Emo Thread.


[09] Warrior
I used to be mistaken for an emo kid in high school. I used to dress like an 80's Goth/Glam/Punk kid, but that usually got taken out of context haha.


[13] Hero
What's the difference between an onion and an emo?
Nobody cries about a cut-up emo.

What's the perfect pet for an emo?
A borderline collie.
i don't get the last one. i just hate it when people catergorize Goths and emos as one and the same. but there are two types of emos. fashion emos (in it for the clothes, hair, music, etc.) and the actually depressed all the time, hate the world, type of emos. on occasions your find a combination of the two but in my experience that is rarely the case.