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"Ah, CAS. Nothing more than creating something out of ...then realizing it's either a total because you didn't realize that thing that way in a fight or you get armour broken in one. Yet we carry the thing. Building the thing, raging at the thing, deleting the thing, rebuilding the thing because all. Such is the of Soul Calibur: Dress Up and yet we still volunteer. Why? We like."

The above is the intro to my first thread with some words arbitrarily deleted. Yes, I took something that already had perfectly workable things in it and removed them for no reason. This is absolutely in no way analogous to the state of Soul Calibur VI's character creation. No way. No sir. Stop it...I'll put the words back as DLC and in a bout 6 months we'll be back to where we should have been in the first place. Again, in no way analogous. No way. No sir. Stop it.

On a more serious note, I am genuinely glad this games exists, given it's apparently difficult production. That being said, it is still disappointing that alot of items were- seemingly atleast- removed without justification. The fact that they'll probably reappear as DLC is also a bit groan inducing. I know other companies do it but it reminds me of KOEI's practices with the Dynasty Warriors games where they'd release the same DLC for each new instalment. It's disheartening, to say the least. Just my 2 pennies.

Anyway, what we DID get were new races and these are fairly cool- again with some seemingly odd item restrictions but they do provide a different foundation to start from. So this is where this thread will start: Malfested...we're talking half human, half glow stick. Not my original plan but the challenge thread sort of had me drift into making 3, based off of 3 I already had, bringing the total to 6 and because I'm stupid, I felt compelled to make a 7th. The challenge entries are paired with the progenitors. If you're interested, there are notes on the characters underneath them in spoiler tags. They are useless and shouldn't be read.

Oni Mitsurugi

Onimitsu Critical small.png



Soul Hunter

Karn critical 5-small.png

Just imagine the last thing you see before you die is someone looking through your soul like it's your browser history...


Oni Mitsurugi: Of the 3 I made for the challenge, this felt the strongest in terms of making the character recognizable while warping his physical form. Tried a few looks but the SCV design proved to be the best fit. Mitsu's never had a hugely flamboyant design but I've always associated him with fire and his critical edge - which is sheer focus and power - helped point me toward his orange glow. The idea was that his anger and fury were burning him up from the inside.

Karn: A battered husk, home to a warped mind that doesn't quite know why he does what he does. A returning character with some pretty drastic changes. Far more weathered than before, I was aiming to make him a little less villainous and more eccentric . The random scrawlings I'm sure mean something to him. Also has a big arm for some good ol' soul punchin'. Yoshi's style remains the best fit for the madman. The weapon changed and the flag obviously trickled down into his sash - as did the the red flag pole.

Both characters draw quite a lot from Japanese demons. If you've ever seen the Onimusha 3 opening, that's what was in mind throughout.

Behemoth Zasalamel

Zasamoth critical small.png

He made an "eye eye" joke...so I'm chopping off his "Zasalamelon" with my "Big Fucking Scythe"



Spirit Walker

Thalas Critical-small.png

WTF is a Barry Allen?

Behemoth Zasalamel: Pushed Zas as far from his fancy robes as possible while keeping a sense of status. I was basing it off of the SCIII intro where he gets blasted by Nightmare near the end and his skin starts to crumble away to reveal the golden glow underneath. Shoved a horn in his eye to keep him recognizable, along with the hints of green.

Thalas: Another returning character, tweeked slightly. The loss of Aeon's dual axes was a blow so I had to adjust some things. Kept the lion inspiration but instead of raw brute force, I went for a blend of power and speed. He is physically large, but sparsely armored to give the sense that this guy can move with ease. Groh's style was used because it can go from being calm and measured to incredibly vicious at the drop of a hat . Opted for a modest weapon design, since efficency is the name of the game.

Ivy Striga

IvyStriga critical small.png

When she said she'd "Whip him into shape", what she didn't mention was that "shape" would be that of a very dead man


Time Watcher

Histrix Critical 5-small.png

Punch with fist OR chop up with giant floaty swords...first world problems...


