Bangoo = SC5 Rock's Revenge? AKA Rock user wishlist :D

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Hi guys:sc4roc1:
Watching the replacement trend of SCV(as now 4 on 5 new faces are "replacers"), Bangoo replacing dad is more than probable... how you will like a new moveset,assuming that they can chose to recycle a lot,but at the same time to add tons of new stuff,or even change some characteristic of the moveset?

In other words,Bangoo can end up being not our usual chapter upgrade but a evolution of Rock's gameplay,what you will like?

Personally i like a lot Rock's SC4 multi-throw style,i just will like see it get more effective(Daishi himself replying about nerf Asta said "why not buff all others?") specially since the new throw-break seen at EVO seem more grappler friendly and imho the "blue guard" can help him a lot too
my list
-At least one air throw. Or better at least 2,one about pure damage and one different
-A command throw that cause standing stun
-66B hit the ground,it will make life better
-feint stuff like Mitsu 66A+B,G to close range
-overall a lil more speed. Just to be less pwned at all olympic games by Asta
-attacks that turn into throws when connect on CH,just for teh cool. In SC3 there was one bonus style where a shoulder attack on CH turn into double-leg wrestling shot + 4 or 5 MMA style punches. It was badass
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Oh,it will be cool too if 22B on a grounded opponent cause ground stun (like a perfect 63214 B+G)


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All of Rock's brave edge moves will be ground throws, making him the hardest to setup combos/damage/offense, but be rewarded if he lands one.

Brave edge foot throw would be the classic Soul Calibur ground throw animation of two slams into juggle.

He will gain a crouch/stance that will allow him to tackle opponents similar to Marduk in Tekken. The tackle will give him a free ground throw setup.

Rock will lose his B crouch throw from SC4 and regain the one he had from SC3.

He will overall have a smaller hitbox (good) but lose range, giving the game's longest throw reach title back to Astaroth.


Road 2 EVO!!!
There are only 3 replacements so far.


Patroclus has his own moveset... So he is a completely original character. So is Zwei.


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I've had this long standing vision of him coming around in 4 and working with Amy. The goals they had were virtually the same. (of course that vision also involved a stupid anime-esque fanfic idea of Talim, Yun, Bangoo, Amy, Tira <after being exposed to the waves of energy exploding from the false Tower and her fragmented mind is forced together in a more stable unit> {Think hex from reboot after that whole transformation and replace weirdness with quirkiness}> Draco, Hilde, and eventually Setsuka, Taki, and Ivy.

Bangoo should bring a "lighter" feel to Rocks movelist by focusing on the physics of the weapon instead of a bunch of pro-wrestling throws. I DEMAND BANGOO LOOK HOT. Rocks body (and face) were exceptional but you have the chance to make a true bronze-skinned green eyed piece of man-candy Namco. Get up in there
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Another thing i will like to see is a chain of throws(never understand why they did'nt gived it at Rock) with a 50/50 chance of escape for the opponent
I mean something like this(less pro fake wrestling and more savage barbarian style),as gameplay the thing will be not that different from SC4 Rock's "combo" of ground throws

At the end Rock is the King of SC :D