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Demon Beaver
I'm making this thread to gauge interest in an idea I have for creating a program that can compare character frames and give results instantly. It would be able to compare nearly any data, such as finding types of punishes instantly, or beating a move's attack speed, etc.

I'm also taking suggestions for features. I will make the initial program for Excel and then once it's complete I'll create an app for phones.

Let me know what you think; tell me what you want. Current list of features:

  • Display and compare all data between two characters.
    • Search for Punishes, attack speeds, etc.
    • Be aware of punishing moves that can not reach due to push back
    • Be aware off axis situations
    • JG/TC/TS/TJ Modes
  • Show a clip of each move. Clip contains Normal Hit and Counter Hit Properties
I'm NOTlooking for profit on this.



[12] Conqueror
I like this idea but I'm concerned with how you are going to go about listing punishes. There are so many factors to determine. Push out, safe sweet spots, there are weird axis issues where natsu a:6 only the first two hits connect.

At first it may be better to just list the negative frames and let the player figure out how to punish.


[09] Warrior
I'd love to watch this project grow, and maybe even help a bit. It would be great if you could post it on github or something similar.


[14] Master
Crazy man. We had one of these for Borderlands 1 to figure out gun damage and parts combinations and was one of the most helpful things ever made for that game. If you can make this happen then go for it.


[09] Warrior
May I ask if this would show punishment for strings? Will it take TC/TJ properties on moves into consideration?

Why is there even a poll for this?


World Warrior
Excellent idea. If you need any type help in terms of gathering information for Damp or any other character that is not Devil Jin, let me know and I'll be happy to help on this project.