Ezio Matchup Discussion


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I have problems with 3 characters: Mitsurugi, Z.W.E.I., and Viola.

Mitsurugi has great range and speed. I can't punish him on block, but he can punish me.

Z.W.E.I. has great priority overall. Even when I'm close, he can get the first strike. His mixups are also good.

Viola has combos. Normally not an issue, but if I can't match damage with her, it becomes a losing battle.

I normally stick to the Low Crossbow, 66BB, 22/88 AA for range and power, 6B to get people off of me, and 4B when I'm feeling lucky and want a quick ranged attack. Crouching 2K also helps for lows, while crouching 2B helps for a sneaky, fast mid. But depending on the circumstances, none of these will help. Even grabs get telegraphed, leaving me with little options.

Edit: Just faced an Astaroth player. I'm convinced this is a 90-10 matchup in Astaroth's favor.


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I think a matchup thread is really good idea but at this stage of the game I still don't know what every character is capable of. Yoshimitsu straight blows me up and I have no idea how to block a majority of Lexia's attacks. And Ivy? I think I've played a grand total of 3 Ivy's online. The only thing I can think to suggest is abusing 6B on Siegfried between his B strings. You can also BE that madness for 86 damage.


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For viola, keep your distance. Most of her block strings can be side stepped in between. Side stepping beats her a lot actually. From a distance, 4b+k beats any zoning she attempts to do.


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i am not inclined to pass judgement on the match-up but i will say that i have almost never beaten an astaroth. 11a 11b seems to be incredibly difficult to work arround. i simply cant get in to punish anything. then again i am not a great player.


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Againt ZWEI, use a lot of TC moves when you're in mid/long range, he doesnt have a good zoning tool which isnt high.
when you're in close distance, try to punish him whenever he does a high move and try to gain distance and go back to mid range.

For mitsurugi you should try to backdash more than step. his 2KB will CH in close range if you try to step. Also you must try to make him whife as much as you can, 66BB is one of the best whife punish move in the game.

As for Viola my advice for now is to take care about her orb, learn what moves you can punish and step her or her left.

To fight Astaroth you have to learn JG, his 44A, 4B, 22B are damaging so much your guard jauge if you cannot JG.
Try to use GI for now, since he isnt that good in punishing you can try zo zone him with 22AA and 66BB. the 4B isnt good because of his 66K. Be really careful when you have your back on the wall, his wall combos are destroying.


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Against Astaroth:

- His 22B can be evaded and punished with 4B+K with precise timing
- If he comes close he will ALWAYS try to grab you, so anticipate and use A+B


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I had an Astaroth player attempting grabs during my A+B jumps and it just air grabs me.

Can the A+B be used to reliably jump over his 11As?


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As a Viola main who plays Ezio on the side, I'd almost rather mirror Viola than play Ez vs Viola. He really doesn't have much on a good viola. All her zoning tools beat his, and while she's linear, Ezio's range on his better pokes leave him directly in range for all of her pressure tools and pokes. The big thing he has is his 2K and 3B in this matchup, really. You really just have to out poke her, as that's where you pass her up in the matchup. She'll lose if she's forced to trade pokes with you.


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Careful about assuming you can't punish Mitsu on block, some of his unsafe moves require that the proper punish be input VERY quickly. Fool around with it some in practice mode.


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Here's something that I found against Xiba. This doesn't just apply to Ezio but other characters as well. It's just very useful with Ez because of his quick and powerful BT B+K.

Now when it comes to dealing with Xiba's 6BK string, Ezio can AA Xiba between the B and the K. However, I found that if you Just Guard the K, it will put Ezio in a backturned state. This only happens with certain characters (I tested it with Ezio, Damp, and Asta, the glitch did not affect Asta).

The benefit of this glitch with Ezio is that with practice you can punish Xiba pretty hard for attempting either 6BK and 6BK BE.

If Xiba does 6BK, simply JG the K and do your BT B+K combo.

If Xiba does 6BK BE, the shoulder check will hit you prior to BT B+K coming out after your JG. So what you need to do is confirm the BE flash that happens between the B and the K. And then after you JG the K you step to your left (clockwise) and punish with 33_99BB (or BE version) for a good chunk of damage.


