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Figured I would make this thread at some point or another, and with the recent events in the Toronto thread this is probably a good time to do it (ah ah ah).

So yeah, if you are from any of these cities or (somewhere else in southwestern Ontario) and aren't already in contact with the Toronto players or myself, post post post.

Feel free to shoot me a PM or send me an email at SCPartisan@gmail.com (especially if you are in London) and I'll get you in contact with some players.

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Vince do you have the composite cables for PS3? My HD is pretty laggy and CRT is better anyway (easier to record with too).

Oh and an extra PS3 pad? If not I'll ask my non-SC friend if I can borrow his.
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gw8t3st: You are confusing your mirror matches with me for thinking you are the better Sophi user.

Partisan: Ask your buddy for an extra pad. Unless you got a wired 360 pad, then that's good too. Yes let's play on the CRT.
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Will do.

So it looks like it will just be Vincent, Johnny/JJ436 and myself this Sunday. I asked Brian if he could make it but hes out of town until late that day.

Can't wait!

I'll probably start hosting more frequently in the future.
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Good games today guys!

Nice meeting you John, hope to see you again soon!

Thanks for coming out Vince, it was good to see you again.

LONDON CALIBUR IS BORN (2nd time actually)

I'll let you guys know when I can host again!


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I was finally able to show off my skillz :P Haha it was fun regardless. I'm a little late on the reply but I didn't know there was a London Thread! I'll have to give it up to Partisan for the time well spent.


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I started playing raphael and I think it might be better than my taki, how come there are few rapheal players, and do you have any tips.
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