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Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
I live in Chiba (near Tokyo).

Have been playin SC (and Talim for over 5 years now).

Recently quit SCIII and now am practicin SCIV only.

I know many of the JP playas so if you visit Japan or want some games let me know.
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Can you please change the title to say Japan instead of Tokyo? Half of the english-speaking SC players live in Osaka, and the other half lives in Tokyo, so it's probably more fair to just say Japan.

Anyway, Kohatsu are going to hold two gatherings for Soulcalibur 4 on August 16 and August 23, from 6pm till store close.


Hopefully enough people come out that they consider making this a weekly thing.
[Tokyo, Japan] All visitor's to Tokyo, Japan

If its anything like the Ikusa, theyll spend time creating characters and going into practice mode instead of actually playing.

Ill pass.
[Tokyo, Japan] All visitor's to Tokyo, Japan

Reno- I can't change/edit the thread name (I reqested it).
As far as I know Ko-hatsu's plannin to do SCIV every Sat night.
Nice pic (gf)!

HeartNana- That was the Tokyo playas (sorry), who won't be there. Since the game is out to play I think they will be fightin and not makin characters (think they were doin it for the comps we had that day).

BTW I have to change my user name to Talim_JP
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I guess we'll see. I dont personally feel like im any good at the game yet, heck, im not even sure what character I want to use...so ill wait for my 360 to get fixed first.

BTW I Emailed microsoft and they emailed me back in English, and theyre fixing it on their expense, and all I have to do is send it to them!
[Tokyo, Japan] All visitor's to Tokyo, Japan

i just went halves with my roommate and picked up the game yesterday. it's definitely different than the previous games.

then again, there's only so much testing you can do when your opponent is only mashing buttons.
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HeartNana- I'm gettin my butt ready for a whippin (just hope I can keep you down to triple digit wins, haha).
See told ya MS might give you a freebee (360 that is, haha).

tribaL- If/when you get Online let us know. What's your location? If you are in Tokyo you should visit Chiba some day.
[Tokyo, Japan] All visitor's to Tokyo, Japan

i am in toyohashi, which is about 1 1/2 hours west of tokyo by shinkansen (hikari line; the faster line). toyohashi actually has its own stop off the shinkansen, which is extremely convenient.

actually, im noticing all you guys have live... which means 360. i, unfortunately, have ps3. :p
[Tokyo, Japan] All visitor's to Tokyo, Japan

actually I have both a 360 and a PS3... and a wii. :P

I got SC4 for PS3 though, so you can add me and we can play. username is Reno!
[Tokyo, Japan] All visitor's to Tokyo, Japan


i have a user id, but i just use my roommates. i dont know what it is at the moment... but its like, ryuujinusa or something like that.
[Tokyo, Japan] All visitor's to Tokyo, Japan

If you wanna come and spend the night Sat you can.

Kinda expensive though...
No word yet.

So far only you, probably Haschen and Wat0son are comin.

I gotta talk to Mr. Aoi (sent him mail and XBL mail) but I think he can't/doesn't talk to the other playas unless they have some 360 function (he may not have their contacts).
I'll try to catch him on XBL next weekend.

And I didn't get mail notification for your post here (I should)...

I have 2 days off (I gotta use em before 11/23).

If I took a Thur or most prob a Sat off would people be open to playin here/someplace?

I'm not gettin mail notification about new posts any more are you?

I'll take Sat 11/1 off but it's for boss (will also be busy Fri 10/31 night- re no game that night).

Have one more Sat in Nov (8, 15 or 22) that I can take off (and maybe go to your house(?) or do somethin here).

I also got a hold of SLA and he may come to some free play if he can. I told him about 11/2 at my house.
yea, any of those dates 'should' be okay. my place is no problem on any sat, but the catch is we can only play here until about 4:30-5:00ish. so depending on how long people wanted to play, we might have to get started early (which i'm okay with). my brother also took the sc4 stick we bought so i'm down to 1 stick for each system again.

edit- sorry, dunno about the emails cause i dont subscribe to threads.

I may just pick a date- maybe 15th (it's in the middle).
I'll probably treat it like a work day- I should be able to leave here early and go to your house. Till about 5 is OK- I wanna get back early anyways.

If I come I guess I'll bring my stick and convertor- I used them at waidat's and they worked OK, although you said they have lag (then I have an excuse, haha).

Is anybody else lookin here (cause SC.com is down)?
the 15th is cool. depending on whos coming we can use the 360 too to avoid converter lag. i guess we should just see who can come first and then vote or something. you can invite whoever you want. also anyone that reads this is invited too, just post that you're coming plz.

yea, dunno if anyone else is looking here (ie. the people who never posted here yet; wat0son, haschen, butaro, etc.) maybe we should email them and let them know?
I got the 15th off- I'm comin!
What startin time is good for you? And leavin early's no prob (4:30-5 as you said).

I can bring my 360 stick and my PS2 stick with convertor. I'd rather go the PS3 route to make Haschen happy (from The Gentleman) though.

I mailed all 4 (Haschen, Wat0son, butaro and SLA).
Wat0son's # doesn't work for mail but his address does (?).

Tomorrow (well today) Vader and Yoda are DLable.

Project Soul had an update in the blog (about the above):

From yesterday's Japan Times (about the 360 and game development in Japan):

Wat0son- please PM me your cell #- I think you told me the wrong one (and so mail doesn't work).
Or maybe you don't have internet on your cell?
sssoooooo, now that we seem to have a small group of consistent players, what do you guys think about having something like a ladder (in our case it would be more like a step-stool) when we all get together?

casuals are cool and all, but a ladder will give us more motivation to improve as well as add a little more meaning to our matches and help ease the nerves when we enter tourneys and stuff. dunno about everyone else, but i also play a little differently when its 'serious'.

thoughts? comments?