Mina vids?


[12] Conqueror
Thanks for the kind words, Seyfer and LIMH (I abbreviated your name). I can't tolerate playing characters I dislike or are indifferent about, even if they're very strong. I liked Mi-na's design and fighting style as a character, so I dedicated myself to using her. There's a few low-tier things about her that pissed me off, but nobody's perfect.

I must admit that I am rather sad that Namco axed her for the next installment. I had quite a bit of confidence that she'd be there due to her veteran status in the roster, but I think the people who've been playing this series longer than I have saw the writing on the wall well into IV's life because of the minimal effort put into her design.

They can call me a tier martyr all they want. I don't regret one single match that I used her.


[11] Champion
Maybe you weren't there when we spoke to Utoh and Daishi about it. They basically said that Mina, Rock, and Amy were all last minute, barely tested additions that were meant as experiments--ie., Mina for gauge damage, Rock for compounded guessing games, and Amy for lots of fast, safe mixups.

I hope we all learned a lesson.


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Good bye! My run away bride. I can't believe you dumbed me. T_T
During this year, I have had a happy life with you and learned some new styles because of you. Your beauty will be always in my memory. Hopefully, we will meet again probably in SC5:AE or anywhere else. I guess we will be friends still? =(................


[09] Warrior
Gotta say, having now played SC5 I miss Mina even more just wishing she could be there. Gotta wonder what her critical and brave edges would have been, etc. I still remember years ago looking forward to 5 coming out and I was gonna come on here day 1 and start posting up all the combos I could find, make a video, stuff like that. I also sadly never got to use her offline since I never got to play SC offline (I've played Tekken offline now though).

Gonna try out Aeon for now, and while it's too early to tell looks like he won't be the greatest character either. Oh well though...Hey Khent, once I get around to grabbing the PS3 version maybe I could finally play you online!

And Page, something about that just seems really messed up.