KeJo's SC6 CaS


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Kefka of my most favorite antagonists of Final Fantasy, recreated DAMN good in SC6. Excellent work!!


[14] Master
You have some of the finest character alts on the forums. Here’s some notes on a few of them.

Voldo: Great clown theme. Goes well with Voldo’s weird-ass personality.

Oni-sticker Yoshi: Awesome. I like how the green carries through the whole outfit. And how the metal bands on the Mitsu armor come out like a mustache for the oni-face. The calligraphy pattern on the Azwell gear also fits the whole Japanese theme. I also rarely see a pair of raw long horns used so effectively on the helmets. I really liked how it covered his eyes, so I stole the idea for a recent Yoshi-inspired CaS. If you have the extra equipment slots, you can add ornaments to the Azwell skirt. Looks great as it is though, so I wouldn’t overdo it with the detail.

Tira: Using the voldo masks as hair accessories. Brilliant. Like a girlier version of Tira.

3-Face Yoshi: This one is fucking fantastic. I’m kicking myself for not having thought of that. You have such a flashy pattern going on top to bottom, so I would have darkened the pattern a bit. It would also match the darker tone on the turtle shell and the Yoshi flag.

Raphmare: Veeery nice. Love the work you did on his arm. I don’t usually do Edge Lords, but he’s so well made that I can’t ignore it.


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One of the best recreations i've seen by far, the ExEq wings look like a legit part of the helmet, cheers for making them feel natural. The eye sticker on his armor suits him real good, it kinda resembles some sort of a jewel. But man, Zasalamel's waist fits tremendously with this edit, especially how you colored a part of it crimson to look like ragged cloth.

Good stuff as always! :)


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Love how your Ivy combines the George Washington attire with her aristocratic motif. Grand Dame hairstyle really suits her.

Good job at attempting to create Raph’s jacket too. Why are they always so difficult to find for the men in SC.