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Valide Kösem Sultan
With Florence Welch being the only exception.


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Also, stop derailing the thread. I'm pretty sure a lot of these people don't sing. READ THE TITLE OF THE THREAD PEOPLE. AND VOTE FOR ARIANA GRANDE.


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How is that bad? Plus she doesn't look like that because of all the slap she's got on

I remember you getting on Nicki Minaj's case for plastic surgery. But it takes like 10 gallons of make up to make Katy Perty passable. I mean shit, Bubba Sparxxx made this song about her.



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In the end, Ariana looks more cutesy and petite. I'd feel awkward to call her hot. Taylor may have music and quirks I'm not into, but I guess I'd choose her out of the rest.

The rest are ladies with plastic surgery(nicki and Katy) are just not my taste. Gaga creeps me out at times with what she's like. Their music is trendy with charm, but not my thing.

I'm more into singers like Esperanza Spalding. She may not be pop artist, but then I'm uneducated to know who truly sings pop right. Oh well.