If they made a "2.0" version of SCVI, what would you want to see?


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The idea behind this comes from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which is a massive overhaul to the game that basically makes it better in every way. I was thinking if Soulcalibur VI got such a treatment, what would you want to see?

For me:
  1. Higher graphical fidelity. Despite running on the Unreal 4, a lot of the visuals were recycled from the past, and it's not graphically intensive. That could change by increasing the graphical output.
  2. Quality of Life changes. Less input lag, new and cleaner menus (in particular, I'd like a new character select screen), just stuff that generally makes the game better by small margins that add up.
  3. Gameplay refinements. Add new moves, buff/nerf when needed, tweak RE a bit more and so on.
  4. Proper 2P costumes. I think we'd all like that.
  5. Global Colosseo from SCV returns. On that note, add the ability to freely type in Casual chat rooms.
  6. Cepheus Store, for regular CAS updates.
  7. New stages. We sorely need new arenas to fight in seeing as we only have 12, one of which (the Nier stage) is completely out of rotation because of "technical issues".
  8. New characters. I'd like some returnees (Lizardman, Hwang, Setsuka), two newcomers (a male and a female) and there will likely be a guest (going out on a limb and suggesting Dante from DMC).
  9. Most importantly: Have it available as a free update so those of us who paid for the game, the Season Pass and whatever else don't get screwed.
I wouldn't put this out of the realm of possibility. Mainly because of all the surveys Project Soul keeps sending out, wanting feedback. May be important for the future.

What are your thoughts?

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How about fixing all the inconsistencies that the cast share with the hitboxes and it’s properties? That would be an absolute step up from what we have now.

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I'll preface this by saying that I don't think there's much chance at all of 2.0 version, unless it is jsut a compilation of all of the other changes introduced through ongoing DLC support and regular patching, per my thoughts here. But instead of reiterating those points here, I feel I can embrace the basic aim of this thread by discussing what I'd like to see added to the SCVI experience, regardless of how it is introduced. These will be roughly, though not necessarily strictly, in descending order of importance, as I see it.