Fate Bender

Rime Critical 4-small.png

Consequences for leaving the toilet seat up were looking severe

Ivy Striga: Probably has the weakest link to the character I was tying it to. Ivy's got bugger all to do with birds as far as I'm aware so I just went with the colours and made it as fancy as possible. Interestingly "Striga" are mythical bird/witch creatures, so at a stretch it could work. Green glow was used since it's Ivy's eye colour, rather than the bright pinks that usually accompany her. The idea was even though she was a golem, she still retained her taste in fancy clothing. It's also a bit more revealing because it's Ivy.

Histrix: Got a slight rework given how similar she and Ivy ended up. I wanted to see how much fancy shit I could throw on until it became overcrowded. I kept the colours minimal and used the feathers to make things pop a little bit. Stole the feathers from Sieg's SCIII design. She did have Zas' style but once I saw 2B's I switched. It oozes confidence and magic bullshittery. I changed her glow to match the moveset's light show.

Rime: Another returning character and looks a little less like a cat. Wanted the opposite of Histrix, so there's faded colours, frost ridden armour and general hard wear evident throughout. Azwel's style was used since again, magic bullshittery and I also like to think she's constructing the weapons out of ice. Also looks pretty cool when Taki's suit lights up with soulcharge.

And that's that. Maybe some normal characters next.
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From the mere mention of Onimusha 3, I knew I was going to like what I would see. And I ended up being not only impressed, but amazed as f**k!! This is why I love the addition of races in VI, because you can create stuff like that! Glorious designs, can't wait to see what's next in line! :D Oh, hope you don't mind if I follow you good sir :)


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The above is the intro to my first thread with some words arbitrarily deleted. Yes, I took something that already had perfectly workable things in it and removed them for no reason.
Gods I missed you.

Loving these characters btw, there's something almost comic-bookish about some of them? Albeit more a graphic novel than like, the Beano.


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omg, I love all of these so much
youve got a great sense of color- and choosing to keep all of these in the same general value range makes it look really thought out and neat


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@SpellcraftQuill : Cheers dude!

@Ardent : Thanks very much. I think the next lot will be a little more grounded. I'll probably revisit the Malfies when the new parts land. I'm hoping we get those teased parts we never got from 5 in there somewhere. BTW they've remastered the first Onimusha, so if that does well 2 and 3 could follow. Fingers crossed!

@VILARCANE : Thanks! I enjoy the game for sure - it's just that the CAS shortfalls seem to be fairly cynically motivated. Advertising the packs as having "over 100 parts" seems a little hollow when we KNOW a lot of them will just be items that were cut from 5. I'm happy to be proven wrong here, however.

@WindupSkeleton : Missed ya too, pal. It's probably the glowy eyes that give the comic vibe. I do love the Darksiders games though, so I was probably influenced by them on some level. Might take a stab at some Beano, Bash Street Kids free for all would be sweet!

@tigears : Thank you very much!
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BTW they've remastered the first Onimusha, so if that does well 2 and 3 could follow. Fingers crossed!
I sure hope so, the reborn Capcom has done a great job at delivering sequels to old franchises to its fans (see DMCV) and new stuff too!! If all goes well regarding Onimusha, we might even get 5! :D


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Celtic Invasion!
Riordan stalker 2-small.png


Riordan Crit-small.png

Nobody would guess that the runes were his super secret recipe for chicken soup.



Thora Crit charge-small.png

...well that's certainly ONE way to change a light bulb...



Alastair Crit 6-small.png

And they said his make-up shotgun was a POOR investment?



Morag Crit 3-small.png

Swipe left - get stabbed. Swipe right - MAYBE won't get stabbed.



rhonwen crit 13-small.png

No, she doesn't have "a spearmint for you", she has "a spear, MEANT for you".

Riordan: Tweeked the bloodborne hat a little to make it more elaborate. Infact the whole design is an elaborate hunter with a little Soul Calibur influence thrown in. Geralt's style was used and his casting arm is left exposed. There's something about the stance that - to me - lends itself to a blind warrior- hand out slightly and the head movements, it looks like he's listening.

Thora: Sleek and agile with a some practical armour thrown in. Both she and Riordan were made around the same time, intended to be partners hence some elements being shared, namely the coat and the brooch. There's a little bit of a Scandinavian influence, beyond just her name, in the raven skulls on her boots - a small nod to Odin's ravens...well that's the story I'm sticking to, anyway.

