Edit full changes inside! Next nerfs coming 17/1/2019

This reminds me of scV ….

The problem is that rest of the cast got mostly buffs (even IVY and MINA)… and Raphael was the most hit considering nerfs to buff ratio.

P.S: don t care about RE cancel.
Do care about WRB and 6B as defensive tools.
Also seems they nerfed ALL low pokes for no reason.
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WRBB is now i12...
I should ve known better after scV.

Best quote is Always the same:
Tekken was worse at launch than scVI but "balance" made tekken better and sc worse.

Usual immotivated knee jerk nerf to raphael… but they will get what they deserve looking at the dumb buffs they made.
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SO full nerf to AG, 4A and wrB while buffs are fix mostly
Way to knee jerk nerf a character

Could it be the most serious nerf in Whole soulcalibur history?
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Ignore the above, a few things about that are wrong. Here are some more accurate notes (not by me):

Obligatory copypaste for the lazy:



  • The ability to cancel RE into AG with 4 is removed.


  • Added in conjunction with the changes made to WR B.B. The second hit of WR B.B no longer hits crouching opponents, while WR bK will (multi)hit crouching opponents.


33_66_99B+K (buff)

  • Increased hitbox size, as the move had whiffing issues in combo

6b+k.8, 6b+k.2 (buff, nerf)

  • Impact speed was slower than expected, so it has been adjusted.
  • Increased recovery frames.
  • Increased blockstun, so frame data on block remains unchanged.
  • Increased combo damage scaling.


3B for all characters (buff)

  • Increased tracking against opponents that whiffed an attack.

3A (buff)

  • Added visual effects when LH condition is met.
  • Changed LH conditions.
  • It will now LH when the move lands for the third time.

SC 6B.B.B.B (buff)

  • Decreased recovery frames.
  • Increased impact speed for the fourth hit.
  • It is now harder for opponents to interrupt this move after blocking the first three hits.

46B (buff)

  • Increased tracking against opponents that whiffed an attack.

2A+B, SC 2A+B.B (buff, nerf)

  • Self Ring Out no longer occurs.
  • Reduced the base damage of the first and second hits.
  • Increased the base damage of SC 2A+B.B.

SC PR 6K.K (buff, nerf)

  • Removed ability to crouch under the second hit after blocking the first hit. This move now jails.
  • Reduce the attack level of the second hit, and made it unable to Guard Crush.
  • Reduced blockstun.

CE, PR CE (nerf)

  • Reduced base damage. PR CE is a break attack, and therefore the damage was made lower than the normal CE.
  • Increased combo damage scaling during Guard Crush.
  • Reduced opponent distance after opponent blocks this move.

RE A (nerf)

  • Increased combo damage scaling.

4A (nerf)

  • Changed the hitstun animation. Knockdown removed.
  • Added combo damage scaling.
  • Increased hitbox size, stabilised impact speed.

b2 (nerf)

  • Reduced base damage.
  • Reduced hitstun.

6B.4 (nerf)

  • Reduced movement (less forward movement?) of AG from this move.

1B (nerf)

  • Reduced base damage.
  • Made the PR stance transition timing slower.

WR B.B (nerf)

  • Made the impact speed of both the first and second hit 2 frames slower.
  • The second hit now whiffs against crouching opponents.
  • Increased opponent distance after the second hit connects. This is to add a restriction on WR B.B.4 ~ AG 6 (iPR) combo. (Combo only works at close range now?)

AG A.B (nerf)

  • Reduced base damage, added combo damage scaling.
  • Reduced opponent distance on block.

AG B (nerf)

  • Reduced tracking, since it was hard to evade this move with 8 way-Run.
All in all Raph got buffed. Check discord for all my findings.

iWR Bk now carries wall combos to w! or RO the other side.

RE cancel still in, and only kicks in IF IT WILL WIFF. So 4 into B hold is OS.

WR BB46CE still in. Forgot to see if first 2 hits are still NC, but if not - still combos off second hit.

66B+K is now a laser, and more!