[12] Conqueror
Maxi V Yoshi at most current build (CEO)
Notice Booms Movement in this video. we must master it!!!


[10] Knight

Is the RO K a special mid ?? It really looks like so !

Also is LI K [K] still plus on block ? It feels like not


[08] Mercenary
@11:57 IN Soakraties match on Soul charge Maxi looks bonkers, the distance that 6A+B coved at that speed looks absolutly mental and the what looked like 6A+B LIB in the 4th. sweet jesus i cannont wait to try some loop and soul cahrged plays


[09] Warrior
Nice games.
How can you know all the moves, loops and setups? Guess some serious gaming with early builds of the game?
Maxi looks very cool, even tough he lost some knockdowns (like spin stun insteand of KO after 6A,B,K).
How does it feel from SCV? Stronger, weaker, more/less fun?

Can't wait, -7


Chikara Sashimi
A lot of it comes from IRM and others just studying every video they can find as well. The underlying loop progression is the same as Maxi in SCV, so that helps as well.