Fliptop makes slightly different people


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I am really liking Trish's design. Beginning to think there isn't anything Talim's jacket doesn't look good with, but the sticker work on that dress is particularly awesome. Boots are pretty slick too. If only the damn patch stickers didn't leave those white borders...!

Mist's colors are pretty nifty too.


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Damn, your characters are so unique and distinct! Quite beautiful!
I LOVE your use of horns on the first few dudes. So simple but perfectly placed!
One of the most impressive things to me is that big jug on the Friar's back! So cool!!
Really love the designs of Karn, Riordan, Morag and Mist to name a few.
Quality work my friend, and also, you've done some really nice work with unique color palettes!


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Oh my days, this batch is so awesome, where to even begin!? I absolutely LOVE Trish's dress, 'tis such an elaborate-looking work! Honestly, how did you do it?...i may have to steal it cough.
Mist is also amazing, loving her color scheme and little air traffic joke! The bluish purple gradients mesh well with the grey scales and I like how you decorated her pants and eye wrap further with stickers, lovely design!
Blue-No, Yelloooooooo
I'm so damn glad I got this reference hahaha!! It's my favorite movie of theirs, that and Life of Brian :D


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@Kieve : Cheers! It certainly helps that Talim's jacket is pretty generous when it comes to conflicting with other items, unlike 2B's outfits which conflict with everything under the sun! I agree with you on the stickers - it's unfortunate that some of them got messed up. I can't see the fix for it being a high priority though, lol. Happy to be wrong!

@Harrawesome : Thanks for the kind words! Colours are the thing I keep finding myself going back to and tweaking over and over. Some of the unchangeable colours on some items gets in the way of that, from time to time.

@Ardent : Thanks again! Her dress has the blue pocket sticker on the chest and 3 layered ribbon stickers (blown up really big) for the rest of it. Steal away! You have a good taste in comedy, as well. The Monty Python films are great!


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Oof...nearly choked on the dust on this thread. I hope you're all in good health in these trying times. I do have a couple of things to show, some are redesigns/tweeks of characters from the previous page and others are SCV carry overs.

Rime crit 26 small.png

Rime 2.0 collage.png

alastair crit 9 small.png

alastair 2.0 collage.png

eva crit small.png

eva collage.png

Bahl Crit small 2.png

Bahl collage.png

maria crit 12 small.png

Maria Collage 3.png

Rime: "But what if her hair was.... sideways...?" was where this started, hence the snowhawk. Her hair is 3 pairs of Rabbit Cat Ears, for those interested. I felt her original look was a little too fierce for the character. I ended up with the ballerina punk. Azwel's style has some theatrical elements in it which fit pretty nicely. Amy's style is also pretty good for this but ultimately I stuck with the magic.

Alasdair: I felt he looked a little too heroic with the flowing blonde hair - so I gave him back his more menacing look. Also fixed the sporran/buckle to look less like an elongated potato.

Eva: Ice cold spy. I tried to keep the patterns subtle Used the headband to break up 2B's dress a bit and changed her hair to compliment the sleeves. Swapped Xianghua's style (Or Leixia in SCV) for Taki's due to explosions. Xianghua's works fine, but lacks explosions. Her ribbon was coloured using a heart sticker via projection and was a pain in the arse.

Bahl: Sekicrow. The former ninja bird has become a samurai bird with a drinking problem. It was nice not to have to use ExEq slots for talons. Defenders Tiaras for his headgear and Legionaire's Plume for his tuft. Haohmaru's style is a great fit for him, being a little bit more outlandish than other styles. First thing I did on patch day was set his armour to VERY "Do not break".....because good lord...

Maria: Cunning Pirate. There were a couple of items here that influenced colour choice, namely the jacket's pink frills and Seong Mi-Na's shin guards' yellow detailing. In a perfect world, all parts of all items would be colourable, but until that day it's just one of the system's challenges. Coming from SCV, she's kept her eye tattoo and Xianghua's style as it has a lot of flair and finesse.

More to come, probably tomorrow. Take care!
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Fliptop my good man, I'm absolutely stealing Eva's design. Just wanted to let you know, thanks buddy.

(I mean the rest are also obscenely good like but damn man.)


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Thanks guys!

@WindupSkeleton I look forward to seeing what you do with the design, bud. She's been sitting in Slot 3 since forever. Took a little while to get her right, haha!

@Jaehan Good to see you, dude!

Here's some monsters. Gargoyles, vampires, mummies, and a couple of curve balls thrown in for good measure.

grimfold crit 29 small.png

grimfold collage.png

Anapa crit 20 small.png

anapa collage.png


Soren Crit small.png

Soren collage.png

hela crit small.png

Hela collage.png

tormaka crit 28 small.png

tormaka collage 2.png

Kolkara crit 2 small.png

Kolkara collage.png

morgana crit small.png

Morgana Collage 2.png
Grimfold: Remorseless Tyrant. Not exactly a nuanced look - he's big, intimidating and probably shouldn't be approached for hugs. The Apocalypse set had a nice balance of bulk without being too overbearing. He originally had the fauld as well, but it was little too much. I wanted him to look sleeker and that he could move around. Zasalamel's tyle was used for a similar reason, it balances viciousness with a sense of poise and gravitas. I'd rather have used another colour besides red, but I liked the helm and the glow can't be changed. As it turns out, it fits Zas' fully cursed critical edge, so it worked out well in the end.

Anapa: Scheming Advisor. I liked the idea of relating the mummy wrappings to coiling snakes. Didn't want to overload him with robes, opted for Voldo's weird bondage gear and Azwel's stola - which usually proves awkward to fit into designs, for me at least. Azwel's style was used for magic but Taki's also works, although a little too "hands on" for the character.