Alasdair: He's identical to his SCV counterpart in every way...except the name...and the hair....the hair colour....the tartan colour....and weapon - BUT HE HAS THE SAME FACE PAINT. He does look a little more heroic and less thuggish...unsure how I feel about that but it does feel more apt, given the style.

Morag: When you've got the name "Bone Witch Morag" in the back of your mind while making a character, it's really no surprise that this comes out. She's the less touristy side of Gaelic folklore. She originally had Azwel's style but then I noticed Talim's toothpicks and went for them. It's a nice mix of mischievousness and sorcery that fits quite well.

Rhonwen: Just a very happy person. Like, a ridiculously happy person. Bright vibrant greens, deer antlers and the jumpy style of Mi-Na felt like a good fit. Kept her tattoos neat and tidy, compared to Alasdair's mess. Threw in some yellow flowers for some crisp Welsh symbolism. Fun fact: one of the translations of "Rhonwen" is "White Spear".
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oh my god, dude, these are,,,,, sicK, I am in love, absolutely impressed
your sporran is a bajillion times better than mine too :') time to majorly step up my game
(why did i not use the feathers? what possessed me to not use the feathers?)
they're perfectly within soul calibur's style as well- historically and culturally referenced, but with a good bit of fantasy to make everything tastefully outrageous
I wonder, how much of it is referenced and how much is pure creativity? After reading your notes, it seems you know a fair amount about the cultures you're pointing to


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For me, it's the puns and the celtic antler? hair ornament i love most. Rhonwen is the best imo. Fantaceltic, top flippin' job. There is something about the colors on the pics like the appear a bit faded idk


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@rdmunhoz : Cheers! Copy away, looking forward to seeing what you cook up!

@tigears : Thanks very much. The sporran still isn't ideal but it will do, there was an item in 5 that was perfect for it. The feathers can be tricky due to how they expand and bend, so keep that in mind. Clipping might be an issue. In regards to the references and whatnot, I'm Scottish so I've seen a fair bit. I'm not an expert but I can fill in the blanks of things I don't know.

@VILARCANE : Thanks again! Rhonwen is Welsh so that makes sense...everyone loves the Welsh! Dunno about the pics, I tend to have a slightly lower saturation on characters anyway, so that might be it.


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I honestly think these are the most believable Create A Soul characters I have ever seen. The quality is amazing and realistic, and the photo work is intense. I really really like them. In particular Thora! Absolutely stunning.

What platform do you play on? If you are on Xbox One I would love to download a few of them if you are willing to share.


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@HappyColour : Thanks very much for the kind words! Unforunately I'm not on Xbox, but if you want to recreate go right ahead. Give me a shout if you get stuck on anything!


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Late to the party, but these characters are awesome!

Onimitsu: It’s super difficult keeping demon CaS from veering off into extreme kitsch (especially the quadruple horns), but you pulled it off in spades. Love the whole ice demon look and the blue/white/orange color scheme. He’d fit right into Killer Instinct. I’ll bet Dark Souls actually took a lot of inspiration from Onimusha now that I think of it.

Behelamel: The custom mask is spectacular. Two Voldo chins. The third spike sticking out of his right eye is interesting. I’m not sure what you were going for there, but it’s starting to grow on me.

Thalas: Like a combination of Onimitsu and Behelamel.

Ivy Striga: Another beautiful mask. It’d be perfect in a baroque or masquerade setting too.

Histrix: Damn, that’s shiny. The feather motif on the weapon, hat, shawl, and shoes help unify the design.

Rime: Nice work with the horns. Somehow reminds me of Rick & Morty.

Riordan: Hmmm…I think this one has a bit of an identity crisis. Up top, he’s pure forest hunter with the military-style jacket and rakish hat. The bottom just turns it into…I don’t know. You already have a strong theme up top, so you might try continuing that below. Maybe like a blinged out Robin hood.

Thora: This one is amazing. Perfect in its simplicity. The thief belt goes really well with the Tira belt and the fur lining for a classic hunter look.

Alasdair: That is an enormous cod piece. Damn. Reminds me a lot of rdmunhoz’s Celtic Warrior, but he still has a unique look. What sticker did you use for the makeup shotgun effect? I need to steal that technique.

