Maxi Post Patch Discussion


[08] Mercenary
Although I did notice something about 3A: If you catch someone stepping it *sometimes* will combo into LI A.
It happend to me too, and I think I figured out why it works sometimes. And following this thought I manage to understand why CH 6A RO B combo sometimes too

You have to catch a quick step to the right with 6A or 3A, so that Maxi's chuks hit your opponent in his last active frame.
If you look closely to this two move, Maxi is doing an horizontal attack that goes from his right to his left, so I think that the active frame are going to start from his right and end on his left. If you catch a quick step to the right for the opponent (so it will be to Maxi's left), the chucks may hit on the last frame and thus, gives Maxi more advantage than it should

It's not very consistent, but it seems to work. Maybe we can find some setup that will make Maxi able to do some fancy combo if the opponent steps to the right and Maxi punish them with 6A (Obviously more interesting than 3A)
CH 6A RO B RC A B (60 damage) sounds sexy
doesn't seems to combo very well on some char (RC A B whiffing)


[10] Knight
Ah, good shit. If it is as you say then there very well may be a somewhat practical set-up. Something like wall/edge to left, 3K blocked, 6A to stop your opponent from using the adv. to reposition.

Dunno, but it's definitely worth looking into more.