Mantis crawl and reversal edge


[09] Warrior
This reversal edge thing seems like a total catch-all thing against mantis pressure... Unless I missed a guard break move in mantis ... ?
I just lost against a Zasalamel who was basically spamming his RE (which tracks sideways) followed by his auto-gi CE. He basically made 90% of his damage from that.
I adapted to some extent by throwing some A+B / BT A+B stuff, but in mantis he'd just throw RE, and then have meter to do a CE. Which does an auto-gi even on the GB moves...

Not super fond of these 'new mechanics' but anyway - trying to address them ... Is RE a universal anti mantis?
So with a character that has a RE that tracks to the side (ie. two hit Zasalamel) it seems pretty much usuless...
That depends, does Zas's RE track to both sides? (I honestly can't remember). If it only tracks to one side, you can just roll to the other.

Also, in regards to rolling away from RE, you generally have to anticipate the RE to have time to roll it unless your opponent just holds RE too long after absorbing an attack.