If they made a "2.0" version of SCVI, what would you want to see?


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New stages would bring so much more variety to SC6! Honestly I think having some old stages coming back with their original graphics would be a fun retro kinda thing. But of course graphically improved versions would be appreciated. OH! Maybe even the option to switch the stages between old graphics and current would be so cool!

Very short story slides for finishing arcade mode like the days of old.

I never got to play team battle unfortunately but it sounds awesome and seams like something that wouldn't be difficult to implement.

Perhaps new weapon variants

Edge master, with edge master weapon variants.

More legacy CAS there is still a lot of good stuff from 5 that would make for low effort additions.

I actually don't mind the lack of 2Ps (though I wouldn't say no to them) however I really hope they change the character select screen to include custom variants of the cast characters to appear in their icons like in 4 and 5, Instead of being with original CAS in one big folder.

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I actually don't mind the lack of 2Ps (though I wouldn't say no to them) however I really hope they change the character select screen to include custom variants of the cast characters to appear in their icons like in 4 and 5, Instead of being with original CAS in one big folder.
Yeah...I've been dodging saying as much for months here, because I didn't see the point in being negative about something that other people would like to see, but now that you've raised the topic: I just don't get why people care so very much about 2Ps. I mean, of course they don't hurt the overall product, but I just don't see how they are important enough, relative to all the other changes that this game could stand to see (most based on profoundly disappointing offerings for key elements of the basic game), to even bear mentioning. Honestly, with everything else that would benefit the game (or indeed, even if we just consider those things which the game critically needs right now), I would actually be annoyed with PS if they devoted staff to 2Ps at this moment in time.

I mean, it would be a different matter if we were talking about DoA, Tekken, or one SC's other competitors wherein the only costumes you get to enjoy are official ones. But this game gives you every tool you need to make an endless series of 2Ps--and even if you account for the fact that most custom skins of the main cast lack the detail and nuance of an official release, there are, at a minimum, a hundred great designs for every main character out there that are of similar or even superior value to what you would get in an official 2P. And even if one can't find the formulas and doesn't want to browse long enough to find them (the official hosting service is a joke, afterall), you can always make one yourself with a little bit of patience and experimentation with the editor. I just don't see how extra selectable wardrobe defaults get on anyone's top ten list--and, again, I'd think it negligent to add these into the game when the stage selection is still what it is--or the roster and CaS offerings, for that matter.

All that said, in order for the custom builds of rostered characters to become more handy, I agree with what you (and others on these forums before you) emphasize: the SCIV/SCV menu mechanic of binding custom variants of an official character to their pulldown list probably makes a lot more sense than the current approach of just dumping them into one's main custom character library pulldown. It would also de-clutter said list.
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Why though? What’s wrong with NM’s voice lines?
I just find it bizarre hearing a completely different character's voice coming from Siegfried and his Nightmare alter-ego.
can you elaborate? are you saying that Siegfried and Nightmare in SC6 have some of their SC5 voice lines in battle? I didn't notice that before
They have some lines from Siegfried in SC4, and even Nightmare from SC5 (For SC6, they took raw, unedited Nightmare Raphael lines and edited them differently from 5. (They have two audio tracks with lowered pitches on both, with the echoing track having a lower pitch, but they were a bit more distorted in 5.) Most of the Dumas/Raphael lines are grunts, but they even have some dialogue from him.
Fall into... the abyss!
It's not over!
You're nothing!
Give me... your soul!
Drown in... darkness!
Damn you!
My blade...
This is it!
Hand over...
Not enough!
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*A simple thing i would really love to see is that when you create a costume for a character you would pick it after picking a character instead of having to go to CaS slot, i don't think it's really that hard to implement such a thing isn't? it was also in SC5 and even SC4 (huh well not sure if it was in SC4 tbh been while last time i play it)

*Also another super important thing that already spoke millions times about is a proper Rank mode for only SC character and being able to play VS only with and VS SC characters in Casual mode.

That being said, if Season 2 will really happens:

  • Characters: I'd be happy with any SC character, Setsuka being in the Top, and then Zwei, Li Long too and my boy Yun Seung, but either way i'd be happy with anyone even for characters i don't play (that i may end play if they're dope enough)
  • About Guest character i don't have a particular super wish or dream about this, but i think it would be good for the franchise if they brought someone cool and fitting, and in that case i can't think of a better pick than someone from GOT

  • So if Season is about to happen, i guess new moves for characters is to be expected? i don't know if this will be a thing but sure that would be amazing and i will definitely and absolutely be always excited for new moves for Ivy.
  • Alternate outfits would be great for sure. And if they're about to add more default colors i'm asking them to try to keep the white color hair for Ivy.
  • Graphics Upgrade Update (if possible)
  • New Stages: Valentine's Mansion, Jyurakudai Villa (just reveal Setsuka in her stage AAAAHHHH) and Money Pit would easily be in my Top 3 most wanted stages in SC6.

- And some gameplay adjustments, and other kind of adjustment like aesthetics, i recently though about it after watching many top 8 but maybe Soul Charge unleash should have a new camera zoom or something that will make it differ from Critical Edges? Even if i know every animation of every CE and SC but it just trap you most of the time, i don't know like maybe SC should have new kind of zoom and camera play that differ enough from CE zoom and camera so that would make those 2 mechanics even more unique aesthetically wise.

So i think that's it, don't know if i forgot a thing i'm a bit dizzy right now but i think that's it lol
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