Crazy Baton Passes


[14] Master
Then 58.5 took another golf swing and knocked the strange creature far away. He turns back around to Pyrrha and says "Now, where were we?"

Pyrrha then.....


[11] Champion
Grabbing her foot and screaming loudly, 58.5 paused, wondering what was bothering her... For some reason this particular golem had been programmed with a sense of fair play.

She seemed to be uttering nonsense about snakes and poison and magic, 58.5 lowered his weapon as he looked around for the source of the commotion, it was then that Pyrrha saw her chance.

She had studied the inner working of this somewhat unique machine looking for weaknesses but now saw a chance to turn it to her advantage instead of simply destroying it. Having disconnected his main power supply she set about bending 58.5 to her own will...


[10] Knight
And with 58.5 under her control, she proceeded to order him to seek out Carly Rae Jepsen and other mainstream music cancer artists and eliminate them.

"Everything is going according to plan." She said to herself while clasping her hands together.

And then...


[11] Champion
Although 58.5 seemed well under control at this point to the naive young girl, the same genius who had given him his sense of fair play had been foresighted enough to install a secure backup override in case of tampering, luckily for 58.5. It had activated the moment he reawakened, he was well aware of the girl's intentions for him, but she still had the upper-hand for now.

He would bide his time slowly lulling poor Pyrrha into a false sense of security until the moment was just right to strike. Still, he was unsure if this seemingly restless girl would ever let her guard down, though she was growing fairly attached to the machine... Even loving, as much as 58.5 could perceive it, childishly fawning over him as it suited her. He got all the oil he needed, maiming popular artists was a nice bonus, but there was something else too.

He had begun to actually enjoy himself somehow. His existence had always been simple, he was created self-sufficient with his primary directive of 'More Souls' to fall back on, he did not know how to deal with these new feelings. He was unsure of their purpose, but he had no idea where the young girl would lead him next, the anticipation became exhilarating to him. So he waited...


[08] Mercenary
...Pyrrha ordered her light blue machine-golem minion to eliminate One Direction, which he gladly agreed to. Then out of nowhere, a portal appeared in front of them, and a few seconds later, five teenagers with attitude, dressed like they just stepped out of a '90s kids show.

The one in front, wearing a red shirt, announced "It's Morphin' Time!", as they all pulled a strange device off of their belt buckles in a synchronized manner.

Noticing that there were five of them, 58.5, never actually knowing what they looked like, assumed it was One Direction.

South Of Heaven

[10] Knight
That the Axe suddenly transformed from the blood of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, who 58.5 had thought were One Direction. It turned into a gigantic, rainbow-colored axe, except this was on ordinary axe - it was a gigantic toothbrush with the bristles replaced by broken glass taped to razor blades superglued to the part where the bristles would normally be. This weapon would obviously be much more effective! Suddenly...