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This is a random piece of info, and you're gonna need a thread like this anyway, so here goes...

From taking a quick look at Dampierre's 1A it seems to GI high and mid, weapon-based, non-thrust attacks from frames 5-14. The move itself is an i37 low that deals 20 damage, knocks down on hit and CH and is -18 on block.

That is all.


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So what do you guys think of Dampierre so far?

I find him very fun, but he seems pretty low tier. I think once people get used to his tricks and gimmicks he won't seem like much of a threat. He can be stepped very easily too. His AA can be stepped to the right, and up until today I thought his WR A was good to catch step but then someone stepped it. -_-

I still have a lot to learn with him, so my view on him might change, but from what I've experienced so far he seems pretty bad.


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Question, his 632K:K... - is this the longest JF in the history of soul calibur? and more important, is it hard like Ivy's/ Yoshi's 5 hit JFs?


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It's at least partially mashable, as I was able to get it out to verify the damage on a combo.


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Weak horizontals and random stanceshifts are his turn offs, but I think he'll place pretty high. Spamming safe moves to damaging NH combos, stance mixups and random 80+dmg from his B+G throw, Poker Bluff ATs and 3A,A... looks good to me.


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Dampierre`s impact frame

12 A
13 K
14 6A / 2A / 6B
15 B / 2B / 2K_FC K
16 6K
17 3A / 4A / 4B / 4K
18 3B / 22_88B / 3K / 623K
19 33_99 K / A+B
20 22_88 A / 33_99 B / 8B
21 66B / 11_33 B / 8K
22 22_88 K
24 1B

En,frame test isn`t a easy task.It need more time to recheck.
I expect this list would help~


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i wanna play this bro so bad :( i don't even have a PSP and i'm on this SA every goddamn day peepin his new finds and whatnot


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I know how you feel G-Sides. I mean, I fucking love this guy. I'd be gay for Dampierre, if I wasn't heterosexual. I should really talk about his gameplay however, so I digress.

The CPU doesn't punish Dampierre well, so I can't get a good feel of how to use him safely. You can clear half of all your quick matches by spamming PB K while they try to punish with high attacks, for example.

I find myself using 33B way too often because of that. It has a ~33% chance of falling comically into PB, but the stun it gives when it works is comboable into almost any move he has. I should also point out that the ~33% chance has TJ frames, while the working move has TC frames, so you might 'skillfully' avoid a fast low or high.

A+B is a more reliable source of damage, though easily stepped. It's safe on block and has early TC frames, and has that cool head-breakdance stun.

Other than trying to use less 33B, I'm trying to use more 1A (GIs highs and lows, hits low and causes knockdown) and 4B (safe way to escape the opponents guessing game in alot of cases). You can never have enough A+B.


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Dampierre has alot of short TC periods in his moves that keep saving me from interrupts, I feel like Voldo.

Little move tidbits I feel like mentioning - 8B+K actually lands before hit frames allowing re-GI, but also allowing you to get grabbed before it hits. I'm finding 3K to be more useful than I originally thought, though unsafe. Good for RO and 1K tricks. 33B, 33B OR 33B in the middle of a combo isn't adviseable because of the move's chance of failing; but, if anyone's Le Bello enough to do it, a mid-combo 33B does still combo into options like WR K, 33K, 9B and BE. 33B, 33B, 33B even combos for 58 damage~

A+B causes two different types of wallsplats, depending on face first or back splat. You can't tell which you'll get because they're spinning through the air when they hit, but getting one type of splat doesn't make the other fall faster later in a combo. (ex, A+B frontW!, A+B backW!, A+B, BE would be possible, but you could never rely on it or react to it if it occurs)

EDIT: While messing around I pulled off 33B, RCC A+B, 66K W!, 33B, 33K W!, BE for 101 damage. Woulda been more if 4B landed, but still less than a simple A+B, BE, 4B due to damage scaling. lol.


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Hello. Nice Posting. I want to say that the best thing about Dampierre is his moves list but sorry to say that Yoshimitsu is my favorite. See you around people.


Dampierre, the jf kicks, he's so fun to use I only got to use him once from a friends psp, is it me or does he moonwalk?


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I really like this character alot. I haven't played with him yet but I saw some vids of him and I really like how he plays.