All Modes Revealed in Latest PV (Japanese)

In this video you can see all of the modes that will be in SOULCALIBUR VI. We now have confirmation of Museum as well as Arcade battle. Museum mode let's you see models and concept arts of the characters and gives you additional information on them. Arcade will have the traditional 8 opponent ladder that you will have to climb and defeat. It's unknown if Arcade will have arcade endings, but most likely there won't be considering Soul Chronicle exists with a story for each character.

They've talked about the Network (online) mode a little bit too in the trailer. It seems that Network will have ranked matches, casual matches, rankings, and a replay function. We also know from previous information that SOULCALIBUR VI will be able to cap at an 8 player lobby now instead of 6. There are more details in regards to the other modes too, but there's not as much to talk about since we know most of what is being presented. Enjoy the trailer!

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Michael Stabile


Can anyone translate what was said under the Ranked text in the online section? Curious to see if they went into more detail on how ranked will work. I hope its like Tekken
According to Google translate : Fighting mode in which the competition is competed at points according to outcome.

So: buisness as usual.
Maybe someone who can do a less machine translation can give a less broken sentence, but I doubt the meaning will be deeper.