Le Bello Hat Trick Combo!!


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A hat-trick or hat trick in sport is the achievement of a positive feat three times during a game, or other achievements based on threes.

623B ~ 623B ~ RCC A+B ~ B!E! ~ 4B = 21 hits, 111 damage (more damage if clean hit).

This combo is so godlike that it deserves its own thread. Basically you have to get lucky 3 times in a row, while at the same time executing insane input skill with RCC A+B and B!E!.

First 623B - get lucky (#1) and don't have it go into PB.
Second 623B - get lucky (#2) and don't have it go into PB.
RCC A+B - Execute with precision and get lucky (#3, hat trick!) and don't have it go into the spin.
B!E! - Execute with extreme precision, chance of clean hit.
4B - Sigh of relief for successfully landing the combo. Pat yourself on the back.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the hardest combo in the game!

Dampierre also has another "Hat Trick Combo", but this one is a little bit easier to do in training mode, but perhaps more difficult to land in the midst of combat because of the luck required to have B+K hit:

B+K ~ 623B ~ RCC A+B ~ B!E! ~ 4B = 90 dmg


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what is B!E!? is that 623K? And i tried land that RCC A+B and I just couldn't do. What is the damage on that anyways?


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B!E! is 623K.K.K.K.K.K.K.K (JF) also known as "Bravo! Encore!" in the movelist.

RCC A+B (Recover Crouching Cancel A+B) means that since you're in a crouching state after doing 623B, you quickly tap 6 to cancel the crouch and recover into a standing position which will allow you to do A+B which is a standing move. The timing is very strict and it needs to be done very fast.

This is what the combo looks like written without abbreviations:

623B ~ 623B ~ 6 ~ A+B ~ 623K.K.K.K.K.K.K.K (Just) ~ 4B


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yeah I know how to RCC. That window to land that is just so small. I really only spent like 5 min trying to do it tho


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I'm getting the hang of B!E! now to the point where I can land it consistently. I've landed the Hat Trick Combo a few times already in training mode, so I think I will land it in combat soon enough!


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I have a new Hat trick combo(well techniquely not a true hat-trick). I can't seem to get the B!E! to complete it sadly. This one requires you to get lucky 5 times(lol I know)

1K~FP (lucky#1)
Your opponent tech rolls (lucky#2)
2A+G front grab(lucky#3)
Edit: I always forget to throw 4B on the end of B!E!

I only got up to 14 hits and that came out to 114 damage. Let me know if one of y'all can at least complete the B!E! part before i do, so we can see what the full damage is.

Totally possible because I got everything except the B!E! twice in one match lol. Whats wild is it was on the fly the first time.


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I'm not a fan of including tech traps in combos like that because it's not really a combo due to it not being guaranteed (opponent can choose to not tech), so I would rather start it from A+G into W!, but as for your tech trap combo it can actually be a Double Hat Trick.

1K (#1) ~ FP A+G (#2 & 3) ~ W! ~ A+B (#1) ~ 623B (#2)~ RCC A+B (#3) ~ B!E! ~ 4B

Though the part about getting lucky from a tech trap (the first #2), isn't something that I would personally consider "random luck".

Anyways this stuff should really go in the combo thread since it's not a true Hat Trick. :P


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Just wanted to check the numbers on it.

623B > B!E! > 4B = 86 damage w/ clean hit.
623B > 623B > B!E! > 4B = 105 damage w/ clean hit.
623B > 623B > RCC A+B > B!E! > 4B = 113 damage w/ clean hit.


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Yeah I've compared the damage between the different combos before and I feel that it's best to stick with 623B ~ B!E! ~ 4B for the consistency. I only go for a second 623B if I want to go for a distance ringout, and the Hat Trick Combo just for style and to test my luck.

Although I think the 113 dmg is just with one clean hit. It's possible to get two clean hits in a row within the B!E! which should bring the combo closer to half life.


Sweet!! I've only just started to get to grips with RCC A+B timing, hmm..coming to think of it now that I've seen the B!E! inputs i feel encouraged to mash less:)



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Dampierre is just.....freakin awesome. I dunno how to figure him out though. I want to be able to use online without getting bombarded by heavy gamers.


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Any tips on how to consistently do B!E? I can never get the final hit for some reason. Once I get that down then I'll be able to land this combo in an actual match.