FSAK Official Results/Props Thread



SC4 Ironman Round Robin
(This is full results for people who finished; does not include drops)

1: Woahhzz
2: Malek
3: Something-Unique
4: Oofmatic
5: Mick
6: Dreamkiller
7: Thuggish
8: RTD
9: KrazyCD
10: Hajime Owari
11: Ramon
12: Xephukai
13: ARU
14: Sporko
15: Hawkeye
16: Luck
17: JJJ
18: Eli123
19: ZeroEffect
20: Human Typhoon
21: The Lord
22: goofus
23: 350z
24: JustKill
25: Kikaleek
26: Hates
27: Destinish
28: Shinji
29: NinjadakuFox
30: Teflon
31: Greatone1939
32: Blackstar
33: Page
34: DmanXIIX
35: Suphy
36: Y Disciple
37: Piggy
38: Surione
39: Dullyanna

Soul Calibur 2

1: Thugish
2: KrayzieCD
3: Jaxel
4: Hates
5: RTD
5: KDZ
7: Ramon
7: Malek
9: Hajime
9: Mick
9: Serge
9: Jer
13: Goofus
13: Neo
13: Piggy
13: Khent

Soul Calibur 3

1: Ramon
2: Dreamkiller
3: Malek
4: Mick
5: Thugish
5: S-U
7: Serge
7: Human Typhoon

The Manliest All-Rock Tournament

1. Xeph
2-6: People not as manly as Xeph

SC4 Low Tier

1: Oofmatic
2: Dreamkiller
3: Malek
4: Woahhzz
5: Ramon
5: KrazyCD
7: Something-Unique
7: Eli123
9: Icy Chains
9: Jaxel
9: Mikosu
9: The Lord
13: Incognito
13: Dullyanna
13: Piggy
13: ZeroEffect
17: Xephukai
25: Page


Props coming in a BIG ASS POST soon enough.



World Warrior
I just want to say congratulations to Malek. Truly the best player there, regardless of what the results say. Thank you for coming all the way from France to this tournament, Malek. It was a real pleasure to compete against you.


[13] Hero
Actually I was the best player there, regardless of what the results say. Cause I went as far as I did using Talim.

Heh, Malek deserves all the praise he'll eventually get for his performance. And he's a rather down-to-Earth guy so props for that. Congratulations to Woahhzz for winning and continuing to lead the "Open your eyes, Ivy really is top-tier" movement.


Prettier than you
OOFmatic-thanks for destroying me with SK in casuals and making me hate his ass more
Bibulus- I know who drew a rape dick on your car (im not telling)
krayzieCD-maxi mirror was hella fun even though I got train run on me
gazer-your awesome thanks for letting me use your hair straightener on day 2 but my hair was kinda damp so it didnt really work=/
mikosu-thanks for the casuals with amy
lasercakes-thanks for taxi'ing me from hotel to venue and the inverse
dest-best. commentary. ever
ARU-go to comedy club, do it
DK-shame we didnt get to drink together/play SC3
piggy-you made SC2 actually fun to watch


I'll finish my props later today, but all for now...
Thanks you Dreamkiller and Dest for the $ and thank you Ramon and Omar for making the hours we had traveling less boring. NYC knows how to treat thier guests.

First off, thanks for everything from housing to the bottles we got wasted on. You've became one of my great friends since DEV, and FSAK was just as pleasurable kickin' it with you again. Dude, shit was fun... and you and Damien were good peoples. Hope to see you at NEC, and we'll "get drunk duuuuuuude."

Funniest guy at FSAK. Man... you've got a sick fucking Sophitia. No joke man, shit needs to be killed. I'll need to study a Ramon match up, not even a Sophie one. lol, but thanks for letting me stay in the room. I could not stop laughing at everything, and for some reason, I'm subconsiously afraid you'll punch me. Haha, hope to see you at NEC. So I can try and take your money.

Man, you's a scrub. I can't believe you beat me via tourney. I should've just kept to Astaroth. haha, seriously though, you're a monster at this game. Great player, great peron as well. People who hate on you just haven't met you. And sure, you talk a bit of shit, but that's how this community should be. It's not like you're serious... I mean, I called you a scrub all weekend. and vise versa. Anyways man, I'll keep in touch, great games and we'll be playing again soon. Hopefully NEC.

Must've been a bitch to be running this tournament. I got the hint it was after the way it was being played changed completley, 2 seperate times. But hey, we got the ball rollin' and shit went well. Shame we didn't get to play, Cassandra mirrors I was really lookin' forward too. Anyways, hope you don't quit or stop TOing or whatever. Also, thanks for all the stream time, Oh and thanks for the crown royal. haha.

You better be getting some anti xeph going on, I'm going to beat you next time. haha. Good to see you again bro, always a pleasure. Man, our match should've been recorded so people can see you're not a God. Haha, hope to see you again soon. I'll probably go to Chicago, or see you at NEC one day. It was a sad moment with thug left the building.