1. More stages: Holy moly is the current state of arenas to fight in an embarrassment, if not an outright affront to the rich tradition of this franchise as regards this area of design. I've said it before and I'll say it again: characters are just one of two elements that players have to look at every single match. We need at least twice as many stages, and for the new ones to be more dynamic and engaging (and indulgent of series archetypes), before this truly feels like a completely worthy Soul Calibur game.​
2. More characters: I mean, this one goes without saying, right? Thankfully, I think this is the area we need have least concern about; the indicators seem to suggest to me that the probable, not-quite-confirmed season 2 will flesh out the six stragglers from the classic roster and I wouldn't even rule out additional characters in a third season if the profitability remains roughly consistent for Namco. As to specifics, I'm pretty happy if the season 2 characters are indeed Aeon/Lizardman, Hwang, Li-Long, Rock, Setsuka, and Yun-seong. Beyond that, I'd be eager for the SCIV originals (Algol and Hilde, though I am not a big player of either) to come in, but I'd also be happy with additional guests, original characters (ideally based on more grounded/realistic weapon styles than the anime-fantasy pair we go in the base game) or indeed (highly unlikely as it is as a narrative matter) Viola. Hell, if not for the fact that I don't think they would violate SCVI's continuity to severely, I'd be pleased to see Natsu and Leixia return. More realistically, I think a fully-fleshed out Arthur would be an underappreciated opportunity. And for the love of Pete, PS, just drop Edge Master as the freebie mimic: it's such a no-brainer for a Soul game based on returning to the story and vibe of the first Calibur entry.​
3. More CaS: I've disagreed with others on these forums about whether we have gotten decent value for what we've paid in this department, but just because I've found some arguments too demanding and unreasonable does not mean I do not want more: I most certainly do. And I'm willing to pay for it at the rate we have been paying so far. At that cost, I'd happily see the number of wardrobe/armaments items, objects, and other modeled assets doubled or even trippled, with further increases to the number of facial models, hair designs, colour palettes, surface patterns, and other editor elements. And I don't particularly care if they are legacy or new items. I doubt we shall get even a fraction as much by the end of DLC support, but every little bit helps and I appreciate that every other major update now includes freebies. One facet of CaS that I think could use more attention, and yet doesn't get much discussion, is weapons packs: I'd be quite happy to see the addition of 1-3 weapons per style, but in this department I'd be surprised to see any actual increase in content. Lastly, a better system for storing and and exploring community character creations online (such as a searchable archive or a list using the thumb cards) would also be welcome.​
4. More modes: Team battle, both single player and multiplayer, online and off. Why did this feature go away after SCII and why has it taken so long to come back? People loved the hell out of it and it would be so easy to add in. Time attack and survival modes should similarly be pretty easy ways to pad out the experience without much work required. Tag modes would also be fun, though of course that would be a substantial change to implement. I also wouldn't mind additional challenge condition maps: we got a fair bit of this in Libra, of course, but I'd actually prefer a stripped down version more similar to Tower of Lost Souls from SCIV, without the tedious and poorly implemented RPG/travel elements from Libra and more of an emphasis on environmental conditions (such as we had in SCII and SCIII and to a lesser extent what we have in Libra and custom matches in SCVI) than character buffs/debuffs, as were more prominent in Libra. What the hell, if we're imagingining our perfect upgrade, even the return of the exhibition theater would be nice, complete with the ability to sub in your own creations for a demonstration/kata of a given style.​
5. An improved online experience: optimization of the netcode; improvement in the transparency, reliability, and options in the matchmaking; better lobbies with multi-match and a return of the ability to quickly arrange network voice chat and/or type full messages (leave the presets in though, they'd remain useful); indeed the return of something like the Coliseo would be fine and would address some the functionality gaps raised above, though not all.​
6. Further refinement of the balance: You know, I'm a lot less annoyed with RE than I was since the last nerf, but I could still stand to see it grant a small amount of Soul Charge to the non-initiating opponent (or steal it from the initiator even) if they win the clash, and anyway to grant a little less meter in general even when initiator wins the clash. That ought to complete it's transformation to a more neutral mechanic. In general, I think the tiers could use some more flattening, but that's too complex a can of worms to open in this thread.​
7. Deeper training mode options: An alternative endless stage for training purposes would be nice, as would the ability to train in any stage. Frame data for all moves: FFS, Project Soul, no we do not "enjoy" compiling this information ourselves. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the bells and whistles contained in the standard training mode these days. But a return of Olcadan's training arena, in which all of the general and character specific play instructions and strategy suggestions (currently available only in prose instructions in the extras menu) are integrated (similar to what was done in SCIII, but much bigger, and similar to what most other fighters are doing these days), would also be pretty choice​
8. The remaining legacy soundtracks added in: I'd be surprised if this one isn't in the works already. Indeed, the conspicuous absence of SCIV and SCV music from the first season pass was probably the final point of confirmation we would need, if any longer in doubt, that a second season was coming.​
That's about all I can think about right now. What, "too much as is"? Well Nyte made the mistake of asking a question I've been doing entirely too much thinking about as is--blame him!
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Aside from all the stuff already listed, getting rid of Siegfried and Nightmare's SC5 Nim voice lines would be wonderful.


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Aside from all the stuff already listed, getting rid of Siegfried and Nightmare's SC5 Nim voice lines would be wonderful.
can you elaborate? are you saying that Siegfried and Nightmare in SC6 have some of their SC5 voice lines in battle? I didn't notice that before


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I don't think we need an entire new version of the game. I think the monthly updates is a good idea even though they drag it out sometimes. I feel like some of the major changes should be saved at this point for SC7 if (hopefully) we ever get one.

That said, here's a list of the things i think they can change within the upcoming months (maybe the 1 year anniversary update?) that would make this game so much better.

