Fliptop makes slightly different people


[10] Knight
I am really liking Trish's design. Beginning to think there isn't anything Talim's jacket doesn't look good with, but the sticker work on that dress is particularly awesome. Boots are pretty slick too. If only the damn patch stickers didn't leave those white borders...!

Mist's colors are pretty nifty too.


[09] Warrior
Damn, your characters are so unique and distinct! Quite beautiful!
I LOVE your use of horns on the first few dudes. So simple but perfectly placed!
One of the most impressive things to me is that big jug on the Friar's back! So cool!!
Really love the designs of Karn, Riordan, Morag and Mist to name a few.
Quality work my friend, and also, you've done some really nice work with unique color palettes!


[08] Mercenary
Oh my days, this batch is so awesome, where to even begin!? I absolutely LOVE Trish's dress, 'tis such an elaborate-looking work! Honestly, how did you do it?...i may have to steal it cough.
Mist is also amazing, loving her color scheme and little air traffic joke! The bluish purple gradients mesh well with the grey scales and I like how you decorated her pants and eye wrap further with stickers, lovely design!
Blue-No, Yelloooooooo
I'm so damn glad I got this reference hahaha!! It's my favorite movie of theirs, that and Life of Brian :D


[12] Conqueror
@Kieve : Cheers! It certainly helps that Talim's jacket is pretty generous when it comes to conflicting with other items, unlike 2B's outfits which conflict with everything under the sun! I agree with you on the stickers - it's unfortunate that some of them got messed up. I can't see the fix for it being a high priority though, lol. Happy to be wrong!

@Harrawesome : Thanks for the kind words! Colours are the thing I keep finding myself going back to and tweaking over and over. Some of the unchangeable colours on some items gets in the way of that, from time to time.

@Ardent : Thanks again! Her dress has the blue pocket sticker on the chest and 3 layered ribbon stickers (blown up really big) for the rest of it. Steal away! You have a good taste in comedy, as well. The Monty Python films are great!