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Welcome to the Nightmare Soul Arena. This is the place for information and discussion about Nightmare's gameplay in SCV. To discuss story related matters go here or I will probably nuke your thread/post.​
Below is a list of links to various threads of interest​
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to post in the General Discussion/Q&A thread, send me a message, or check my profile's information tab for other ways to contact me. - Tiamat​
Number notations:

It is always assumed you are on the 1st player (Left) side. 6 is forward, 4 is back, 8 is up, 2 is down.

GS means Grim Stride (236)
NSS means Night Side Stance (B+K)
BE means Brave Edge (All moves that end with A+B+K)
CE means Critical Edge (236,236+A+B+K)

A is horizontal attack (square on plsystation, X on xbox)
B is vertical attack (triangle on playstation, Y on xbox)
K is kick attack (O on playstation, B on xbox)
G is guard/block (X on playstation, A on xbox)

Thanks to SWBETA
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