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Hello my friends, girls and guys! I really wanted all of this time to create a new complete thread with all of my creations in chapters. I thought that in my old thread ( the flow was lost, there are many pages, many comments and replies (and I really thank you all for that), but someone who wanted to watch all of my creations, must to click the previous or to the forward pages and I think that this is really confusing.

So, in this complete creations gallery of mine I will re-introduced you my:

• SoulCalibur ORIGINAL characters

• Soulcalibur classic characters

• Soulcalibur minor characters

• SoulCalibur X SoulCalibur III Chronicles of the Sword

• SoulCalibur X Samurai Warriors

• Costumes for the regular character of SoulCalibur VI

• Special Creations

I hope to enjoy your trip through my creations! All of this time I was trying to do my best! Thank you all for your long support, your advices, your good comments! Thank you all for everything! In my opinion you really helped me to become better and better! I want to announce to you that I won’t create something new from now on. I was full of inspiration these 2.5 years since the release of SoulCalibur VI! I won’t leave 8wayrun, I will be here! But, if it will be a new season for SoulCalibur VI, a Season 3 with new characters and new customization parts, I will return for sure! I promise!
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"SoulCalibur VI ΟRIGINAL characters"

Age: 41
Birthplace: Holy Roman Empire
Birthdate: 23 December
Weapon Name: Flamberge

Darius is a demon hunter. After he lost his family his wife and his beloved daughter by some malfested creatures Darius became a demon hunter, he learnt about the Evil Seed, the cursed blade Soul Edge and the Azure Knight and he started a long journey in order to capture and kill all those who has some kind of relationship with Soul Edge and with the malfested team! His blood boils for revenge, will he avenge the death of his family?


Age: 30
Birthplace: French Empire (present day Paris)
Birthdate: 4 September
Weapon name: Viper Edge

Loreen is an alchemist who was born in France! When she was a child her father teached her all the secrets of alchemy and Loreen became an expert alchemist in a very small age! He was also talked about the two Soul swords Soul Edge and SoulCalibur and warned her that these swords have great powers! Many years later her father passed away from illness and Loreen was all alone without any other relevant in her side! She started to travel the world in order to learn more about for these two swords! She learnt that a woman named Ivy who she was also an alchemist is a member of the Azure's Knight's team who wields the evil blade Soul Edge! "She is an alchemist too? Maybe she will be a good rival and maybe she knows something.." said Loreen and without a second thought Loreen started to pursue Ivy and the Azure Knight in order to find more clues about Soul Edge and maybe for SoulCalibur!

The Priest
3.the priest.jpg

Age: Unknown (Appears to be mid 30′s)
Birthplace: Ostrheinsburg
Birthdate: 12 January
Weapon Name: Rhombus Rod

The Priest had a visit from a woman named Margaret in his abandoned ruined church in Ostrheinsburg... Margaret asked Τhe Priest to save her child from the corruption of the evil sword but his whereabouts was unknown! The Priest acknowledged that it was possible that Siegfried is the Azure Knight, the wielder of the evil sword, the devourer of the souls and the ruler of all this confession! He thought that he had to find something that would exorcise Siegfried and destroy Soul Edge! After many days of searching he found that the power which could to destroy Soul Edge is the spirit sword SoulCalibur! The Priest started a long journey in order to find the SoulCalibur and to exorcise Siegfried who is the Azure Knight!


Age: 29
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Birthdate: 29 July
Weapon Name: Large Tachi

Jihiro was born in Kyoto in Japan! Her mother was a human but her father was a demon! Her father trained Jihiro to become a skilled warrior in order to protect herself! He also teached her how to control her demonic powers! Many years later a female ninja named Taki who was a demon hunter killed Jihiro's parents! Jihiro sworn revenge, she informed that Taki was looking for a blade with a great power named Soul Edge and she thought that this would be the perfect weapon to killed Taki in order to avenge her parents death! Jihiro started to travel the world with one goal to find Soul Edge before Taki and kill her..


Age: 25
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Birthdate: 12 May
Weapon name: Kagenui

Shen was a very skilled ninja warrior, who born and raised in Kyoto in Japan. After the demon Gel-o-Fury destroyed his home temple Hoko-Ji and his clan, he decided to become a shinobi in order to avenge this demon! He came across with many enemies like Geki and the female ninja warrior Taki who she was looking for her master Toki who was possessed by Gel-o-Fury, They fought and Shen defeated her, then Taki asked Shen if he wanted to assist her in her mission to find Toki. Shen agreed because that was the only way to release Gel-o-Fury and destroy him in order to take his revenge.


Age: 18
Birthplace: Halteese Republic
Birthdate: 20 December
Weapon Name: Firangi

Cicilia was born in the Halteese Republic! From a little young age Cicilia trained to be one of the Republic's protectors! A new threat started when the Azure Knight destroyed many towns and killed many innocent people with his powerfull sword the evil sword Soul Edge! Cicilia felt that she has to protect the people of her homeland and her small kingdom! She informed that The Azure Knight, Nightmare and his malfested team are in an abandoned castle in Ostrheinsburg! Without a second thought she started a journey with an only goal to destroy them along with the evil sword Soul Edge!