First off, thanks for runnin' my gauntlet. If you hadn't done that, I would've had a whole shiton of more work to do. Our casual games were incredibly impressive. I've never seen a Mina so welly played. You made her look easy to use. As I said to you before, if you had a better characters with better tools and dedicated as much time to said characters as you did Mina, you'd be placing all over the place. Great games man, I'll see you in Philly.

I'm glad you got me into the competitive scene my friend. Also, I don't know what it is... but Jesus, you're like an anti-Xeph. I'm feelin' good, stylin' on people, then you sit down and just roll me over. Seriously, the fuck am I ducking 236B for. Haha, anyways, good times again man, we'll see each other soon enough. Hopefully NorCal be havin' those tournaments soon. Take it easy.

Next time we see each other, I'll have to get my money back. Oh, and trust it, I'll be stickin' with Cervantes... maybe, haha. Anyways good Yoshi man, and awesome talkin' to you via noodle shop. You're a cool mofucka' and I hope to kick it with you soon again. Damn that Yoshi.

I really appreciate the advice. Your little advice increased the danger of my Cervantes drastically. Also, those mirrors... holy shit, I say you still got it and shouldn't quit. Awesome Cervantes, hope I get to your level, and thanks for letting me bum a cigeratte haha. Even when I was a drunkard.

Yoo, you are a monster at this game. But when it comes to Rock, let the pros handle it, haha. Anyways, great games man. I really hope I get enough money for Cannes, and come see you and all your friends there. Thanks for the kind words, really makes me want to get even better when a player of your calibur says you're impressed with my play. Thanks again, I'll make sure this isn't the last time I see you again.

It was good to finally play you, and good to hear compliments from you as well. Also, yes I will brag about my casual wins, even though it was casual haha. You did end up rolling me over though 8straight, but I did come back right after with 8straight. If only people weren't bothering you about the TV, we could've played a lot more. But yeah, great games my friend and thanks for the advice. I will take it all into consideration, considering it came from a vet like yourself. I hope to see you at future tournaments, stay cool.

It was good to meet you man. You know, screw Hilde, you're good with every character I saw you play with. Haha, man, you got that SC embedded in your brain. Anyways, next time we definitely need more casuals, my Astaroth needs more of a whooping. It was good talking to you, and thanks for the title of Amy Killer.... but Thug did manage to beat me. Anyways, hope to see you at future events.

Finally good to see you. Out of all the online players, I knew asking you was the right idea. It's good to see you had fun, and even better to see how well you did. Being able to compete in high level play when you come from online is rare. I'll see you around if you keep up with the tournament scene. Also, your matches from FSAK are some of my favorite. Great stepping and way to play a different type of Taki.

Good to see you again, thanks for purchasing the booze for me. Too bad we didn't really get to hang out and drink aside Friday night. Next time, we'll get shitfaced again like we did at DEV. Hell, maybe we'll just do it at DEV.

Yooo, what the fuck! How're you going to lose to Teflon?! Haha, just fuckin'. But seriously, how many times did you commentate a match lmao. you were there all day. next time we'll get some more casuals in my friend, good to see you.
I'll finish later.


[09] Warrior
here--i'm going to repost from post tourney banter, because i think that more of the people i'm addressing are actually reading this thread:

GGs to everybody I played. It was really great to see so many old friends, and meet new people. Sorry I didn't stay for Sunday and for my money matches--just had to get back home.

Lobo--thanks for the cigarettes and the four loko and the SC2 matches. definitely had fun hanging out with you. ask old school SC2 players about X_SC2's ivy! there's no denying Link's ivy is great, but andrew's measures up.
Bubbles--I'm trash, but the matches with you were probably some of the best I had all night.
Final fantasy hair dude (Gazerock?)--didn't get to play you; wish i had. yer piano's top tier, though.
dully--hope you enjoyed the mitsu VC.
SU--great to meet you, GGs.
Hates--grad student shop talk at a calibur tournament is surreal and awesome.
Jer--great to finally meet you. Sorry i'm such a noob at this game. Sorry we never got to do our MM. maybe some other time?
Krit--hope you get to get out of memphis soon.

Last but definitely not least:

Tim, Jay, Chris, Phil, Delnar, Ramon, Serge--you guys are made of win. it's been too long. any time any of you find yourselves in MA, you've got a couch to crash on in cambridge if you need it.


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Also props from Germany to all the placers!! The stream was so good, hope we will have one in Cannes too. I hope i will meet some new US players in Cannes + the old faces from last year :)


Equal Sign Slash
Props comin soon.
Love u all.

PS - Doc, I brought up ur name to Brian and he had jokes son! Grudge match! Lol.


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Because most of you prolly won't check the FSAK sub-forum out, lol.

Props to everybody for everything. Especially Idle, Alicia + the GU people for the entire tourney, Khent for driving my sorry arse all over the place + suffering all my rants, Wavedashinloli for letting me bum around in his room + making me want a damn PSP, Rowell for VF5 and taking care of my bag, Hates for letting bum off his last cig + taking the time to peace my sorry X out again, Hacker Mike and KDZ for being hilarious, Serge for champagne SC3 and man-hugs, and Zeroeffect for turning X's aK into a risky move.

