Maxi Tech Trap Discussion


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wait, why would we go for tech traps after RO B on hit?
Well sometimes you get 44B, 6A or 1B blocked and you throw out the RO B but hit G just incase your opponent might backstep/sidestep the attack which will cancel out of his stance. Next thing you know boom smack them in the face for trying a TCing move and your back in neutral as they crumple in agony. This happens to me against certain characters (I'm lying it's just Mitsurugi lol) so I find value in knowing them.

Also getting some of them nets even more damage then finishing the combo with brave edges. If you know your opponent likes to tech left then why not read 'em like a book.

It is also best to know more shit then you need too.


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There is really no reason to ever hit G before you confirm that RO B was blocked. I don't even think pressing G before it hits makes it cancel any faster than if you just wait and confirm. But even if it did take a little longer, if you are gonna throw a risky move like RO B out, you might as well make sure you get the reward if it hits. If you think your opponent is gonna backstep, just don't throw a follow-up attack at all.


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I know it connects as long as they don't rise guarding or stay on the ground..
Well, then how exactly it connects if they avoid it by blocking or doing nothing?

I tested this and tried to roll on the ground after 66B+K and CE misses, both sides. Now, as you said, I can stand up and block and I can stay on the ground and avoid the CE. How do I make it hit?

Even so, when in practice mode, when you set the CPU to "Do nothing" on second action, the CE actually connects. Weird, isn't?


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Doesn't seem to be a tech trap. It's more like a stand up and do anything but block and get hit.


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Just wondering, what do you guys use to make opponent want to stand up and guard?
Everyone just rolls to Maxi's left and guard low in case of 1K, what mid options does Maxi have for that side?


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Just wondering, what do you guys use to make opponent want to stand up and guard?
Everyone just rolls to Maxi's left and guard low in case of 1K, what mid options does Maxi have for that side?
I usually use 11_77A and 22_88A as mix-ups for "rollers". Simple and straight forward. High risk, but the reward is good.
But ultimately it still boils down to the habit of your opponent, 1K and WS A should be simple enough to do the job.
Condition the shit out of them!!!!


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44Bg, 8A+B- Catches Right, Front and Back. If 8A+B clean hits it does as much damage as spending 1 bar for the combo.

8A+B, Grab- Catches Left, Right, Front tech. Escapeable by teching into a crouch.

Possible to link those two together if your opponent is tech happy.

WrB+K, CE- Catches all tech.

WrB+K, 236K- Catches all tech. If you opponent back techs only a few hits will connect.

WrB+K, B+KBBBA- Catches Front, Right and Back. Will magically catch Left. I have no clue how it happens.

WrB+K, PsL2, ROB into combo- Catches all tech. Even better it is an actually combo if they don't tech.


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LI K, 33B- Catches Left, Front and Back tech. BL KK/BT B+K is the follow up depending on if Maxi is BT or Facing his opponent. Hard to tell sometimes.

LI K, 22_88A- Catches All. Easier if you step to Maxi's right side. As a bonus the LI A/LI A BE ender is guaranteed on all techs. Even if you land the CH 22A, LI K combo the follow up 22_88A, LI A tech trap is guaranteed because this particular combo works on normal hit.

LI K, CE- Catches All. Best to take a quick forward step so you don't miss the back tech plus it helps with the delay necessary for the tech trap. Hello MAXI DAMAGE!!! It's been awhile since I seen you mid screen lol.

LI K, WS B+K- Catches Left, Front and Back tech. Must use BL K BE follow-up because the KK is easily AC'd for some reason.

Hot Rod Dave

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2A+B, 236K catches all tech except back. However left tech might be able to escape it. Will need to do more research