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This is a glitch? I get put in a BT state with every character I had. I would've posted that earlier had I not thought that's just what the 6BK did when it was JG'd. Sorry. :/


The Ezio/Astaroth match up is in Ezio's favor IMO.

Ezio can control spacing with his crossbow and force Astaroth to play a close range game.

Astaroth's best way to get in from a distance is his bullrush and that is stepable and -8 on block so his options are limited

Crossbow can stop most of Astaroths charged mids from up close or at a distance.

Ezio has a plethora of TC moves to duck under grab attempts and highs.

Once you get Astaroth in a close range battle things become much easier since his most threatening position is mid to long range. If you play an Astaroth who tries to space then back step and try to make him whiff his space controlling mids and punish with a crossbow. He will eventually understand that you control the distance and if he tries to stay away then just harass him with bows until he is forced to play up close.


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I would like to know, does Ezio have any fast punish for moves like blocked 214 B from Ivy? I can punish Astaroth`s 6K with AA, but characters that are pushed further after a blocked move seems to get of the hook. Raphael for example can punish Ivy`s 214 B with 6BB.


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I would like to know, does Ezio have any fast punish for moves like blocked 214 B from Ivy? I can punish Astaroth`s 6K with AA, but characters that are pushed further after a blocked move seems to get of the hook. Raphael for example can punish Ivy`s 214 B with 6BB.
No, nothing has the speed and reach to punish Ivy's 214B other than the CE. But with only a 1 frame margin of error to work with it wouldn't be worth burning the meter to attempt in a match.


More Anti-Asta stuff for you guys

Asta's 3KA is something that Ezio deals with pretty well

Asta: 3KA if you see asta doing this you just need to block the K and 6ab or you can go for a WR but I prefer using 6a

3[K]A you can't do 6ab afterwards because of the amount of block stun caused by the charged K. Your best option is to duck and go for one of you WR attacks

3K[A] these are both mid attacks, you need to go into training mode and learn the difference between 3ka and 3k[a] or you're going to get hit. You have two options with this attack and that's is either to step towards the right or if you don't want to risk stepping you can go for 4B as it will make asta whiff and give you the punish.

3[K][A] Pretty much the same thing as listed above but stepping is easier

For the most part Ezio can just 4b out of Asta's 3ka range and still hit him but this will just have an Asta player mix in 3k by itself.


So does anyone else feel like Hilde destroys Ezio? If she has one full bar of meter than you should not be using the crossbow. If you whiff a crossbow you will be punished hard with a CE and she can reach you from long distances so it's best to use them sparingly.


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Pretty sure Tira is a hopeless matchup. She has all of Ezio's speed, but more of his range. Her mixups put him in a lethal position, and there's nothing you can do to counterattack.


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Pretty sure Tira is a hopeless matchup. She has all of Ezio's speed, but more of his range. Her mixups put him in a lethal position, and there's nothing you can do to counterattack.
I don't want to start another Tira debate in a non-Tira forum. Let me just say that it can be done. 66A is pretty effective against tira. More specifically, 33A. It is a tougher match-up simply because both Tira and Ezio are steady tempo characters, so the more you slow the game down with Ezio, the better it is for Tira.

You just have to bully her when she's in JS and play defensive when she's GS. Sounds like I'm oversimplifying, but that's just how you do it with Ezio.


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As a pre patch Tira main and post patch Ezio main, I want to give some advice since I have been on both sides of the fence. She loves to be mid range in JS and close range in GS. She is very linear in JS outside of 8 way run, so keep moving and 22/88 A (hit confirm for the second A) fish to get a knockdown and get in her face. She only has one very scary low in 236 K BE, otherwise you can block her high for the majority and force her to do something desperate.

In GS, you need to really be patient. She has a lot of good tools in GS. Her best tracing move is 66A in GS, be aware it is high so you can TC it. I usually blow most of my meter in this matchup solely on bb BE punishes. That is all I can think of right now at work, I will share more later if someone wants to know something I didn't say.


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I'm having some troubles against Xiba. It seems that every single one of them won't stop using his 20+ Low-Hitting attacks, not to mention that I'm having trouble punishing their attempts (most of this comes from online experience).

Any tips for fighting this douche-ass character (I liked Kilik better, Xiba can go to hell)?

I'm starting to consistently get the JG on his 6B/6A into the K follow-up. It feels good landing the combo after the JG.