Devil Jin Combo Discussion


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Discuss combos of Devil Jin here.

1:00 goes into Devil Wings Mode. And lasers are confirmed UB. Charge-up time is short, I guess -hence they're damn fast.

1:59, 2:06 has his BE.

Some of his moves feel kinda linear and easy to dodge though.



hahahahahaha i dont even have words fro some of the shit in this match, this vid deserves its own thread
That combo at 2:35 looked so familiar, it reminds me of the Jin d/f+1~ff: crouch dash glitch combo compare it to this video made by KYSG

Because of it's difficulty, it might have been inspired to be implemented into SC5 maybe.

Hope he still has his wavedash, very nice to see his moves I and possibly other tekken players are familiar with seeing.


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The current consensus is no, they won't be allowed, not without a uniform, non variable character to use as a standard.


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I wonder if EWGF is going to be as difficult to pull off as it is in T6. If so then I'm not too worried about noobs getting online and pulling that bullshit. But if it's easy to pull off... get mother fuckin' ready.


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236B > 236A9 (BE) -- Around 75-85 dmg. This combo looks innocent on paper but gives DJ huuuuuuge a ring out game. I've rung people out from mid screen with it on decent sized stages. It also has great damage for only using two moves.

4K > EWGF > !W > AAB > !W > 2B+K > 8A+B > 2K -- Around 90 damage (more if you get clean hits). I cannot figure out if 8A+B is guaranteed. I'm fairly sure it is but I haven't tested very thoroughly. The timing in 4K > EWGF is very tricky so you can just start this off with EWGF or WGF.


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I tried doing this combo and I cant figure out what BE is being used to link the EWGFs. I'm pretty sure its not 6236B~ABK