@Scha: I mentally fist pumped every time you landed it.


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It's going to take me like 4-5 days to write a proper shout out post. For now all I'm going to say is that FSAK 2: The Revenge better happen next year now that we know what to do to run it more efficiently. Get hype!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fffff this is going to take forever because there's so many people I <3. Hopefully, I don't forget any of you.

Rigel: First thing's first. Thank you so much for everything. Picking me up, chauffeuring me around, etc. You are an amazing host and I had a blast with you. :> A special thanks for helping me out with Amy. I'm less of a scrub now, I think. XD I'll definitely havta come back up there sometime soonish. Also omg we never got to watch Space Mutiny. But lol Robogeisha was amusingly bad.

350z: I love you. lol You're so awesome, there isn't much more I can say otherwise. The ride back was a lot of fun. The time passed mad quickly with all of our random banter. I'm so glad I got to meet you. I willbreak that god-forsaken move one day. *shakes fist*

mikosu: ilumang. It's too bad we didn't get to play. :[ Next time, you havta show me Tira strats, though.

Don Juan/greatone: You're so awesome. <3 Talking to you outside calmed me down when I was at my worst. Seriously. Panic attacks are lose. Next time, I'm gonna kill your Mitsu, though. *shakes fist*

Dest: I was sad we didn't get to hang out more, but it's coo. Doing brief commentary was fun, especially after I stuck you with the mic and ran away. ahaaaa! Also, I don't even think I got to play you, either. fffffff.

JJJ: Dude, seriously, stop being so down on yourself. Look at who you beat! You're my heroooo. Next time I see you, we need to play, because we had so many chances to and we didn't. >.<

DK: Next time I won't vanish and we'll actually get to.. yknow.. hang out. ♥!

Khent: I'm glad to hear you'll be entering tournaments now. I had a lot of fun hanging with you before and during the tournament. :>

Woahhzz: I'm glad I'm not as scary as you thought. I hate you, though, you bitch. You didn't teach me ANYTHING and you were supposed to!

Emo/WavedashinLoli/Jason: Thanks for letting me, Rigel, and Rowell crash in your room. And for putting up with me Saturday night when I was in pain/indecisive as fuck. Watching you and Neo play Dynasty Warriors was so funny.

scha: I will be sure to gtfo of Memphis as soon as possible. Sorry if I complained so much. Mad respect for making all those beers vanish into thin air. Where the fuck do you put all those?! O=

Bubbles: Teach me Maxi for NEC, k? lololol

Oof: Fourth place is all that matters. Second place? Who cares? Third? Fuck that guy. Fourth is where it's at. On a lighter note, we never got to play. :[

Surione: I'm still the worst of the worst since I didn't finish. But next time (hint hint), we'll havta actually HAVE that match. To which I will be named the worst player EVERRRR. :>

ZeroEffect: Your Talim made me cry. That is all. QQ

Sporko: You, sir, are cool beans. I know you wanted to see Chuck as well, but thanks so much for making it possible to meet him. I had so much fun that night. ^-^ Oh and thanks for the ride, and to the airport.

RTD: Neo was right, no one can hate you. You're so nice, omfg. I hope one day we can play more. Maybe if I'm ever in ATL or by the off chance you're in Memphis. It'd be a pleasure hanging out with you.

Xeph: Congrats on being the manliest man that ever manned. Flex would be proud.

Serge: ... I got nothin'. You're hilarious. Good times. Etc. lolol

SU: WHY CAN'T I HATE YOU?! You're so nice. ffffff. lol

Thugish: Talk about worst luck ever. Having to play you right after RTD was definitely a buzzkill. lol Watching your Amy did kind of help my own though. :>

KDZ: GGs in air hockey. I'mma beatchoo so hard next time. REVENGE MATCH, K?

Malice: We didn't get to hang out much, which makes me kinda sad. Maybe at NEC? *pouts*

Ramon: You're a bitch. <3

All the TOs, Alicia, Hacker, and Idlemind: You guys did an amazing job. This set the standard, for reals. Being that it was my first tourmament, and how great you guys did, I don't think it gets much better than this. Thanks so much for an amazing experience. <3

If I forgot anyone, you know I love you, anyway. <333333


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zero effect. holy shiz, those apprentice fights are like oooh snap!

Im glad i got to fight you :) even though i got whooped XD


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Give my props later, but I'll definitely say now that, ESPECIALLY with the shit talking (I wouldn't talk to you at all if I didn't think you weren't cool), FSAK felt like a family gathering centered around Calibur and good times. If you didn't make it, you definitely missed something.

Also, Fuzzie, who were you?


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Jerry, i thought they wanted my name not my screen name XD, i played tira, was the white kid in the red blue and white checkered shirt.


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