Envelopment setups and combos (WIP)


I will show you...
Hey guys, just getting started w/ the game so I'm a little behind.

B+K (Spiral Envelopment) and 2B+K (Circular Envelopment) activate on early frames, making them a great tool to use when you're getting rushed (such as instead of GI) or after an enemy blocks certain moves and you're heavily negative. They lead into great damage, and I'm exploring more combos and setups. I just really like using B+K way more than I probably should, so I'm going to continue to drawing board this "style". You have to stance cancel into prep 6K super quick or they can block.

B+K catches AA, BB, 2A and like moves which is really awesome (duck or step? how about both at once!?) which is a nice 3rd option. 2B+K catches most of the rest.

Perhaps a greedy strat, however fun. I'm going to continue to hunt setups and better/situational combos, and if I find anything cool I'll add it back here. Please share if you know more, too!

Here is a couple decent combos so far:

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I've mostly looked at B+K as a way to punish certain moves/strings that yields higher reward than what you can get otherwise. Haven't devoted too much time to it yet, but I've got some so far:

Talim's CE - you can B+K the third hit for a lot of guaranteed damage, where most characters would have to be satisfied with a mere GI.

Sophitia's TAS AA_AB - I've found it relatively easy to fuzzy this string by blocking the low by default and using B+K on reaction against the mid variant.

Geralt's 66BB_BA - inputing a B+K during the first hit's blockstun dodges either followup.

There's bound to be way more of these situations, but as I said I haven't spent a lot of time with B+K.
That move Geralt has where he does a quick low into a rune attack can be stopped with B+K, even on hit.
Can we have more of those combos?
I am starting to see how powerful (maybe too powerful) those evasions are...
Surely they need lot of training but they are HARD counter to so many mixups.... i can see why they nerfed them.
I disagree.

Evades fail against an overwhelming amount of strings compared to GI.
Evades are sometimes too slow (opponent guards too soon) but this is not nearly as common.
Evade punish is more execution compared to GI into standard 3B launcher.

Going down to 45 damage was a massive nerf (both form dodge B got dmg nerf AND damage scaling). It still has that massive psychological factor that GIs cannot do, but the form dodge B iPR 6K BB:B iPR BB:B got its damage cut down by almost 50%

I still think this was over-reactionary and just getting the damage scaling first would have sufficed. Small steps in nerfs rather than a giant change makes it easier to accept.