesteps in slow-mo with the spins, then charges and does some kind of soul drain move. Hopefully he has either those random moves, or the ability to mimic moves like in Tekken 4 ( i think). Yoshi looking cool. Looking forward to this game.


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I'm a bit late to the party, but here we go, trailer analysis:

0:21-0:25: Okay, an extremely short range launcher that moves him forward that transitions into DGF. That's pretty bad if its other properties are similar to those of other launchers i.e. if it's an unsafe move. I wouldn't count on that DGF transition to make it any safer, but maybe you could mix up transitioning or not and make them mess up their punish.

0:26: This looked like a mundane throw animation, but it looks like... his throw range isn't terrible like the others? Big if true. Shame he's throwing an idle Nightmare, that's probably the worst character to use in order to judge range.

0:27-0:32: 44bB Lethal Hits on CH into what looks like big damage. No surprise, it seems it'll be functionally the same as in SCV, but now it'll retain good followups at tip range. The range is still lacking, unfortunately.

0:32-0:34: Again he grabs Nightmare's outstretched arm with what looks like standard SCV throw range, which would be really a big advantage over what we've seen so far from other characters. His throw range in SCV was tied with Mitsu's for 4th longest, behind Asta, NM, and Sieg, by the way.

0:35-0:40: Now for the crazy stuff. Yoshi does RE into the sidestep option right into an incredible stage carry move that appears to power up Yoshimitsu. I'm guessing that's what the yellow flash moves in the first clip were, combo extenders granted through using up souls. I'm really hoping that this move can be done from neutral stance and not just RE. Other characters so far just step and then you can do whatever you want, so that means that might be the case in this clip.

0:42: Soul Charge moves. On first viewing I didn't notice that this flying double horizontal mid kick was done from MED/IND stance or whatever they're calling it in this game. The beginning of the animation looks like the 2B+K heal. This will be huge for stance shenanigans. On block, reverse mixups seem possible, with DGF sidestep actually being able to step something, but we'll see if it won't be defeated by horizontals. UB DGF B is almost too strong to believe. If DGF K still catches step and does good damage, that's a pure 50/50 with good risk/reward on both options. The combo that results gives Yoshimitsu souls, so I speculate that CH bA from neutral stance also might.

0:47: Critical Edge, the animation looks great, and I'm happy to see the SCV one go. This might heal Yoshimitsu, but then again, the SCV CE looked like it healed Yoshimitsu too. Souls granted.


Overall, I'm not particularly excited, as these trailers tell little about how characters will actually play. The more flashy stuff a character is given, the more I think the devs will overestimate the strength of the flashy stuff and nerf the solid stuff. Yoshi in SCV could be played effectively as an honest character without gimmicks, and I'd hate to see this soul stealing mechanic or stance shenanigans overshadow iMCF ZONING I mean soild fundamentals.


[13] Hero

Time for another play-by-play analysis, this time from E3 6/10/2018.

At 0:44 we have a BBB. It seems SCV fast (i14) as opposed to SCIV slow (i16). The third hit comes really quick after the first two compared to the others, almost like it could be a NCC (natural counter hit combo) combo string, which would be amazing considering the special soul absorption effect, which gives lot of meter. The first two hits notably have no pushback on hit. In SCV, each hit had a lot of on-hit pushback to the point where the second hit would often whiff, and the pushback would limit his options to follow up, causing a return to neutral more often than not. The first attack connects from a good distance away, lucky that we get to see it hit at what looks like tip range. A lot to say about a simple BBB but we'll be using this move a lot.

Next there's what looks like a 1B, the same as usual but with a damage boost.

0:49 - A, AAA. Again we see near-tip range hit, and a noticeable range increase as with other characters. Also, no pushback just like BB. Third hit is 44A from SCIV.

0:51 - 4K(B). 4K looks to have a damage boost, even as a CH. No knockdown, like Mitsu new 4KB.

0:53 - Single A seems to pushback more this time? Maybe only tip range hits lose pushback so we don't get AA or BB whiffing issues.

0:55 - new spinny launcher attack from the trailer, probably 3B as I'll discuss later. Not the most range on it, about the same as old 3B (yup SCV 3B had good range).

0:57 - there's the old 3B, done after stepping down, as we'll see two more times in this video. Likely to be 22B now. It has significantly less range than the old 3B, as Yoshi doesn't take a big step forward when he does it. The new 3B will suffice, probably.

