Aeon Video Thread


[09] Warrior
The grand finals between Reptile and Partisan were hella HYPE! Good job to both y'all for being so freaking amazing at this game!


Soul Calibur V
Some of my NEC tournament matches:

Vs RoyalLance


Vs Jimbonator

Vs LostProvidence
Not much too see here unless you love watching Viola/LP destroy people.


Team battle VS RTD, Saltface!

Team battle vs Xeph and he rapes our team.!

Team battle vs Chicago + Xeph

Top 4 against hawkeye
Starts at 11:10.


[11] Champion

I've started streaming Austin casuals from my pad since UFO is closed and I'm not sure if they'll run tourney's anymore. In the intrest of lizard videos, I'm playing aeon at 6:50.


Soul Calibur V
Hey Reptile, I notised u did not use 1b in ur summer jam videos. Why not?
I know, it's not a move I use often. 4K is my "go to" move for a staple mid, being safe and fast.
1B has it's uses too, as it does more dmg on CH and possible RO. I have started to incorporate it more on twitch duckers.


[09] Warrior
Here are some vids from an ongoing online tournament. It was 3bar so not the perfect representation of skill for both players, but still entertaining.

Europe Only SCV PSN Online Tournament