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Thanks for the kind words, all.

@Kaz , correct on 22BA.

@Master_Thespian , they took the stations down earlier than I thought they would, so I unfortunately didn't record anything.

@Infernum , she's good. Don't necessarily agree with those who say she's broken, just that no one has really labbed their options against Ivy yet. I had a lot of new stuff that's hard to deal with if it's your first time seeing it. My lab partner this weekend @IceColdEdge was already giving me trouble in casuals. We broke down our characters together, so he knew where all the gaps were, how to approach, and how to punish my misplaced attacks hard.

She's designed around a relatively obvious gameplan. She has some sort of answer for each of the opponent's defensive options. Every character should be (and so far, seems to be) designed that way, though.

Added the following notes, probably my final update, to my move list post:


3B, 6B9

B+K, 6B9

LH 22A, 6KB, 1K or 214(B)

LH 3[K], 6KB, 1K or 214(B)

LH 2B+K, 8B+K, 6B9

LH 3B+K, 9B+K, 4[A], SE B: B: B: B: B or SE 8B+K

FC 1B, G, 4[A], SE 8B+K

WS BB, 6B9

SS is GI-able, despite it's "unblockable" designation. GI -> SS is not guaranteed damage.

214(B) keeps grounded opponent close now. Useful to force a mixup between SE B series and SE 4A


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@Linkrkc you kicked ass(ivy's definetly getting nerfed, you ocv'd the whole team?). I was wondering why you kept telling me about 1a then i looked at my post i ment sw 1a, lol.


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Unbreakable? Geez :)

I'm guessing there will be no CS then
It's there. The person wielding Ivy (a programmer, by the look of it) starts attempting to do it at the 4:15 mark and does it successfully. It's not the jf version, though.


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Ring wants an new command because his thumb is bionic. SS has jf that does extra damage. Cs is a GC right?


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I love that new combo ender LinkRKC kept doing where Ivy stabs the ground and her whip comes from the other side and smacks the opponent for a knockdown followed with Serpent's Embrace for mixup galore.


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Wp 3A not stunning doesnt make sense to me. They started the last 2 games like that and it sucked everytime. I wonder whats their reasoning behind it? Plus its the main thing 8a+b,b works with.

I like the new 6kb because you can combo out of it and just new'ness, but i'm going to miss the old animation it was tough how she kneed you and mid air gutted you with valentine. Especially after Ch Se 66[ k ].
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Lay still now
What is that fast two hit horizontal move with 3/4 screen range? I thought it was new 3A?

I don't know its properties on Block/hit but it does look a bit insane in the videos.


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@Ring its her new 66a. The old one is Ab or Ba now which i think might be solid.
The new 66a seems like its made to push ppl out and possible catch back step. I also think on hit it pairs with 4B since most ppl try to dash/run back in.


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@Kaz , it all makes sense now. I thought it was weird you'd ask about a 1A combo, because I always think of 1A as her low twirl that she jumps over. The move you're looking for is now BT A. Knockdown only, even on CH.

@Ring , awesome to see you again. Hope you're doing well. That move is 66(A). There's no hitbox close to her, so you can stand "inside" it if she uses it at a bad time. I even had situations where they blocked the first hit, but the second whiffed behind them. Then, of course, they get a free combo.

Still a good move, but you'll have to be more careful where you place it as people get used to it.