Astaroth Video Thread


CorrectDefense is back
Once more gameplay aside from the trailer is released, this will be where any and all videos pertaining to Astaroth gameplay will be posted.


CorrectDefense is back
I'm finally seeing players use the new version of JG. I'm interested to see how well it can be used to avoid getting your guard broken, good post


[03] Disciple
While he may not be as mobile and chain grabby as his IV and V iterations, Astaroth has a huge array of interesting tools. I always loved Rock’s moveset too, so it pleases me that he inherited his grabs. He also has interesting new attack throws that I can’t wait to try out.

On top of all this, again despite him not being as speedy, I really can’t wait to take my Astawaifu in training mode. He seems so much more rewarding to use now.

His quotes and design also give me life too.


[09] Warrior
Ran some matches with Lolo. I made some pretty silly mistakes here and there, but overall, this showcases how I use Asta in 6.

  • I kept missing the just frame on 44A+G due to network inconsistencies.
  • 9A+G can safely close distance due to very few recovery frames. I like occasionally throwing this out, as it can easily catch a TC move, and for those not expecting quick recovery, it can pseudo-frame trap.
  • Notice use of 6B at neutral. I like 6B quite a bit between mid and close range.
  • 1{B} is amazing.
  • 22[K] oki is good and people feel forced to get up.


[09] Warrior
Saitoh vs Deus (Zas)

Hazu vs Deus (Zas)

Hazu kept going for PT after 11_77BK, bt B+K. Might be a tech trap for people trying to Ukemi.
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