1:00 - 6K. Looks like fewer total frames, now, as he was able to move earlier than SCV Yoshi would be able to.

1:02 - 66K. Same as before. Not the ringout powerhouse from SC2 that I hoped it would be.

1:04 - 3A. Much faster than i17 3A in SCV, more like Mitsu's 3A, maybe even faster.

Not much to say about the 4K(B) full charges after this.

1:27 - 8K? similar to Natsu's 8K and a Tekken 7 Yoshi move.

1:29 - 3B+K animation, possibly 66B in this game.

1:31 - Full charge 44B, high damage as usual. Next is a 44bA, still in the game.

1:41 - 3A string (3AA?), mid into a high earslicer looking move and an attack throw. Possibly the replacement to 3AB from previous games, likely CH confirmable.

2:07 - Same 2K as in IV and V.

2:08 - BBB, the first hit whiffs, the second hit connects as a CH and third hit connects. Combo counter says 2 hits. At least the 2nd two hits are NCC. This doesn't guarantee that BBB is NCC, though.

2:12 - 4A is in the game.

2:15 - Amazing new linear high poke, i14-i15, gives soul absorption on hit. Long range for Yoshi, long range for that speed for anyone. Looks like it could be 4B.

2:17 - here we the 3B+K looking move, probably 66B and faster in this game, doing damage in what looks like the high 40s on CH and doing a short stun.

2:18 - 66A animation on what looks like 22A. Highly unlikely that the player playing sidestepped in the 2 direction right into a 66A, so it's probably done with 22A now. You can do the 66A BE followup without meter but it doesn't stun. Opportunity for string mixups for sure, as the last hit has no animation. String is probably 22AB.

2:23 - We see high jumping kick, the Natsu 8K, jump over a Geralt high attack. Looks good, but this is second time we saw this player use this move out of a sidestep in the 2 direction. It could be a 22K which would make it significantly less useful.

2:27 - FC B hits on CH and isn't reduced by Guts, nice.

2:50 - two attempts at old 3B out of sidestep in the 2 direction, confirming in my mind that it's 22B now.

2:58 - 3B finally connects, 4A looks buffered, and then a 4A "BE" which doesn't connect. Looks like that combo won't work. Looks like he gets meter back after using it even on whiff (the gain occurs before the last hit connects)? Just like any other attack, I guess, but the move has so many hits to it.

3:15 - Are my eyes deceiving me or is standing K doing decent damage on NH? It does a bit more than the high poke he does right before this.

3:48 - new standing low from standing, what could it be? 4K is 4K. 2K is 2K. 6K is 6K. Old 1K is shown later. Could it be 3K? Or could old 1K have been changed to 3K, and this is 1K? If so, where is SCV 3K? : (

3:51 - 214A, then a 66A+B. Looks like the usual properties.

4:02 - First his DNK, 2A, and ... launching WS K! Unlikely to grant a big combo, though. 6K might still be the better ducked high/throw punisher unless this move is safe.

4:28 - Three hit DNK which isn't counted as a combo. Only three hits in the string now? That makes it much more viable than the MHHM string it was before, it was hard to react and duck the 2nd hit, and now the third hit might interrupt any punish other than a FC A. The followup looks like a roll catch, not a combo. But, that's the second hit of 3B that we haven't seen, which could be a threat to avoid getting punished for using 3B.

4:38 - RE A attack transitions to DGF, and DGF A looks like a tracking high into mids string. This would stop steppers against DGF B, an UB in soul charge.

4:45 - Yup, that's a 22K, not an 8K : (

4:47 - Old 1K launches them forward this time and doesn't look to be i36 anymore. In fact, it looks faster than Sophitia 66B, so under i26? More range, too. Amazing. Ah, but it was done out of a sidestep, looks like a 1 direction. 11K then? 1K is the low poke? There's hope for 3K, the God Poke? Potential for big damage.

4:50 - Bad Breath attack. I sure hope that's not his generic A+B, but it probably is. High generic A+B is bad news, as it means the opponent can duck on post GI to discourage guard breaks. It's much faster now, and will unlikely grant free 6K like in SCV.

4:58 - 2A+B knocks down on NH, making it a better mid to use. 2A+BB was already good in SCV for a free close range mid and guard damage due to the pushback, but now 2A+B will be even better to mix in. Player doesn't know how to pogo. Flea A is still in the game.

