Match of The Year: 2010!!!

What was the best match-up of 2010?

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The time has come! What do you choose for Best Match of 2010? Nominations were selected by the community and reflect the highest standard of Soul Calibur gameplay available anywhere in the world.

Voting will be open for one month, closing February 15th.

The nominations are:

Keev VS Thuggish_Pond @ Cannes
Belial VS Rufus MM
Ramon VS Thuggish_Pond @ FSAK
Shen-Yuan VS Dina @ Cannes (2K extravaganza!)
Woahhzz VS Malek Teams @ NEC LF
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my vote went for woahhzz vs malek. rufus vs belial was an amazing matchup, but woahhzz vs malek is just too intense!


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For me, I can't get into the older matches so much, I did watch Belial and Rufus, fairly entertaining and competitive, but a bit too casual (I watched that MSP video by Belial and with all that JIing I guess my expectations were quite high. I know that was only training mode lol)...

So for me it's a close one between the more recent NEC matches, I watched both the Thuggish_Pond matches too, but I just wasn't feeling the gameplay (wasn't exactly on the edge of my seat, but I'm not really an Amy fan, felt a bit overly happy watching her lose to NM lol).

For me while the RTD vs Ramon match was the most exciting (mainly at the time) for me, but Woahzz and Malek takes the cake for nail biting (not that I'd do that lol) especially as I missed the stream... Nice atmosphere, watched the whole thing.


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RTD Vs. Ramon all the way.

Reads and speed. Too me, this is what SC is all about. The pressure game from Ramon was pretty intense, and the B+K B:4 JF's where fuckin' insane! Nice TT reads from RTD too, I really enjoyed watching those.

Intense, fast, prediciting, and very enjoyable frame reads, not once did I fall asleep.


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Maybe just my bias for Mitsu but I really enjoyed the Belial VS Rufus more then the others. I love seeing a good Heishiro in action. Made it better that it was against a Taki. Rival Battles FTW!


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RTD vs Ramon.... Just too beast... One five round fight between Woahzz and Malek doesnt add up to what those two did... Rofl at ramons emotional outbursts... While RTD just sits patiently like a true Jedi.


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Lol Franman that completely defeats the purpose of the poll...

Vote for Shen Yuan vs Dina!

It's not everyday that a top tier asian guy can afford to fly to France just to beat their top Hilde by crying on the floor. (Apologies for horrid vid quality... recording a CRT is no fun :()

P.S. : I love you Dina :P


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I voted Beliel vs Ruffus... The match was pure skill and technique that's what fighting games are all about. That match nailed it GGs guys.


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Lol Franman that completely defeats the purpose of the poll...
Well putting a team battle vid already defeats the purpose of the poll.

It's not everyday that a top tier asian guy can afford to fly to France just to beat their top Hilde by crying on the floor. (Apologies for horrid vid quality... recording a CRT is no fun :()
Very well... the next time Kura comes to France or any country to get his vids recorded I'll be sure to vote for him in the next nomination :P


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W/O a doubt...Keev vs TP....Who wooda guess Nightmare could beat amy...Great match from both players.


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can't decide between keev v tp and belial v rufus... it was great watching how keev and rufus came up with ways to deal with the difficulties in those matchups.

the other fights were great too... whoazz v malek was such high standard but only a single match, would've loved to have seen a FT5 after that... and Ramon's performances were so solid - even in the team match v France, look how distraught he is when he gets hit by AA at the edge of the ring to lose round 2...

but i just thought the mind games going on in the first two fights were fantastic


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Well the Thugish matches, he seemed disheartened towards the end of both and trailed off. So I really can't go with either of those. The Belial match if I remember right, Belial hadn't played seriously with Mitsu in several months before that so in my head Rufus should've never been in it. And while I have to give points for ingenuity I can't really go with the Hilde match.

So that leaves Ramon v. RTD and Woahhzz v. Malek. And I find that the do or die aspect of only being able to lose once in the Malek Woahhzz match appeals to me more than any other. So I vote for Woahhzz v. Malek. Plus you just had to be there. The tension was palpable.

Though my dirty lil secret is I can't abide a video where Ramon loses! Love my NY boys!!!


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lol not only did i lose the match GO but now imma lose match of the year! :( <3

a vote for Ramon is a vote for justice... become part of the solution of peace and tas:b4
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