1) Characters: We need the rest of our legacy characters.I just wish they would speed up the process from every 2 months to each month. I'd like to see at least 1 new character with every season. 1 New character and 5 fan favorites per season. My personal wish list for the second season: Setsuka, Hilde, Hwang, Rock (Have whatever's left of his original moves and give upgrade the rest of his movelist with new moves, kinda like what they did to Mi-Na in this game.), Lizardman (similar to the rock treatment, bring back original moves + completely new ones to further differentiate him from Sophitia), and finally a new female character.

2) Stages: Having only 12 stages is extremely dissatisfying, even though i do understand that the game had limited budget & time. That said, it doesn't mean they can't fix it. I'd like to see them release brand new stages with every DLC character. In addition, i'd also like to see night/day variations of the current 12 stages we have. At least that'll add a bit more variety while we wait on a new stage every month or two. Plus, Sunken Desert Ruins at night would be really awesome!

Another thing i thought of the other day regarding stages; why not implement the astral fissures into the offline & online game-play? Let's say you have a 5% chance while selecting a stage to get the astral fissure variation. I think that would add more flavor to it. It's already there, why not make more use of it? Also having a different loading screen if in case you are lucky/unlucky enough to have chosen it would be neat.

3) Character Creation: This is also one of the features that they didn't have the time or budget to spend more on. Compared to how Character Creation evolved from SCIII to SCIV to SCV, this is quite the disappointment. It feels like a second version of SCV's Character Creation Mode. But like i said earlier, it's not too late to fix it.

Through one of their recent mistakes, we know that there's around 100 more pieces left. Releasing 50 pieces per month isn't bad either, but here's the thing; I'd like to see them creating brand new parts. At least give us 25 completely new parts with each update. That'll help keep the CaS community interested and will obviously help improve the game.

I'd also love to see joke weapons making a return WITH THEIR SOUND EFFECTS! I mean Amy already has hers, how hard can it be to add a single sound effect.

Another thing i'd absolutely love to see is all the previous 1P & 2P costumes of every character in SCV and SCIV return. They're already there and applicable to UE4. Some might need tweaking but i don't imagine it'll take much to do so. I wouldn't mind paying for a specific CaS pack which has them all. Though they'll probably have to divide them into two packs at least. But god, that would be so awesome. They did it with Siegfried, Nightmare, and Amy, why not do it with the rest? I feel like this is the best thing they can do with the current character creator.

4) Mimic Option: I personally don't really care for mimics, but it seems like a lot of people do want a mimic back. So here's a harmless addition: an option to choose a mimic style (males, females, or all) when creating a character.

An entire evolution of the current Character Creation Mode should be saved for SCVI IMO. I don't think it'll be worth it to do that in a game that's been out for more than 7 months considering the resources it'll take.

That said, the current Character Creation mode can use a LOT of fixing such as:
  1. Can't choose a certain color for certain items (Why can't i color Taki's ninja suit orange?)
  2. Inability to combine two completely different parts together. This has been an issue since SCIV.
  3. I hate that every creation you make, even ones of original SC characters, are all piled up in one slot in the character select screen. I want to see it return it to how it was in SCIV & SCV. Each character slot containing the original costume as well as your costume creations of that character. It's way more organized this way.

5) 2P Costumes: Not much to say here other than i really miss 2Ps. But i imagine creating brand new ones for every character would cost a lot. I honestly wouldn't be that upset if they do skip them this time around if they at least give us all the previous 1Ps & 2PS like i said earlier.

6) Character Select Screen: I don't think we need a new character select screen, but i would like to see some new features such as:
  1. An option to toggle between 2D & 3D art.
  2. An option to change voice overs.
  3. Split the random button into 3 parts: Original Characters, CaS Male and CaS Female. Similar to how it was in SCIV.
7) Balance: Nothing much to say here other than i appreciate their constant effort to provide a more balanced game-play with their monthly updates. Though some decisions were confusing Cough Siegfried Cough, i respect that they're still listening to the community.