Morag: Celtic necromancer. I like it! The voldo mask stretches the vertical dimensions of the design while the back antlers balance them horizontally. They’re a bit too much for me though. Maybe relocate them to a shoulder.

Rhonwen: Holy shit. That’s awesome. She puts my Celtic maiden to shame. I love how you skipped right over the plaid in favor of all the floral motifs. Beautiful. That custom bone tiara and the sticker wreathe go perfectly together. I’ll need to revisit my old CaS and bring it up to par.


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Scandinavians, Irish, Welsh etc., all of these northern cultures are among my favorites and they shine through your CaS, fantastic work!! Favorite of this batch is Rhonwen. Her color palette, the floral theme, 'tis amazing! The one thing that made her my fave though was the spearmint pun. Goodness, I laughed my butt off hahaha!! :D :P


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Couldn't Think of a Title




The lamp post thief was proving more of a challenge than anticipated




Friar? I barely knew her!




Concerns were raised over the appointment of the new air traffic controller




"Blue! No-Yelloooooooooooooo...."

@NeclordX : Thanks!

@brucege : Ah, I remember when I did the text walls, lol. Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this out, I appreciate it! I don't think Miyazaki himself has mentioned influence from Onimusha - it wouldn't surprise me if some people involved were influenced, however. I've always found the Capcom monsters to be so OTT that they stop being scary after the shock has worn off. Souls games and Bloodborne however are flat out unsettling (things like the Plague Babies from Demon's Souls).

I'm aware of - but haven't seen - Rick and Morty. I personally couldn't shake the images of The Night King from Game of Thrones, or Frost from Mortal Kombat!

Riordan is an unusual character. I honestly didn't see the Robin Hood until you pointed it out but with the green hat there is an obvious connection (a wood for the trees, moment!). I actually had Constantine in mind when making him, if you're familiar with the character. An occult investigator with spells and the like, essentially a melee warlock. I felt the Azwel waist (which I'm guessing is the jarring element) added to this with its trinkets and tassels.

Alasdair's face is - Face Paint 42 (to keep the eyes defined), Motif 99 (for the smudge) and Chinese Character 67 (to bridge the nose/fill in any gaps).

Regarding Morag, I did try have the bones of the shoulders to begin with but they clip through the skull pads and it annoys me. Clipping in general annoys the absolute hell out of me. I like trying to attach ex eq to items to change how they look but a lot of the time the items don't move in tandem, regardless of the anchor point you choose. This is mainly a problem on arms and legs.

Looking forward to see what you do with your celctic lass!

Thanks again for taking the time for the feedback, I'll keep it in mind!

@Ardent : Thanks dude! She's one of my faves, too!

Trish: Upbeat and cheerful, just don't anger her! A slight revamp from SCV, Trish got some flashes of fiery red to go with her earthy browns. Used White Brims on her jacket to give it a slightly different shape, also used the goggle strap on the jacket to break up the block of white on her chest. Kilik's style is used because it suits her grounded personality.

Gerhardt: The wanderer seeks a new purpose in his life, sharing drinks, tales and beatings along the way! Another SCV rework, Gerhardt's shed his armour in favour of a more understated garb. His scars remain, however - and the warrior within is never far from the surface. He has the robotic head for a cask and Allegiance Mandible for a cork. Bottom's up!

Mist: With a lightning quick mind and powers beyond explanation, Mist's greatest threat my be her own lack of humility. A huge overhaul from SCV, Mist's design is all about confidence, bordering on arrogance. She's blindfolded herself simply for a challenge as she uses telekinesis to shred her enemies. She wears no shoes because fuck you she can float. I did take advantage of the natural gradient of Xianghua's sleeves and replicated it on her trousers with the butterfly sticker.

Galahad: The Pure, The Kind, The Chased, Sir Galahad. I have characters from Scotland, Ireland and Wales and there was one giant gap that needed filling. Galahad is so English his coat of arms is the English flag - seriously look it up. His Arms are made with two square stickers (projection) stretched vertically across the slit skirt and the chiton. Two number "1" stickers (projection) were used to complete the cross. He's also got a turtle shell collar - which doesn't really add much lol. I have to shoutout @rdmunhoz , whose Pendragon put my initial attempt to shame and sent me back to the drawing board!