5:36 - Old 1K is done from standing. Better for using the move, bad if old 3K really is gone.


6A - Hard to believe nobody has pressed forward and mashed A, what's the deal? 6A was amazing in SCIV, terrible in SCV.
1A - spin series or nah?
8A - DGF transition or jumping low?
2aB - of course we'll have to wait for competitive players to confirm the iMCF.
66A - old 66A can be done with 22A, but maybe it also can be done by 66A, who knows.
44A - please don't be SCIV version (unsafe slow TC high short-mid range low-mid damage)
a:B+K - could be gone since it's a string followup to 3A

6B or 4B - the high poke is one of these, but one of these is missing. Kinda important to see if we have mid poke. Unless... is 6B the DNK input? Could be...

2B - where's the poke, is it as good as in SCV?

8K - Really hoping "Avoiding the Puddle" is still in.

And where's the stance usage? 33B, Shark attack string? bA?


[08] Mercenary

Imcf is back !
4B and 3B+K doesn't knock down anymore :/
CE Heal yoshi
he have a new anti step at 1.34 and the follow up knock down
3A follow up is natural but the throw won't come out
RE B don't launch
WS A is like soul V
2.14 new standing low with folllow up , seems interesting


in this vidéo we saw old 22A , 44A 1A 4A and DGF K
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I'm going to list the move list but before that let me explain his souls mechanic and the way I think it works. When Yoshimitsu takes souls from the opponent, most of time all it does is give him meter. Meter is central to SC6 Yoshi. MED stance automatically does "heals" but they don't heal you, it instead gives you meter (more when you don't have much meter). Some moves, like CH bA, decrease the opponent's meter. CE doesn't give you meter, it heals you. Yoshi can use his meter for Brave Edges, unique to him and Geralt so far. During Soul Charge, however, he gets unlimited BE usage, which is crazy.

Okay, here's the move list I have so far.

DGF A - looks like SDGF A from SCV, the reverse of 8A. There is no SGDF. High damaging string of tracking mids, not sure on the safety.
DGF B - the old DGF B. Haven't landed this much
SC DGF BBBBB... - UB, does the trailer combo. Just mash B.
DGF K - the old DGF K, but doesn't knock down on NH and is + on hit and hits grounded and steps. Counterpoint to SCUB DGF B, which is beaten by staying on the ground or stepping.
DGF A+B - Foot clap, might be useful as an attack this time around. Mostly used for the attack throw in launch combos.
SC DGF 2_8 - You move faster in the air when you are SC'd.

FLE B - the usual.
FLE A - also the usual.
FLE K - hmm don't think I know this one...
FLE 66 - now a special low and knocks down on hit and absorbs souls. Combos off of NH 6A+B (old input was 2(A+B)), which is probably hit confirmable.
7_8_9 - hops. No super hop as far as I know.
FLE ducking and sidestep are in but I forget how to do them.

MED - auto meter gain motions in intervals, easily interruptable by a MED move
MED A - teleport in place and do the usual low.
MED B - teleport in place and do an attack that looks like the stab from 44B+K
MED K - fast, long range tracking mid mid string that does good damage and leaves you in DGF. Cancelling DGF immediately leaves you either -13 or -14 idk. Just ridiculous. As seen in the trailer.
MED 2B+KB+K - penguin slide low
MED A+K - Suicide, didn't check if you could do the A followups from SCV.
MED teleports - There are ways to teleport the side, in front of the opponent, and behind the opponent with good recovery, not sure if I have this right even as I edit this 9/26/2018:
MED 2 - teleport behind
MED 6 - teleport toward
MED 4 - teleport in place
MED 8 - teleport to the side


AAA - SC6 style triple button string. First two As are fantastic, the third A is SCIV 44A but really, it's just another high that you can use as a threat that will hit them if they try to backstep or attack, or your AA got RE'd and you want a chance to hit them out of the attack part.

AA BE - CH confirmable NCC HHMM string with the last hit as a guard break, making this a counter to RE. The third hit may be GIable, idk. It should be because otherwise you'd have free +on block AAs during SC, which is basically how I'm using it. If you delay the BE activation, GIing the third hit on reaction to the yellow flash (or whatever the final BE effect will be) will be difficult. It pushes back a lot on hit and guard. Leixia practice CH confirming AA BE is paying off, somehow.

