Calamity Symphony


[09] Warrior
Can you give me a tip? With a controller seems impossible to do for me :(
Try to slide your finger through the directions of the command grab (pressing other directions in between, doesn't matter).
Do it very slowly at first, even If the grab doesn't come out.
As your thumb acquires muscle memory, you'll be able to move through the directions faster and faster.
Eventually you'll be able to use it


[12] Conqueror
Is it true what some are saying that CS (or is it the JF version?) has guard break properties?
Meaning, can it grab through aGI specials, GIs, and RE? Also, does it gain extra damage, if so?


[08] Mercenary
JF from rotating the stick three times?!

Compared to SC5 iCS, this seems ridiculously easy now. Or maybe it's like SC4 iCS (not speed dependent) ?
From what I learned from the beta (haven't gotten the game, until Friday), iCS's core is pressing A+G at the same time as 6 as you can see on Soul's video. As you noted, it is more like SC4 and not SC5.


[12] Conqueror
Both throws have been ridiculously easy for me. Just rolling the control stick and ending it at 6 or 1A+G. Played a few matches with Mikosu earlier and I told him to try it, and he ended up getting the just SS on his first try lol.

Not exactly how I'd prefer to execute the grab so I'll have to play around until I find something that works best for me.


[14] Master
I can do CS with no problem but I can't for the life of me get SS to come out. From the inputs it looks like it would be the easier one but I don't know why I'm not getting it.


[12] Conqueror
I can do CS with no problem but I can't for the life of me get SS to come out. From the inputs it looks like it would be the easier one but I don't know why I'm not getting it.
That's strange. SS was the easiest one for me to pick up and I can do it consistently. I've managed to pull it off in battle online several times now. It also seems to be more lenient in my experience.


[01] Neophyte
SS/CS is easy to learn coming from a SC2 background. I couldn't be happier with this Ivy as the SS/CS mechanics are pretty much EXACTLY how I wanted them to evolve into. Not to mention her other tools have evolved solidly. Newcomers to Ivy should master SS/CS to unleash her full potential. Veterans of the series no doubt are already well on their way to using her and know what a threat she is with SS/CS well at their disposal.


Lay still now
Right now I think iSS is definitely her best throw. The JF version does a quick "slide in" and has a much further reach than normal SS, comparable to CS.

CS is easy to break unfortunately.


[01] Neophyte
Been practicing with this since the game dropped. Normal CS and SS is so easy to do now... So long as you get the beginning and ending right, you can literally just roll the stick 360 degrees and stop whenever you want. Like for SS, start with 3 and roll clockwise... and you can keep rolling infinitely for as long as you like... so long as you stop on 1, the move will come out. Likewise with CS just start on 3 and roll counterclockwise.

Now the Just Frame versions... ok that's a LOT harder to nail...


[09] Warrior
Ok--I think I just learned something with iSS: I don't believe Ivy can do SS while she is in WP (at least not yet anyway--that is until one of you clever players figures it out ;-) ). Speed of the buffer isn't the problem for iSS. I'm using the same lightning buffer I had in SC2 and SC3, and iSS was only coming out for me while Ivy was standing (and not after WP moves). But then on Saturday, I iSSed someone after 2A, and I remembered that I did it quite a few times during the test play as well. But then there have also been times I KNOW my buffer was fast enough (after doing the move for over 10 years speed and accuracy are not the problem for me), but I wasn't getting anything--not even regular SS.

I just figured out that my buffer is too fast. iSS--SS will not fire (pardon the pun) until the WP returns to SW. So it would seem if you buffer during WP state, her command throws aren't coming. However, if you buffer just as the WP returns, while it still has the purple glow, then iSS comes out. I just tested 2A~iSS, 6A~iSS, 4A~SS, B6~iSS, and AA~iSS (the hardest of the bunch for me), and I was pretty successful at getting iSS to fire right away and pretty regularly. Maybe some one else can also test to confirm my theory. I would continue to do it, but my thumb is bloody, shredded, and swollen (no one told me the PS4 controller was so beveled).