Hilde Players Unite! PSN/LIVE Player List!


[09] Warrior
List your PSN or LIVE user name and location. I will update the list as more players sign!

I'll start:

8WR: Valei
PSN: VaIei
Location: Western NY

8WR: Hussler
PSN: Hellbornchaos.
Location: Calgary, AB

8WR: Azazel
PSN: AzazelSC
Location: Costa Rica

8WR: Josie
Live: I Miss Jo I
Location: Denmark

8WR: IgnisPhaseOne
PSN/XBL: IgnisPhaseOne
Location: San Francisco

8WR: TheOtherJN
PSN: TheOtherJTN
Location: Toronto, ON

8WR: Aragh
PSN: Arragh
Location: Poland

8WR: Haitian_Sensei
XBL: HaitianSensation
Location: Long Island, NY

8WR: Bl4nk_D1ce
PSN: Bl4nk_D1ce
Location: Cincinnati, OH

8WR: necroson
PSN: Necroson
Location: Flagstaff, AZ

8WR: twiggywales
XBL: TwiggyWales
Location: Wales, UK

XBL/PSN: Pocky-Yoshi

8WR: guerraboy
XBL: Xx mr war xX
Location: Monterrey, Mexico

8WR: entropman
PSN: entrop

8WR: HCDr_Zealon
PSN: HCDr_Zealon
Location: The Netherlands

8WR: Amethyst_Reitou
PSN: AmethystReitou
XBL: Amethyst Reitou
Location: Texas

8WR: maxedcrew
XBL: Maxedcrew
Location: New Jersey

8WR: Angel_Armour
PSN: Angel_Armour
Location: England, UK

8WR: xXPyrrusXx
XBL: xXPyrrusXx
Location: USA? (lol)

8WR: SilverImpulse
PSN : SilverImpulse
Location: Virginia

8WR: Devon
XBL: Devon Turtles
Location: Georgia

8WR: Paranormal_Oreo
XBL: Paranormal Oreo
Location: US

8WR: CappuccinoJak
XBL: CappuccinoJak
Location: WI, USA

8WR: Antaiseito
PSN: Antaiseito
Location: Germany

8WR: Altsune
PSN: Ovada
XBL: A Ovada
Location: Washington, US

8WR: Jeffcore
XBL: Jefffcore
Location: Mt. Pleasant, Ontario, Canadia

8WR: StormriderAngel
PSN: StormriderAngel
Location: Arizona

8WR: Solo
XBL: SoloT4
Location: Oklahoma

8WR: rurounikenshin
PSN: seas_of_the_sun

8WR: Lamme
XBL: Lammaz
Location: Finland

8WR: undefined.yuuki
PSN: undefinedyuuki
Location: South England

8WR: TheAppleBoom
PSN: The-Apple-BOOM

Feel free to add anyone above for Hilde mirror matches or general strategy discussion!

We must unite as one FOR OUR HOMELAND!


[09] Warrior
I have a mic and a keyboard so what ever is cool mang. I'll update the first post on Sunday with all the listed players. Keep em coming!


[09] Warrior
well, she is only my secondary but i guess i can enroll here :P

PSN: Arragh
Location: Poland


[08] Mercenary
PSN: Entrop
Currently in scV i play no other character then Hilde. Im really willing for mirror matches :)


[08] Mercenary
PSN: AmethystReitou
XBLA: Amethyst Reitou
Location: Texas

Been playing for a while, but far, far, far from great. I even hesitate to say good even. Regardless, I'm looking and hoping to get better. :)


[08] Mercenary
Just realized I hadn't posted in here.

Gamertag: Maxedcrew
Location: New Jersey

Could use a good sparring partner so hit me up on xbox if you think we could help each other