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Discussion in 'Astaroth' started by Panther, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. skeez

    skeez [01] Neophyte

    They cannot duck it after a few frames of startup.
    It tracks near 100% from what I have seen.
    It starts combos near the wall.
    It is a very good surprise move from mid range as the range is surprising to those looking for a command grab and staying just outside normal command grab range.

    Anyone else?
  2. K0rN_b4LL

    K0rN_b4LL [14] Master

    I think it can combo after a close range 44(A). Though to be honest it is probably better to go with the stun combo in that situation.
  3. K0rN_b4LL

    K0rN_b4LL [14] Master

    With the bullrush after a broken 1A+G_B+G does it only work with the BE or does the regular hit too?

    *Alright something is up here, in training I can't even get the BE to work after the computer breaks the ground grab. Did they patch this or something?
  4. Stanman

    Stanman [08] Mercenary

    I haven't been able to test play human opponents in a while, but from what I read the regular will hit as a counter hit I think.

    I think the BE will only combo if you land the ground grab relatively close. Evidently the ground grab doesn't just put you at the same distance no matter what.
  5. K0rN_b4LL

    K0rN_b4LL [14] Master

    ^ So the regular is guaranteed as well? So if thats the case and I end a wall combo with a 1_A+G_B+G and they break it I can bullrush them back into another wall combo for free? Thats what I was hoping for but the training mode doesn't seem to even let me get a BE after a break. Dunno if it is another glitch or if we are off on something.
  6. windirein

    windirein [04] Fighter

    What do you guys throw out after hitting a bullrush normal hit?
    And what do you throw out if your 44(A) fully charged gets blocked? Im looking for good options.
  7. Astaroth136

    Astaroth136 [09] Warrior

    After a normal bullrush on hit, another bullrush if I think they're going to press buttons or if they're stubborn and continue blocking low.

    After a fully charged 44A, it depends on the distance. If at max range, I'll 4A, 2A, 22B, or charge a bullrush. Midrange, I'll grab or bullrush. Close range, I'll grab, 2B+K, or 4B.
  8. K0rN_b4LL

    K0rN_b4LL [14] Master

    How many different character dependent moves does our boy have? I know the 1BB air thing (AC aside) but I'm thinking there were some others but I can't remember what they are.
  9. dingusdangus

    dingusdangus [01] Neophyte

    I noticed today in the main forum tier discussion that Xiba isnt considered that great. For reasons I cant understand though, I can not beat that fucker. Granted im a mediocre asta player, but still. Anyone have any suggestions? I find up close he has a decent number of fast low / high mixups that get me beat down. He also has a couple natural tech crouching side step moves that evade all my shit. I do best when I play a spacing poking game, but its not consistent enough against players with good spacing since Xiba can also poke from a far.
  10. dingusdangus

    dingusdangus [01] Neophyte

    One other question. What do you think are Asta's worst matchups? Im looking to pick up a secondary character, what other character do you think covers Asta's bad matchups the best?
  11. PANDA

    PANDA [12] Conqueror

    Whats free after Quake Stun? (22K BE)
    Any combos after 66(K) Launch? and 66K BE Revenge?
    How many times can you WallSplat in a single combo?
  12. K0rN_b4LL

    K0rN_b4LL [14] Master

    Depending on the range you can get AB, BB6, or 6B. All give a crumple stun. For the most part just always use the AB I think, the BB6 is only useful if you are at the minimum range for the stun without actually stomping on them and the 6B is only for max range where the A puts them out of range of the B in AB. Also it depends on the angle the opponent is at after the stun, if they are sideways then the back and forth motion can cause these to miss sometimes.
    Either 214A (tight timing on that), 22_88B (normal or BE), or you can get 6698_6632K, 22_88B. The timing is real strict on the stomp though.
    Generally 2, it is possible to get a third but only by using a 1BB, 2+A+G after the second wallsplat and most people will try to break the A throw when in the wall combo. Also the 1BB is finicky and doesn't always wanna connect. I think it might be character dependent.
  13. skeez

    skeez [01] Neophyte

    You can actually splat a third time with 2nd splat being :A+G: then :6::K: . You can get a free back grab with :2::A+G: or :2::B+G: on larger characters. Smaller characters, I believe you can get :1::A+G:or:1::B+G:.

    Edit: fixed for clarity.
  14. K0rN_b4LL

    K0rN_b4LL [14] Master

    I've never
    I've never had this work before, every time I do it after the first two the knee doesn't w!. Also how do you get A+G after that? Did you mean 2A+G or something?
  15. PANDA

    PANDA [12] Conqueror

    my goodness... I just realized tonight how good A,B / A,A mixups are.
    my word.
  16. PANDA

    PANDA [12] Conqueror

    most useless move: 44K
  17. Asodimazze

    Asodimazze [10] Knight

    I don't think so...on block it pushes Astaroth back a lot and you can create some interesting traps.
  18. ryu_hoshi

    ryu_hoshi [08] Mercenary

    I second that; from my little experience, 44K should be mainly used on wake-up game, when u get them to just stand up, not rolling (that's why I condition them not rolling by using 4B).
    This move that is i32 (and only -2 on block) can either catch them out of timing or create enough gap for another BR :sc5ast1:
  19. tetsu

    tetsu [08] Mercenary

    I have a question: Which moves that the 66K~BE revenge ?
  20. ryu_hoshi

    ryu_hoshi [08] Mercenary

  21. LORKER

    LORKER [01] Neophyte

    what are the best guaranteed followups on the following moves:

    -CH 66B
    -CH WS K
    -CH 1K
    -CH 66A

    -CH 66K (wallsplat) what are guaranteed followups after the wallsplat?
    -CH 6K (wallsplat)
    -CH 66B (wallsplat)
    -3K, A (wallsplat)

    -post GI (also include re-GI attempt by opponent)
    -post JG (just guard)
    -post GB (guard burst)


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