MLG Winter Championships SCV Results


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1. Keev ($6000) (Nightmare)
2. RTD ($3600) (Leixia, Natsu, Mitsurugi?)
3. Shin_RyuJin ($2400) (Xiba)
4. Something Unique ($1600) (Maxi, Pyrrha)
5. Lost Providence ($1000) (Alpha Patroklos, Mitsurugi)
5. wing_zero ($1000) (Xiba)
7. Kayane ($550) (Leixia)
7. Hawkeye ($550) (Natsu)






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OMG, Justin Wong got knocked out after only 2 matches? And I can't believe Omega didn't go farther.

It seems Nightmare is taking all kinds of tournaments. BRING OUT THE NERF BAT!


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Results suck without Character Usage. Anyways a Great Weekend. always some Ups and Downs, no need to get into right now.

My highlight was JG into CS. Links a Beast.
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Any vids up anywhere?

There's some vids floating around, but if you want to watch the rebroadcast, do this:

1. Go to

2. Click on Streams at the top menu, then Fighters to watch the rebroadcast.

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Make that money son!!

had a hard time watchin the stream from my iphone so I mostly watch NCR. But congrats yall. Big time money makin!!



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First tournament for Soul Calibur. Had fun even though I got bodied. It was good to meet some people as well. Gotta thank KDZ for the slew of post match tips. It was cool meeting Enkindu, KDZ, and Kayane. I didn't get to talk to many other people but felt pretty welcome from the people I did meet.

Gotta say MLG runs a much different tournament than what I am used to. Had it's strengths and weaknesses.


I was rooting for S-U; had confidence he was going to take gold. Good job to all the placers, though. Big bills, and you all deserve it.


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This was one of the most fun tournaments I've been to in my life....before, during, and after the tournament.

Shoutouts to France, Chicago, ATL, Canada, RTD, KDZ, Unique, Bibulous, Jaxel, Enkindu, Matteo Galvin, Ryujin, Esom and anyone I missed for making this event unforgettable.

Special shoutouts to Free Dr.Pepper and the Halo party
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