How are you coping with the pandemic?


[05] Battler
Hey, just wanted to check in with everyone and see how they're coping with the coronavirus pandemic? How is it affecting you? Has anyone lost their jobs because of it? Does anyone think they've caught it?

Personally, I'm doing ok. We're still on lock-down in the Philippines and the school has started through online teaching so I'm now an extra teacher to my kids. My business was closing down anyway so I don't have additional work worries and because my degree is distance learning. My hubby works remotely anyway and his job is ok for now but I'm really aware of friends and family whose positions are a lot shakier. We had a trip to Japan booked but that's been cancelled, but we're going to cancel it anyway due to this pandemic.

Anyway, I know this uncertainty isn't good for people's mental health and I just wanted to see how you're all doing.


[01] Neophyte
I'm actually not having a great year. Been laid off. Started a lawn mowing and landscaping business and no traction so far. Been stressing about getting totally broke.