6AA/6ABB - New string, there might be some stance transition options here somewhere, idk. 6AA is a high-high duckable string that is advantage on block. 6ABB is a damaging high mid mid string. The first 6A is around i17. 6AA is a CH combo, not easily confirmable. It's pretty nice to have for ringout and wall splats. 6ABB is for deterring duckers, not sure how safe it is. This move will ring out as well. Looks GIable. Engage with this mixup at your own risk. It's probably worth doing by edge, though.

3AA/3AB - 3A is very fast and usable on its own, unlike 6A. It looks like Mitsu's. 3AA is a mid high string, 3AB is a mid mid string, both are NCC. 3AA looks like earslicer, 3AB looks like 1BB. If only the second hit of 3A CHs, a damaging attack throw ensues. Intended usage is likely mostly just using 3A, then adding in the 3AA sparsely for the AT, and then adding in 3AB to the mix to stop ducking and then back to just 3A in that cycle. Not sure on the safety of 3AB. No Sophie players, so not enough interest in sitting down and testing punishes on Yoshimitsu.

2A - It's a 2A, worth noting because nothing can be taken for granted in SC6.

1A - This is the old 11A low that's pretty easy to see.

4AAAAA - never finish this series, not even sure if the whole thing is NCC anymore, and there is no JF version. No spin JFs at all. But, this is still good for gap closing and putting out hitboxes. I want to say it's just like SCV 4A, where it's quite useful.

4A BE - 4A into helicopter attack that looks like SCV DGF A. It's a combo ender as well as fast tracking chance at big damage. And it guard breaks. High attack starter into a bunch of mids. The first mid might be GIable, idk.

8A - SCIV 8A, a jumping low. It was safe and +on hit in IV, and it might be this time around. But, I haven't used it much.


FC 1AAAA - The old 1A series. Tweeted about it here: It's just okay. Not garbage like in SCIV-V and not godlike like in SCII.

WR A - a linear mid punch with nothing special going for it.

WR A BE - A mid-mid NC launcher from crouching that transitions into DGF. Followup with either A+B foot clap AT or DGF A (downward helicopter attack) for good damage. Ideal for throw punishing. Unsafe.

2aB (MCF) - No "i" here, there is no JF version. Longer range, easier to do, less damaging, more pushback on hit and block than the old iMCF. Except by walls and edges, where they are not pushed back (Yoshi is never pushed backward) There are a variety of combo possibilities by the wall, it hasn't been tested fully.

44_11_77A - flag attack, quite good.

22A - attack that looks like 214A but is a tracking ringout/wallsplat high. For wall/edge pressure.

214A - the usual, but DNK doesn't pick them up afterward. Not even sure if 66A+B combos.

66_33_99A - The usual 66A, slightly unsafe but now does the SCV 66A BE followup for okay damage and soul absorbtion, but only on hit (or was it CH only?)


BBB - This does indeed combo on CH, absolutely essential tool now. Not sure on the safety, haven't seen it punished. CH confirmable. Pushes back far and absorbs souls. Lethal hits on CH sometimes, unsure of the condition.

6BBBB - This is DNK now. The third hit knocks down and the fourth hits grounded. Not amazing for ringout anymore, still high damaging. Safe on block. Seems harder to duck and punish, I think it's a MHMM now. It doesn't really pick people up off the ground.

6BB BE, 6BBB BE - CH confirmable launcher into 6K or 4A BE. If you're slow on the confirm, 6BBB BE occurs and you won't launch. Unsafe.

3B, 3BB, 3(B) - This is the spinny launcher from the trailer. Big buff. 3B looks to be i18-19, but it has a followup that can be used to deter punishment. 3(B) is the max damage option, transitioning to DGF for A+B or A followup, not sure which is more damaging. Both 3B and 3BB are unsafe, but the opponent must guess to punish them. Hits all rolls for good damage.

2B - old 1B, the old 2B is gone. Has a lot more range, but it's still crap.

1BA/1BB/1(B) - 1B is a linear low with decent range, looks kinda like 11B from SCV. 1BA is NC and does a nice chunk of damage, is + on hit but pushes back, leaves them backturned? 1BB has Yoshi teleport into the air and fall with a mid that feels like + on block. 1(B) is a quick transition to MED.

