Hilde Players Unite! PSN/LIVE Player List!


[12] Conqueror
I hate her a lot, except her moves. Her moves are awesome!
PSN: X11th_dimensionX
Location: Greece

Im not good with her, but I'll do my best


[08] Mercenary
8WR : Elsnickerdoodle
XBL : Elsnickerdoodle



[08] Mercenary
Hm... Maybe I'll be able to learn some things from other people and vice versa. Who knows?
PSN: Kane_no_Sion.
Location: Quebec, Canada.


Need's Talim but is Powered by Hilde
PSN: ProvesaDark
Location: Alabama
I've been maining Hilde since launch so I figured I should throw my name up here.


[09] Warrior
PSN: RndmCE_Rome
Location: Europe / Germany

The list should be in alphabetical order. So its much easier to find people :)


[08] Mercenary
I main Ms. Wolfkrone. I side Wolf Boy, Stabby Mcstaberson(Pyrrah Omega,) and FOR JUSTICE.

XBL: Confirm Tapioca
Location: United States, New York
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[10] Knight
XBL: zanak3n

Played her to not suck on Elysium. Can do loops 3-7x. Full life wall combos on a good day. Give me a shout if you want some fun matches vs an aggressive player.