Easiest SC5 character to learn

Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by DOLBYTIME, Mar 17, 2012.

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    DOLBYTIME [01] Neophyte

    I picked cervy to learn first just randomly and later found out he is pretty tough to use cause of iGDR. What character would be a good one to learn for someone who is new to fighting games?
  2. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

  3. Goofy

    Goofy [10] Knight

    Mitsurugi and Pyrrha.
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  4. SorceressSeren

    SorceressSeren [14] Master

    I picked up Pyrrah in an hour.
  5. Dragonfall

    Dragonfall [10] Knight

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    WuHT Premium Moderator

    the easiness gauges for each character is pretty accurate.

    Astaroth. Mitsurugi. Pyrrha and Patroklus. Nightmare and Leixia
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  6. Fatal_Exodus

    Fatal_Exodus [13] Hero

    Pyrrha definitely. 3B, 236B, 236AA, 66B_66B(BE), 22_88BAK, 1K, and 2K are your best friends
  7. SirKillsalot

    SirKillsalot [09] Warrior

    Aeon too. Though he is very underpowered if your opponent is decent.
  8. DevilsDisguise

    DevilsDisguise [13] Hero

  9. Vulcan422

    Vulcan422 [12] Conqueror

    I'd say Pyrrha, Xiba, and Mitsurugi. Pyrrha Omega, when you unlock her, is even easier.
  10. SkullJune

    SkullJune [08] Mercenary

    Honestly compared to SC4 a lot of fighters are easier to learn (in general)
    like Ivy and Mitsu
  11. Wandrian

    Wandrian I don't know.

    Mitsurugi: Very well balanced, speed, power, and reach are very good and inputs are easy.
    Xiba: Similar, but a little bit slower with greater range and his kicks are a bit unsafe post-patch.
    Astaroth: Very high power and reach but low speed, superb options for throws.
    Pyrrha: Mitsurugi with a little less reach, but also a little bit safer when blocked.
  12. Luneth22

    Luneth22 [13] Hero

    Mitsurugi is good. So can the new Alexandra twins. Leixia is also a good bet.
  13. VithaR

    VithaR [09] Warrior

    Pyrrha / Mitsu / Leixia / Nightmare / Xiba / Omega ....Learning takes few hours ... for some just 1-2 , play 1 of them for 10 days and u will win WCG / WGC / MLG and whatever there is ...
  14. TamJamming

    TamJamming [05] Battler

    I always found Siegfried to be an appealing character for beginners. Mitsurugi also works well. Both don't really require complicated inputs (oh hi, Alpha Patroklos) and are pretty straight forward.
  15. VithaR

    VithaR [09] Warrior

    So changing stances with Siegfried and using them proper with good mix is for beginners?
    I don't think so!
  16. Azazel

    Azazel [12] Conqueror

  17. TamJamming

    TamJamming [05] Battler

    Starting off, no. But I think Siegfried's stances offer a good introduction to stances for beginners. Certain moves can lead into certain stances, certain moves can only be done out of certain stances, etc. etc.

    That's only my opinion, though. I completely understand where you're coming from!
  18. Azazel

    Azazel [12] Conqueror

    true that, but Sieg is far from beginner material. If you are new to the series pick Mitsu or Pyrrah, as simple as that.
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  19. TamJamming

    TamJamming [05] Battler

    I've trekked through 5 Soul Calibur games viewing Siegfried as the entry-level character. He had all the appeal of one... Main protagonist, a stupidly big sword, aesthetically badass designs, and quick and easy combos... My mind is doing flips o_O

    I always viewed him as a kind of character where "you can play him like this, and he's perfectly easy and effective to use (the beginner), but you can play him this way too and he'll be way more effective (the seasoned player)". But thinking about it, I think this concept applies to almost every character.

    This has been enlightening.
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