4B - Fast, low damage linear high that absorbs souls. Not amazing on block. Range is decent for Yoshi, is sort of a replacement poke for 2B in my mind, except it's high.

7_8_9B - the usual.

FC B - bootleg 2B. iFC B might be necessary in some situations.

WR B - CH launcher, has the animation of old 33B without the shark attack followups.

66_33_99B - looks like SCV 3B+K. No launch on CH but is decent damage, speed and safety. Lacking in range, though, requires more running before doing than the old 66B/33B.

22B - old 3B but with range cut in half and it doesn't hit grounded. I'd complain, but the new 3B is better. Hardly any reason to do this move. Still unsafe.

44B - UB with the usual A and B cancels. 44bB lethal hits on CH for big damage with meter.

11B - ???


K - same range but now it does like 20 damage, more than 4B. Useful?

6K - same 6K but no string followups.

3K - same old amazing 3K but with slightly more range.

2K - same 2K but more damage.

1K - 0 on hit standing low poke, more range than 2K. >20 damage, so it's a great round ender.

4KB - the usual, but more difficult to GI. Doesn't knock down and pushback on hit. Better damage.

FC 1KKKKK - still annoying low but no JF version : ((((((((

66_33_99K - same 66K

22K -high jumping double kick that can go over highs at a some timings, + on block

44K - old 1K animation but faster and more range. Safe, in the mid i20s. Lanunches high, still need to experiment with optimal followups.

7_8_9K - Avoiding the puddle hop kick.


4A+B - old 4B but with a small backstep and no knockdown

6A+B - old 2A+B that KNDs on NH

4B+K - self-damaging teleport sidestep, much faster recovery this time around.

A+K - Flash, still need to experiment with its usage.

66(A+K) - suicide UB, not used much, but it will be.

??? - Iron fist possession - I got the drunk walk somehow.

CE - Steppable after the flash, slow, but has infinite range and does good damage and a bit of healing. If the opponent is stuck in stance or REing (the CE is a guard break attack) then you can CE them from anywhere.

That's all I remember at the moment. I couldn't find much in the way of Soul Charge moves, but free BEs is enough.
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More moves:

44B+K - Guard cancellable, about the same as SCIV/V. Not sure about stance transitions, though.

11B, 11A, and 11K are just 44B, 44A, and 44K.

66B+KA+BK - The usual shark attack combo

b:A - One of Yoshimitsu's best CHs and absorbs souls. Not sure what the JF version does. It does more damage and looks like it has more range. It doesn't cause the attack throw on NH like SCIV Mitsu b:A.

FLE K - seen in the video above, does old SDGF 8B+K looking attack that transitions quickly to MED.

66A+K - Suicide as usual.

A+K - Flash. Hits a little more easily but does NO DAMAGE. Not sure what the point of this move is.

CH BBB lethal hits sometimes. 22A lethal hits on unknown conditions

Stances are the usual inputs. 8B+K = DGF, B+K - FLE, 2B+K = MED. There is no INT or REF from SCIV. 4B+K is the (buffed) teleport step and 6B+K is... old 9B+K? I got this move somehow but I couldn't reproduce it.

A+B - bad breath guard break attack. It doesn't guarantee stuff on block like in SCV. If you charge it for a very short period, it becomes a special mid. The idea I suppose is to hold it on post-GI and release when you see a GI. Lethal hits GIers.

SC A+G and 4A+G - throw animations and damage changes the throws to the stance cancel throws from SCIV-V during Soul Charge. Not sure if you get those throws from stance cancels.

Impressions tomorrow.


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8A+BG and other variations

These are the usual moves.

33A, 33K, 33B are copies of 66A, 66K, and 66B. In fact, as far as I'm aware, the only 8WR-only moves are 22A, 22B, and 22K.

DGF movement is in soul charge only.
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FLE A+B (probably) at 1:12

It's a Break Attack. Not much damage, but likely essential to stop RE during stance pressure, and it's so fast. Fast enough to be done after transitioning to FLE from another stance. Nice exit from stance pressure if they're just statue blocking.

So if I could theorycraft FLE usage, especially after 6A+B ~FLE (old 2(A+B)):

6A+B ~FLE B combos on NH for big damage, as seen in this video at 8:18:

So, that's something you'll want to do if you expect the move to hit. It's probably difficult to hit confirm. For a hit confirm combo, FLE 66 is probably better (it does more damage and gives souls now).

