asta block punishment list


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Astaroth Wiff Punishment thread

pretty much whats been said already, bullrush is your safest bet or command throws for damage, and 22b4 when whiff punishing from step if they miss badly. be careful with 22b4 though because like astaroth136 said it can whiff... this is usually when their move has a lot of forward step in them (like a lot of raphs moves).

also its good to know what ends in TC because you can make use of low grabs on whiff on shit like siegs 6b and amy's 6b+k.. may be worth checking the low grab thread.


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Astaroth Wiff Punishment thread

I have trouble sidestepping with Astaroth because he is so big and his hit boxes are larger than normal. Most of the time I block but once in a while I can manage to dodge something. I like using 22AA after a close range whiff cuz it tend to put me in a good spot if it hits. Don't do it too often cuz if they block it I'm screwed.


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Astaroth Wiff Punishment thread

Astaroth doesn't feel fat to me when stepping in this game. I'm sure it is due to the bullrush "fix." I have not found any specific moves or setups that he can't step yet or anything like that.


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Astaroth Wiff Punishment thread

When you step and do 22_88B4, if you choose the direction counter to the one you are stepping you, you're more likely to catch people with forward motion. Just a thought.

Also 44B is a good whiff punisher on back step especially since it pushes you back a little too. Obviously like step you're trying to create/anticipate whiff here because the move is generally too slow to punish after the fact.

That and bullrush.


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Astaroth Wiff Punishment thread

i agree 44 is also awesome for whiff baiting as you don't have to commit to it


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Astaroth Wiff Punishment thread

66ab is decent as well if your positive your gonna CH. You can be real spicy and go for a air grab to wake up games for possible awesome dmg, or go with the safe 28B+G.


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nightmare added


aab - 66b
a,2aa - 63214:b+g
6a - 66b (close)
3a - 63214:b+g
3a2a - 63214:b+g
2a - low grab / 66k
1a - 63214:b+g
22_88ab - 63214:b+g
bbb - 63214:b+g
bA - 66b
6b - 66b
6B:B - bullrush (close)
3B - 6a
22_88B - low grab (close)
11_77B - 63214:b+g
44B,B - 66k
1K - low grab
a+b - 66b
3A+b - 66b
2A+B - 63214:b+g (close), 66b (far)
66A+B - low grab
A+K - 63214:b+g
WS A,A - 63214:b+g
FC A - low grab
FC 3B - 63214:b+g (close), 66b (far)
FC K - low grab
FC A_B+G - low grab / FC 3k
BT 2K - low grab / FC 3k
GS A - 63214:b+g
GS B - 66b
GS A+B - 63214:b+g
NSS B - 63214:b+g (close), 66b (far)
NSS b:A - 63214:b+g
NSS K 63214:b+g
NSS A+B - 63214:b+g

**stance transitions** block punishment listed will beat out his following options unless stated otherwise.

transitions into ~GS (236)
1A6~GS - 63214:b+g
bA6~GS - 63214:b+g
33_99B6~GS - 66k (can be GI'ed if they delay GS A)
66K6~GS - 66k (can be GI'ed if they delay GS A)
22_88K6~GS - FC 3k (can be GI'ed if they delay GS A)
WS A,A6~GS - 63214:b+g
GS B6~GS - 2k

transitions into ~NSS (b+k)
[A]~NSS - 6b+k
[aB]~NSS - 6b+k
3~NSS - 6ab / FC 3k
1~NSS - 6b+k
44B,~NSS - 66k
WS ~NSS - 6b+k
GS ~NSS - 66k
NSS [A]~NSS - 66k /6b+k


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Now that I'm 4th-ing Asta I gotta contribute. Enjoy.

aB - 6A
1A - FC 3K (close), 66B
3AA - 66B, 66K, command throw
4AA - duck and FC 3K
6AAB - 6K, 66B, or step and punish
11A - 4B
66A - 6A (close/mid)
3BB - 4B
6BBB - 4B
623B - AB, 66K, command throw
11B - FC 3K (close/mid), 66B (tip)
66BA - 66B, 66K
1K - 4B, FC 3K (fast), command throw
4K - 6A
6KK - 4B
WS [K] - duck and FC 3K
11K - 4B
A+B - K
8A+K - 6A, 2K
6B+K - 6A in corner only
QI K - 66B, 66K, command throw
QI B+K - 6K, 66B


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I know im coming in a little late but can anyone tell me which cass moves I can punish with what? thanks guys