Awesome Guest Character

Ok, just tried 2B (offline, legendary mode) and I have to say that even when I wasn't all excited about her, she's pretty damn cool. Also, SEVERELY OP, IMO, because even when it was only offline, the battle with Inferno was child's play. I main Taki and Nightmare, and I remember having a reeeeaaally tough time trying to beat the shit out of him the first couple of times I tried, but with her it was kinda "natural". Now you might argue one gets used to play against CPU Inferno, but I still struggle with most characters when going up against him. I can't wait to see her performance online, pretty sure many ppl will main her from now on... Also, and I know it's too early for this, but I see a nerf coming up for her in the next patch release on Jan...
Little question:
How do i use her?
Before i start studying, wich sort of gameplay should i try while i am trying to learn .
I guess frame wise she is bad as punisher.
Seems good as zoner but i am not sure in the same game where Ivy and Mina exists...
Mixups? (not my fave playstyle)
Hope not pressure...
She feels like a pressure and mixup character, but I'm not sure how much of her stance stuff is real.
She feels like a pressure and mixup character, but I'm not sure how much of her stance stuff is real.
My impressions:

For now she is a spacing/mixup.
Her backstep is the same azwel had prepatch and can do some insane things with that.

Basically she Attacks, You either interrupt her, punish her unsafes or if she manages to stay safe she can just run back to the corner of the stage in a blink and start again without any chance to take priority due to her backstep (even with all those Backstep unsafe frames).

She seems a lazy copypaste of many characters:
She ivy ranged mixup with pod... but weaker.
You can duck under them but you cannot advance before another shot starts.. you can step but she can catch step if she guesses right.
If she doesn t at least you have chances to punish.

She has Raphael B+K evades

She has Azwel like explosion

NM low/mid mixups

Maxi kick string mixup

Siegfried insane vertical tracking and damage

And so on.

But she is weak against GI and RE.

Balance or not she is as fun to play with as unfun to play against (90% movesets are useless against her).
Aggression Shift and 2A+B/Mirage are tech crouches. Mirage specifically avoids things when activated. The counter bomb move while in Angler Stance can dodge strings and CE's. I believe it's got the same weaknesses as RE but I think it's also weak to rapid multihit moves afaik.