Soren: Fallen Hero. For this one I wanted to make a design which could be believed to be very heroic at one point in time, but now has been twisted and contorted into something else. His head ended up looking a bit like Prince Lorian from Dark Souls 3. His face was originally fully covered but I was curious as to how it would look with his face partially exposed and ended up sticking with it. Cervantes' style isn't one I normally use, it's one of those styles that is so unusual due it's supernatural elements, gun and brutal attacks that it looks ungainly on a lot of characters. Though it suits him, other styles like Groh's also work really well. I went with Styx to compliment the sweeping curves present in his armour.

Hela: Bride of the Battlefield. The aim here was to contrast a savage fighting style with a pure, almost angelic appearance. In SCV I used Pyrrha Omega but here, Nightmare's style fits nicely. The idea behind her is that she's an unhinged psychopath, only interested in men who can best her in battle and as such she always dresses for ceremony. Lots of whites, golds and pretty bows. She makes an effort, then she makes you dead. You thought tinder was bad?

Tormaka: The Immovable. A gentle(ish) giant until provoked, at which point you're probably going to be turned into a fine paste. The main thing here is obviously the crest which was a little bit of a pain to get placed. Beetle Horns were the MVP for giving it a more defined shape. Other than that, he is a big stompy boy and Asta's style was the obvious choice.

Kolkara: Deceptive Predator. An unpredictable yet deadly foe on land or water. His unusual movements mask a relentless killer instinct. I went into this wanting to make a lizard man with a hawaiian shirt again. I was disappointed. I wanted to do something with the lizardman model but the options are obviously very limited. The fish thing was just something I fell into while making him and he's quickly become one of my favourites. Once the head was on, Voldo's style with the claws was a given. The inhuman movements fit very well.

Morgana: Cursed Temptress. Going for the classic vampire vibe. I kept her human, not malfested as to hint towards her humanity. The DLC (Sweet Chocolate...TF?) has a pretty good collar, which you can make with bat wings to an extent but this frees up some ExEq slots. Nice to have. Setsuka's style has many things that I like for vampires, the sudden attacks, the hidden weapon, the CE "teleport" and the actual parasol itself - which seems pretty practical for a vampire and make sense to me.

And that's me for now. I've got a couple of others - they're not as outlandish as these (mostly) but they shall go up at some point.


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Hello all, I got a little bit sidetracked. Apologies for that. There's a little bit of an eastern flavour this time.

kagami crit small.png

kagami collage.png

buryoku crit 3 small.png

buryoku collage.png


hinode crit 14 small.png

hinode collage.png

momoko crit small.png

momoko collage.png
KAGAMI: The Eccentric Acolyte. Believing herself to be a trickster spirit, this unstable wanderer can turn from ally to enemy in the blink of an eye. I kept the converse colour theme from SCV and switched Yoshi's style for Haohmaru's for the black/white aesthetic. The converse trim on the robe was done with the blue/white stripe pattern. The name "Kagami" translates to "mirror", unless the internet has lied to me. This goes for all the names.

BURYOKU: The Disgraced Exile. Once a feared warrior, this demon overstepped his bounds and was hunted throughout the land. He secured a tentative sanctuary at the cost of his sword arm. The only thing that might not be obvious is that his beard and chest hair are the same sticker, applied to his head via projection. The Bolt/Screw was also used for his topknot. Used Nightmare's style because of the big katana and all of the theatrics that go along his his hand. "Buryoku" translates to "sword" or "power".

HINODE: The Exalted Avatar. He observes the conflicts of humans with a snide smirk. His contempt for mortals is rivalled only by his ego. The Enlightened set does quite a lot on its own, so I focussed mainly on his head. That being said, I did use the blue/white stripe pattern to colour the top part of the chest plate gold while keeping the other area black. Went with 2B's style because of its casual but confident demeanour. "Hinode" translates to "sunrise".

MOMOKO: The Vengeful Daughter. Her village destroyed by an army seeking a cursed artifact, this soul refuses to leave the material plane until those responsible die by her hands. Heavily inspired by Samara from the "Ring" and Killer Instinct's Hisako. There's no real sneaky tricks here, other than using Eye stickers the give her sunken eyes. Remove eyebrows for extra creepiness. I really liked the idea of giving her Voldo's giant "Decapitator" weapon as a grotesque version of folding fans. Also all of the creepy crawling moves fit really well. "Momoko" translates to "Peach Child" or "Hundred Child", I think either fits.

There are a few more on the way. Take care!


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Loving Soren, Buryoku and Morgana

Thanks very much! I was fiddling around with Soren for a while before I fully committed to him being the "Edgy Boy". For the others I had a pretty clear idea. Glad you like them, dude!

I think you've done incredible work with Kagami's black and white theme. Very well executed!

Cheers! I was weary about making her look too "busy" or distracting, I think she walks the line and some might not like it. It's pretty tempting to do the black/white thing everywhere but I felt it would be a little too much, haha!

Your creations are so unique. You should be hired to design the CAS NPCs. So much creativity. My fave is Rime.

Thank you very much for the high praise! I feel others here could do a better job but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. I'm glad I redid Rime - her initial look was lacking something and it was bothering me, haha!


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Thanks very much! I was fiddling around with Soren for a while before I fully committed to him being the "Edgy Boy". For the others I had a pretty clear idea. Glad you like them, dude!

Tbh i find him awesome rather than usual edgy tryhard cas you find around, it's straight Dark Souls cool, all executed with both very good design and technique