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Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
SCVI- RE has been reworked for season 2 (out on Mon) & Hilde will be added.
I’ll take a look at the game & if I like what I see I may be back!

Have been playin CoD: MW w/a M91 LMG & havin fun although I see many people complaining about the game.

Preordered the Hori DIVA arcade controller for
PS4. When Project DIVA Mega39’s
is released for Switch 2/13 they wil add some new songs to the PS4 Project DIVA & I will play that. Not plannin on buyin the Switch version although I have my son’s Switch (which I don’t use).

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
Well happy 2020 to all!
A fresh decade (& the Olympics (big in Tokyo/Japan)) is comin.

Here’s what’s happenin lately.
I liked the Season 2 SCVI update more but don’t have/want to take the time to learn a new game (I skipped SCV so SCVI is a lot different than SCIV or SCII). So although many of my friends are playin SC unfortunately I think I’m done with FGs. Of course I’ll always support SC, I volunteered for JP EVO although cause I work & didn’t take time off I can only do the midnight/late night shift for the final 2 dayz (I work Sat so couldn’t volunteer for that day although I really wish I could help w/the SC comp).

I’m playin CoD: MW a lot & havin fun. I use my M91 LMG only (slow but powerful) & although it’s not a winning formula that’s all I’m gonna use so I do what I can w/it (stubbornness continues, haha).

Will play more DIVA next year after the new game & controller hits. Did order the Switch version but only cause I want the CDs, may not play it much (although we have a (unused) Switch).

Will prob buy both next gen consoles. W/Halo Infinite announced I will buy the MS one (if only for that game cause me & my son love Halo).

Goin to lotsa concerts (JP group I like, Miku & 80s groups), still learning drums & hittin the gym 2x a week. Found Date A Live Kurumi, LS Type Vtuber Miku & am trying to figure out what to do w/my growing Miku figure collection (no space & would like to get them out in public so others can see & enjoy them too).

What will a new decade bring?...
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Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
Work all this week so won’t be at JP EVO.
Did volunteer for the late night shift (7PM-12AM) Sat & Sun nights.

Still havin fun on CoD: MW w/my M91 LMG.
Also catch Netflix (& 4K ones!) movies.
Got a drum recital comin up so gotta prac.
Also still hittin the gym (usually 2x/week).