Maxi Tech Trap Discussion


[13] Hero
44K, CE
Works on both NH or CH. Catches all sides.
Very strict timing. Buffer the CE during the 44K animation.

Works on both NH or CH. Catches all side though during testing sometimes a right tech roll (Maxi's Left Side) causes him to do the CE backwards.


Dat Hillbilly
Then do work son!!
Dont have time to do work... Need it done for me...

236K - 66B+K (trap all ways)
right side throw - 6A+B(BE) all ways but right I think
BT B+K - slight delay 2A+B all ways

These are the main ones I use right now... Id like a few more though :(


[10] Knight
The only useful, and unmentioned tech traps I know about are:
Right Side throw - CE (All) / 66B (OTG)
RO AK - CE (All)
236K - 44A (All but right) / CE (ALL) / 66B (OTG)

Maxi can create some interesting situations with 22[ B ] though. There are KDs where it can only rolled, JG'd, or GI'd, with partial charge beating JG/GI, and 66B beating rolls.


[08] Mercenary
Since people that roll over the flood were annoying me, I went to training to find some techtrap
Anyway, I m new to soulcalibur, so I m not sure what a techtrap is :P
So, if a techtrap is a setup that punish the opponent for staying down or rolling (left / right / front / back), I found some no risk stuff on the knockdown that I most land
I didn't tested on much char, so I don't know if these are char specific or not (I was bitch slapping elysium for these tests)

reminder :
66 B+K 42dmg -11 on block (carefull against Pastuka)
44K 36-39dmg +2 on block, full crouch for both
66B 40dmg -5 on block, force crouch on opponent, transition in LI
3B 26dmg -14 on block
remember that if you are not comfortable with being in LI while your opponent is downed that you can PL2 to BL and guard to get back to your neutral stance

all these setups punish all tech, the opponent may just ukemi sometimes but it doesn't seems that he can do anything a part from blocking
KD on :
RO AK : 66 B
BL KK : 66 B+K (can t be done after a juggle from WS B+K or 33B)
6 A+B : 44 K
66 K / LO BK : 66 B
Right throw : 2 KB
2 A+B : 66 B (if you are at point blank range, you can use 66 B+K instead)
(236 K : 66 B)(see edit note)
11 B : step forward 66 B (if you don't step, a ukemi to the back will make the 66B whiff)
8 A+B : 66 B

Wall specific :
6 A+B : 66 B or 3B

66 B+K can be used a lot, but it s character specific, I didn't have time to test on other char but for example, trying to land a 66 B+K on Maxi is nearly impossible (still works after a BL KK and 2 A+B though)

edit : lol, in fact, 236K 66B is not a tech trap, it s a combo xD


johNNy blaZe
To add to what 7r said, if you're in LI and you're uncomfortable when the person is grounded, you can let it natural shift and do LO K and LO B both of which hit grounded, with the former being safe but slower than the latter.


[08] Mercenary
I double checked the 236B 66B, you are right
the opponent can ukemi out of it, but 66B can punish some ukemi (back, front and left)
thanks for pointing that :)

Anyway, the move still connect if the opponent doesn't ukemi, but it s now risky since an ukemi to the right will make it completly whiff


[10] Knight
Cool, I had it in my head that 66B would only catch back tech there. It's definitely a go to option then if it catches all but right, and hits OTG. Just too bad that there doesn't seem to be a way other than CE to counter right techs.


Chikara Sashimi
I noticed an interesting tech trap the other night.

66B+K, CE

Funny since I always thought 66B+K knocked the opponent too far away. Good damage too.


[13] Hero
44B, RO Bg

- 66B catches left, back, and front which leads into LI A for a combo.

- 3A catches all

- 3B catches front, left and back.

- 1B catches front, left and back

- 3K catches all

- A+Bg catches all

- B+K:B:B:B:A catches back, left, and front for a whopping 108 points of damage BABY WHOOOO!!! Front has a weird timing though.


- 44B catches front and back

- 6A+B BE catches front back and left. Back and Left require you to step forward before the tech roll.

- 3B catches front and back

- 66B catches front and back

- B+K:B:B:B:A catches front and back

- 44A catches front, back and right


- 11A catches front, back and left. On left tech the last hit will whiff unless near a wall

- 6A+B BE catches front and back.

- 44A catches front, back and right

- B+K:B:B:B:A catches front and back

- iwsB+K catches front and back

- 11B catches front and back

- 22A catches front and right

- CE catches all


- 66B catches front and back


- PsL2 BL KK catches all direction. From tip range back tech can escape it

- PsL2 BL K BE catches all directions. From tip range back tech can escape it.

*66B PsL2 BL K BE is a guaranteed combo with or without the tech trap btw. Without tech leads into nasty wall combos


- PsL2 BL KK catches front, back, and right. Occasionally it catches left. Idk what causes it to miss or hit yet. I do know a fully charged LI B allows it to catch every time.

- PsL2 BL K BE catches front, back, and right. Same thing as above in regards to left tech

*LI B PsL2 BL K BE will hit as a combo if you opponent doesn't tech at all.


- CE catches front, left and right.

*1B RO AK as a combo allows for a left tech escape but 6A RO AK does not.