Dynasty Warriors Souls and my other random creations Thread.

US Ronaldinho

[01] Neophyte
This thread will be dedicated to Dynasty Warriors (koei series).
Please feel free to share your DW creations here, or you can also help improve the ones I have here.
And also I don't mind ppl sharing these creations either, as I dont feel like "owning" the CAS here,
all credits to Namco and Koei making my favorite games.

upcoming generals:
Zhang He, Cao Pi
Zhou Yu, Zhou Tai
Special appreances Lu Bu + Diao Chan

Battle of Shu vs Wei:

Shu Heroes
Guan 2.jpg
guan 3.jpg
Guan 4.jpg
Guan 5.jpg
Guan File 1.jpg

ZY 2.jpg
ZY 4.jpg
ZY 3.jpg
ZY file.jpg

Fei 2.jpg
Fei 3.jpg
Fei File.jpg

Wei Generals
cao 2.jpg
caocao 1.jpg

zl 2.jpg
zl 3.jpg
zl 44.jpg
zL 1.jpg

Dwei 1.jpg
Dwei 2.jpg
Dwei 3.jpg
Dwei file.jpg

Dun 1.jpg
Dun 2.jpg
Dun 3.jpg
Dun file.jpg

Huang 1.jpg
Huang 2.jpg
Huang 3.jpg
Huang setup.jpg

Wu Great Marines
sc 2.jpg
sc 3.jpg
sc 4.jpg
SC file.jpg

gn 2.jpg
gn 3.jpg
gn 4.jpg
gn 1.jpg

Beast and Beauty
Lubu 1.jpg
bu 2.jpg
bu 5.jpg
bu 3.jpg
bu 4.jpg
LuBu set.jpg

Diao 1.jpg
Diao 2.jpg
Diao 3.jpg
Diao 6.jpg
DIao 4.jpg
Diao 5.jpg
Diao Chan File.jpg


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[07] Duelist
I grew up with the Dynasty Warriors games as a kid and it is nice seeing those characters be recreated in Soulcalibur. You did a good job recreating the Dynasty Warriors characters. I look forward to seeing your other DW character.


[14] Master
My friend, you did a remarkable work on your Dynasty Warriors in SoulCalibur VI! I am great fan of the Dynasty series and I hope to see from you more.

US Ronaldinho

[01] Neophyte
My version of Batman
Batman 1.jpg

batman 2.jpg
batman 3.jpg

And my edited Hellboy - based from VILARCANE's thread
hellboy 1.jpg
hellboy 2.jpg
hellboy 3.jpg


[07] Duelist
Your creations have been really great. Your Cao Cao and Gan Ning look like they came right out of dynasty warriors. I wish there were bells or something similar you could have used for Gan Ning though.