[Michigan] The Dirty Glove!


[09] Warrior
yodoods, just to kinda try to keep the MI scene together the SRK thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=186016&page=31 has become kind of a central place to talk about MI shtuff. Also, AaronS is starting a new ranking battle season this Sunday, now in the form of biweekly tournamanents for SF4, BB, and KoF12 (once it's actually released) http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=196536 - I think SC4 was cut due to low interest, so I mean, it's up to you guys to show up and support it if you wanna see it played.

Hey Ryujin, you went to Devastation? Very cool, how was it? :D
Come to Buffalo then! Looking at Nov. 14th for the next major, with possible pot bonuses for SC4. Also going to be a HUGE SF4 tourney, with tons of local and Toronto players, and possible surprise guests. ESPECIALLY if that pot bonus comes through. Also BlazBlue, I know you guys like that game.

Plenty of not calibur to play, and of course I'm gonna be there! You guys love me!
Hitch a ride with Dr Dave and Shardzy if they come maybe? I'm sure they'll want to practice at least a LITTLE bit before they come, right? Right?

Nah Shardz will just play more Melty. =(
It's not KOF or Melty, so it dosen't exist.

Figures when I find two other games I really get into and get good at, they go and make Rock good in BD. You had your chance with me, Namco.