66_44A+B Block Traps


[11] Champion
No not tech traps. Just situations where they are forced to block or eat damage. And we all know how wonderful 44A+B and 66A+B are for Soul Gauge damage.

  • Any combo into 33KB
    44A+B. Can be siderolled to her left. 66A+B or 8B+KB4B will catch them in this case. For characters that aren't Amy, Sophie or Setsuka, you could probably safely replace 44A+B with 66A+B, although the larger disadvantage would limit your options after it gets blocked.

  • 22A.
    At tip range back tech will cause both 66A+B and 44A+B to whiff. If they start teching backwards in this case, just do standard low/3B mixup. If they tech right and step right, they can avoid it. In which case, you can dash in and throw. Or try another 22A. If they try to duck to avoid either they will get hit by 44A+B and be forced to block if they block. For people who react to the dash, 2A might be another option. Haven't found any other solid ways to counter this. Post up if you find any.

    Closer, use 44A+B. At tip range not so much. However 2A+B becomes a block trap. And at tip range it will CF in 9 blocks.

  • 2A+B KND
    At tip range 2A+B is a block trap. 44A+B works at closer ranges.

  • 6B+K
    44A+B. Can be siderolled to her left. 66A+B or 8B+KB4B will catch them in this case. For characters that aren't Amy, Sophie or Setsuka, you could probably safely replace 44A+B with 66A+B, although the larger disadvantage would limit your options after it gets blocked.
  • 1A+B
    44A+B except back tech. Nothing guaranteed here.

  • 3A+B
    (Delay) 44A+B catches all but back tech. However, you should probably be doing delay->3B for delicious launch tech trap in any direction.

  • 3bK

  • Grounded 3B
    66A+B. Can be interrupted by moves i12 or faster that can be done off the ground. *cough* Amy. *cough* Can also be rolled to Mina's left.

  • Grounded 66A+B
    66A+B. Yes. Can be rolled to Mina's left.

  • Grounded 44A+B
    66A+B. Can be interrupted by OTG moves i12 or faster. Can be rolled to Mina's left.


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Could be. Though I've never had it rolled yet. I might test later.

If 66A+B does the same thing though you could just mix it up.

Updated 22A with info I found on Sunday.


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I've tested the 44A+B being able to be siderolled thing. I guess I'm an idiot because for both 6B+K and 33KB you can sideroll 44A+B to her left. There's two solutions to this. Both 66A+B and 8B+KB4B will hit them if they roll. 66A+B is slightly risky against Amy since she can punish it on block though. For characters that aren't Amy, Soph or Sets you might be able to get away with doing just 66A+B. Though the larger disadvantage will limit your options post-block.


[08] Mercenary
I got some 44B setup for you guys to try. +15, kills soul gauge in 8 and 6B+K guaranteed on some characters, it needs some loving.

These 2 compliment the list up there. It can be rolled but once you get them scared of 44A+B and 66A+B you can start pulling out 44B for some frame trap mix ups.

2A+B Mid range. Where you start off at the beginning of the round is the general distance. Throws won't reach but 3B will launch and 1A+B and 3A+B will work for you. 3B can't be interrupted nor stepped, 1/3A+B will trade with Taki's A anything slower can't beat it.

1A Tipped. Same deal here. Except you're in range to throw most of the time except the very tip. 6B+K not a reliable follow up as you have to hit them at the very very tip of this for it to be guaranteed on some of the characters.

These next few ones are iffy but nice to know if you catch someone doing it too much.

A+B if both hits connect it'll catch back tech.

3bK hit's all tech but can be stepped right after they tech. Left and right tech leads in range for throw, Back tech in range for 6B+K follow up.

Those are the ones I mainly use, I'll look for some more set ups when I get the chance.


[08] Mercenary
Haha, sorry if it was hard to understand. I was in a rush when I was posting it.

Yeah, 4B guaranteed but I rather go with K as it'll leave you at +2 and does 1 less damage.


johNNy blaZe
Anywhere that i have a 2A+B setup, i have a potential 44B setup, and it's along ass list. Those setups are situations where a 2A+B MUST be blocked. Cannot be jumped or GId even.


[08] Mercenary
Yeah, it can be. But if they want to start jumping, 3B and throw will get them before they can get the jump off. So they'll have to know the 1/3A+B is coming. It's the is fear of those is what allows 1/3A+B to connect. Too bad they aren't safe lol. If only 6A+K was guaranteed on all characters! Something to note, 66A+B will trade with i13. So if you're daring you can throw that out too for some more SC damage goodness or if they decide to GI. For the ranges that 3B doesn't launch, you have lots of mids that work as you have +15 frames going for you lol but I like 8A+B.

At first I thought 44B was lame, but it's turning out to be quite the useful move if you can ever get the set up for it.

hotnikkelz: I'm interested in these 2A+B setups. Be very useful if I could throw it out more.


johNNy blaZe
Since i'm so generous ;)
After allof these, 2A+B, is UNGIable, UNsiderollable, UNjumpable. 2A+B simply must be blocked.

3B(CH) shallow knockdown hit

Other good setups for it, but not 'must block' situations include
2K on ground hit
3B on ground hit
6K -> 6AK juggle


[09] Warrior
A+B I think block traps 44A+B all directions, siderollable to Mina's left.
I think after B+G 66A+B will block trap any techs, but it's rollable, I'll re-test this later.


[09] Warrior
On my last post in here, I meant to say 66A+B after B+G, I'll edit it.

Also, after non-tipped FC1K, 44A+B is a block trap I think to most likely all directions, I didn't test back.

EDIT: 66 A+B and 44A+B are also block traps after 8A+B if they tech, and I'd imagine it's only rollable to one direction as are most of these.


[09] Warrior
One thing I've recently noticed from playing Dragon, is that once your opponent starts GIing the forced blocks that you can GI, you can set up for alot of GI bait situations, and punish them with a 44A+B, or pogo if you want.