8) Online Mode: This is where i spend most of my time playing the game and i know exactly what i want changed or updated in the future:

Ranked: An option to choose the range of ranks you wish to search for. I'm so sick of THIS happening all the time!
Casual Match:
  1. A Battle time option of 80 seconds.
  2. Option to name our rooms
  3. Change the chat room to an open chat where you can type freely. Reserved messaged are awful.
  4. Option to see who your opponent chooses on the character select screen
  5. The issue where you can't view the ongoing battle if you don't end the previous one fast enough still exists and it needs to be fixed.
  6. -Option to change BGM during stage select.
9) Team Battle Mode: The picture says it all. Online & Offline.

10) SOULCALIBUR World Tour: Make it happen, Bamco!


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Version 2 Ideally (for me)

  • Stages:
    Its hyper important, I simply can't stress it enough.
    If they don't want to make brand new ones port SC4/5 stages and update them whilst making them more vibrant to fit the tone of SC6

  • General:
    Performance fixes / Better net play / Quality of Life / Balance, or new moves etc
    Official 2P designs (Unlock required)
    Reworked character select (Design included)
    More Music options (Music plays based on characters rather than by stage like DOA) - Choice to adjust menu and modes music too.
    Port old character attires and remake even older ones.
    Give Raphael his SC3 style face please for the love of god.

  • Modes:
    Tag team (Online compatible)
    A true weapon master mode (Would also go well with additional weapon appearances in the future)
    Coliseum mode online (offline variant alike to SC3 for quicker soul points and flavor?)

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7) Balance: Nothing much to say here other than i appreciate their constant effort to provide a more balanced game-play with their monthly updates. Though some decisions were confusing Cough Siegfried Cough, i respect that they're still listening to the community.
Well, Sieg honestly needed a tune up after the update before that beat him into the ground. Even if the changes are a bit much in some areas at least he’s fixed.

Granted I feel that update was generally the weakest of the updates in comparison to the others.

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@Nyte Don't be angry:
It's just that those teleport traps of Natsu's are so slick....
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Met an Ivy with a huge dick today -_-
So there's that.
And that color censorship makes Taki's suit not match her weapon color :(
Unless you use Kris Naga.

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Met an Ivy with a huge dick today -_-
I mean...if you ignore the fact that her outfits have been so revealing since the beginning that we can be pretty sure she's not tucking something back into those thongs, I'm not sure there's a character in all of the history of gaming that would make more sense as a trans woman: she's like six and half feet tall, sharp jawline and facial features, deep voice, seems to be trying a little too hard to sell the sexy feminine vibe with her clothing and make-up, and kind of has the musculature and body proportions of someone who spent the first half of their life living as a man before going on hormone replacement therapy. I mean, I'm not trying to hate...I just have to imagine that dick didn't look 1,000% out of place?

All musings about gender bending aside (because I know the real objection is not the junk itself but rather the mixed messages that Namco sends about the sexualization of its characters), I'm not entirely certain that the restrictions on Taki's leotard are for the reason posited: there are a lot of other items which are not implicated in such situations which also use the alternative colour palette. For that matter, there's the shapeshifter race: you can use the standard colour palette (flesh tones included) on their skin, and with just a few tweaks utilizing the sticker functions, you can create a pretty damn convincing nude female model that way (though the facial features retain that uncanny valley look that spoils the over-all effect, and the skin surface is just a tad too light refractive, betraying that the shapeshifters are meant to have that T-2000 vibe). And don't y'all look at me that way: you all know damn well that every CaS artist here tried to crack that code, if only to see if it could be done--turns out, it's super easy.
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More stages, alternate costumes, 2nd Season of characters, Survival mode, Team Battle and Tag Modes, and Soul Edge related content for the 20th anniversary of Project Soul.....also more stages, for the love of it all.