On block, we'd have FLE 66 as our uninterruptable option, as it knocks down on hit. It's not exactly buffed though, as it's a special low in SCVI. Possibly unsafe, probably can't be stepped in time, either. Safer options against attacks are his evasive options. FLE (B) will go under highs, and FLE hopping will go over most other moves. It still jumps over Bs if I recall correctly. Both are good on block. The short recovery on FLE hopping will probably make it safe to RE, as you'd be able to FLE sidestep the RE attack or use FLE A+B right afterward to break through it. However, it would still retain its weakness to GI on reaction. FLE A+B right away would beat prediction GI and RE but lose to attacks and sidestep. FLE K hopefully beats sidestep like it looks like it does and allows continued pressure from MED on block, and it probably jumps over lows and s-lows, too.

The last move that doesn't have much of a use in close pressure is FLE A. A TC that catches step, but not really, it's blockable on reaction in any case. However, it is G cancellable in this game. I could see it being a way of closing the gap if you're in MED at a distance. In any case, if the opponent can't block it on reaction, it's a good low option. If the opponent can, it'll induce hesitation when you cancel it. A TJ would probably beat it out either way, though.

So, a lot of options with a lot of different coverage, not necessarily positive risk/reward against an optimal opponent, but an option to deal with every one thing and something else at the same time, and as a reverse mixup after they block a fairly damaging mid. Worth transitioning to out of other stances if you have the initiative but don't want to commit so hard.


[10] Knight
Hey @Signia, I got a question for you:
In SCVI will you be able to play the same way you played in SCV based around Yoshi's descending unblockable:
If not then is there any particular change(s) restricting you from playing that way?
Is there a new set of moves/properties that demands you significantly change your playing style?


[13] Hero
@Mantis2K There was a time when I was really focused on landing openings into that unblockable setup. But I didn't even try looking for setups like that at E3, especially without earslicer being anywhere to be found. Now I'm all about solid neutral game with well-placed basic attacks for control, timing counter hits, and doing lows and throws at good times, using tricky movement, going in and out constantly, to land all of these at unpredictable times and induce whiffs. Not to mention a very stage positioning focused game for ring outs and wall pressure. The new Yoshimitsu seems to be even more well suited to this kind of play than before, I'd almost say that you need to be even more comfortable with going back to neutral and "getting in" again than in SCV. His basic moves double as CH tools and much of his unsafe stuff has been replaced with safer tools. Almost everything he does leaves him in a situation on block where he can move, do string followup, or some kind of stance mixup. He even has good backstep catch now. Basically, he has all the options I want and more.

The only way I see feeling restricted is the lack of high damage, long range meterless whiff punish with 22B, 66A+B doesn't really cut it. However, the new CE solves that, I just need meter or else I'll just make do with 4KB, which does more damage now anyway. The CH and point blank range superiority might not be quite as powerful anymore without iMCF combos, but now it's spread out over a wider range.

What'll really be new to my style of play is stance usage, I had mostly stayed away from that. In SCIV and SCV, stances were pretty bad and gimmicky, but they're looking solid this time around. His stance game combined with all his useful regular moves is going make the list of moves that I actually use longer than what I'm used to.


[13] Hero
Still offloading tidbits of knowledge I'm remembering.

A+B may be one of the better generic A+B Break Attacks that have been given to every character, specifically for post-GI or situations where you're close and they think they'll GI or RE. As I've mentioned, you can hold it and Yoshimitsu glows after a very short period, and if you release it after that, it hits as a special mid. This is useful because SCV players are well trained to duck it on reaction after it gave free damage in SCV (it doesn't in SC6).

Being slower, charged A+B might be weak to step, but there's another feature I haven't mentioned: you can press K to escape with a back hand spring as in past games, but this time it's faster and recovers more quickly. In fact, Yoshimitsu can immediately go into the hand spring out of A+B now, so not only does he have a true BT attack now, you also just back off if you predict a GI/RE and don't see one, with little risk. Just press and hold A+B and wait for a GI/RE: if you see one, release A+B. If you don't, press K to escape without punishment.

I never landed an A+B at the demo, so I don't know its reward on hit, but this should be a good tool against GI without being so committal like the others.