[Japan] All Visitors To Japan

Today me, Wat0son, HiraganaHenry &
SpamAssassin has 3 hrs of gamez at an internet cafe in Shimbashi.
The room was small (cozy?) but it had a nice big. Sharp LCD (we put it on game mode) that Wat0son hooked his PS4 to.
We had 3 hrs of SCVI for ¥2,000 each, drink bar & soft cream included.
HiraganaHenry knows his stuff (thanks for all the knowledge!).
It was like old timez, definitely gonna have more fun SCVI dayz ahead (offline & online).
SpamAssassin got to see/play the game & now he has the bug!
After went out for the obligatory curry, yummy!
Thanks everyone!
I plan on goin, think HeartNana will be there too.
I (still) don’t have much tme to prac/play so although I’ll enter the comp I only hope to have sone fun/gamez outta it.

Sure many of the Tokyo JP playas will be there too.
They haven’t said anything about registration, opening or closing yet.
Think they are going to announce more gamez first.
So far (up to now) they haven’t released much into.
Merry (late) Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

Tax from Singapore came & we hit Fighting Tuesday in Nakano/Tokyo Red Bull Gaming Sphere (w/Shot Bar Lucy’s in Ochanomizu on Thursdays a must for any SCVI visitor).
We had fun talkin & he entered the comp (there were more foreign playas than Japanese).
Majin asked me to be on stream they have for a few minutes & we talked.

I’m deciding what to do. I haven’t been playin any gamez lately.
Sorta feel like some Halo/shooter coop (w/son), Katamari or Miku DIVA (arcade or PS4). Wanna try out the arcade DrumMania XG3. Feelin SCIIHD a little too.
Lately it’s been music, drums, movies, Vtubers & Miku.

Will always love & support SC.
SCVI is a good game but I don’t have the time/will to learn it. If I can’t put a good Talim out there I don’t wanna disrespect her & put a crappy Talim out.

& that’s where I’m at now.
2019 is here, hope it’s goin well w/everyone.

This year I will continue to focus on music, Miku stuff & drums (have a recital in March).

Also watchin the V Tubers Kizuna Ai, Mirai Akari, Luna Kaguya & Pinky Pop Hepburn.

Of course still hittin the gym about 2 timez a week.

For gamez I haven’t decided yet but am playin the DOA6 online beta demo & likin it. Did preorder the Deluxe version from PSN. Since I’m busy ar work & w/other stuff I was thinkin of stopping FGs cause I don’t have the time to put in (due to work (6 dayz) & the above).

We’ll see what happens.
Currently in Tokyo until May! Looking forward to going to the Redbull Gaming Sphere every Tuesday for SC. If there are any other locals going on in the Tokyo area, I'm always down for games.
ShotBar Lucy in Ochanomizu on Thursdays but I haven’t gone & don’t know how many playas show up.


& when you meet other players talk to them, some may invite you over for gamez (the French playas may be down for this).
Hi guys. I don’t know if this is the proper thread or not but I’m looking for sparing partners here in Japan.
I’m on PSN (ZAKIRA). If anyone living here in Japan or even Korea and want a sparing partner, just send me a friend invite and state that you’re from 8wayrun. We can set up time to play and such online and maybe we can even meet up for offline play.

No prob, some of the playas that live here look at this thread.

For offline gamez in the Tokyo area (you didn’t mention where you live) try Red Bull in Nakano on Tuesdays & ShotBar Lucys in Ochanomizu on Thursdays.
Talk to the playas at those events, some of them prob have gamez at their houses too.

I used to have/arrange gamez but now am on DOA5LR waiting for DOA6.
I volunteered to help at JP EVO & should be helping out on the 2nd day (Sat) w/2 shifts- during the day w/comps & in the evening to get the place ready for the finals.
I got a good seat for the Sun finals but may have to leave early.
Hope to meet many playas & see the DOA6 exhibition on Fri.
It’ll be a quick trip, I’ll leave Tokyo Fri morn & return Sun night (work Mon).

Still pracin DOA5LR Leifang & waitin for DOA6. After it hits (3/1) hope to join some events/comps (already signed up for one).
Till the end of March SCVI is also at Red Bull in Nakano on Thursdays (as well as Tuesdays).

DOA6 came out & playin/pracin Leifang.
Back in the dayz I played DOA3, 4 & 2U.
As usual busy at work (so mainly play weekends) but also gettin ready for a drum recital end of this month (don’t know if I’ll be ready).
Thinkin what to do, limited free time.

Keeping w/drums but wonderin if it’s time to lay down the joystick & just play action, music & shooting gamez.

Gonna take some time off of DOA6 & figure it out.
Takin a break/stopped FGs.

Now playin retro shooters & the COD: MW series on XB1 & the remastered one on PS4.
Ordered a Hori M2 & will prac w/it.
Quit all FGs.
Playin the occasional COD Modern Warfare, learnin drums & goin to the gym.

Still followin the SCVI (watched some of the EVO stream) & DOA6 scenes.
Now Cass is in the game.
What interested me is the new mechanics for Season 2.
If RE is taken outta the game I WILL be back on SCVI w/a vengeance!