How to practice envelopment form dodging?


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It seems like Raph's gameplay relies on a lot of reads with envelopment, but I don't think I'm practicing effectively. Does anyone have a video that shows the frames where the dodge activates or good dummy settings?
Actually best of envelop is you can do it on reaction.
Take for example soph/mitsu 1A,A (2B+K) or 1A,B (B+K).

Then there are lot of strings on wich you can answer both mixups with B+K talim AA.. combos (from 4th or third move) or again Nightmare flashy terror charge combo TT even if it seems to stun on blok you can actually press B+K on second hit.

I suggest you to practice against human opponents… its easier than it seems.

P.S: not really sure but i'd bet it starts frame 4
Some things to keep in mind, there are certain strings where you need to HOLD down B+K or 2B+K to continue dodging.

You can test this most easily against a mirror Raph's QP BB string, or Seung Mina's 6A+B or Raph's 44AB or Raph's new wr bK

I can't find the the conditions that would allow multi evades.

Evading Raph's 44AB shows that you can evade verticals AND horizontals by holding B+K
Evading Raph's wr bK shows you can evade both mids and highs by holding B+K

It'll fail against prepAA and prepKKB and AG AB for example.