Age: 30
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: 10 February
Weapon Name: Tyrfing

Eric is a mercenary! When the king of the Wolfkrone Empire had been slaved by the Evil Seed her daughter named Hilde hired some mercenaries soldiers in order to accompanied her to her long journey to find Soul Edge the evil blade and to destroy it! Eric joined the group of the Wolfkone's mercenaries to help the young princess Hilde, but his true intentions to destroy Soul Edge are covered in mystery...


Age: Unknown (it seems that she is in her early 30's)
Birthplace: Unknown (Born in an ancient tribe named: "Guardians of the Spirit Sword")
Birthdate: Unknown
Weapon name: Primitive Spear

Ramia is a member of the ancient tribe named "Guardians of the Spirit Sword" which the spirit sword "SoulCalibur" was protected! One day the leader of the tribe expelled Zasalamel because he was angered by the sect's edicts that forbade the use of the sword; which didn't allow the tribe to use the weapon if a crisis were to occur! Zasalamel's whereabouts lost and Ramia had many unanswered questions about Zasalamel and his power and felt that she must find him and to bring back the spirit sword SoulCalibur back to the tribe!


Age: 20
Birthplace: Shu Empire, China
Birthdate: 9 September
Weapon name: Twin Dragon Tongues

Pai-Long, a very skilled young warrior who raised in Shu Empire! After the disaster of his homeland by the "Evil Seed" Pai-Long lost everything! He started a long journey in order to find clues and answers for all of this! He informed about a young warrior named Kilik who destroyed the Ling Sheng-Su temple and murdered everyone there and also that he is persuing the Azure Knight and his evil sword Soul Edge which is responsible of the "Evil Seed"! He thought that this man will give him the answers that he needed and an explanation for all of this calamity! Many days later an old man stood on his sight! The people called him Edge Master! Edge Master was Kilik's master! Pai-Long begged him to train him secretelly from everyone! Edge Master accepted for one reason that perhaps it was fate! Pai-Long became Edge Master's secret apprentice in order to get closer to Kilik.


Age: 16
Birthplace: Somewhere in Celtic Republic
Birthdate: 11 August
Weapon Name: Spine Blade

Lelia is a young girl warrior raised by her beloved grandparents! Her grandfather teached her how to fight with a sword and a shield and she became a successfull warrior in a very young age! But.. her village was in danger because of the Azure Knight and his evil sword Souledge! A man called himself "The Savior" said to Lelia that if she wanted power to protect her village and her beloved people, she must to follow him! Lelia accepted with any cost, but what secrets she hides back of her not so innocent smile?


Age: 34
Birthplace: present day Arizona, America
Birthdate: 2 June
Weapon name: Harvester

Honon is the leader of a native American tribe! The tribe lost many members when the "Evil Seed" destroyed everything in the world! His young brother a boy from the tribe named Bangoo, lost during the calamity of the Evil Seed! Honon was looking for him but his whereabouts were lost! Many months later he informed by a mysterious man with a scythe that his brother was adopted by the "White Giant" who his true name is Rock Nathaniel Adams! Honon started a journey to Europe in order to find Rock and bring back his little brother back to their homeland.


Age: 21 (aging stopped because of her malfestation)
Birthplace: Florence Republic, Italy
Birthdate: 28 April
Weapon Name: La Neige

Lumnia raised in a wealthy-noble family in Florence! Nothing is it known about her life, she became malfested after the Evil Seed and her family whereabouts are unknown! One day she heard that a girl with a ring blade named Tira that she was looking for strong fighters in order to join her in Nightmare's army, the Azure Knight with the great evil sword "Soul Edge". Without any notion of what it was this Lumnia joined Tira, but her true intentions was to find her human nature again.


Age: 31
Birthplace: Holy Roman Empire
Birthdate: 5 January
Weapon name: Side Harpe

Oliver was a greedy man and a great thief of the Holy Roman Empire and in Europe. Several months later he assisted Lord Geo Dampierre, a flawless con artist, was known by many names, to stole many national treasures from the Wolfkrone Kingdom, but for Oliver that was not enough, he wanted many of gold to become the most rich man in the world. One day he heard about the evil, cursed sword Soul Edge and it's wielder Nightmare known as Azure Knight, he decided to travel the world in order to kill Nightmare and take his sword Soul Edge with the only goal to sell it and give him power and plenty of gold.

Elisabeth Valentine

Age: 20
Birthplace: London, British Empire (present-day England, United Kingdom)
Birthdate: 19 July
Weapon name: Proxy

Elisabeth is Ivy's apprentice, Elisabeth was working as a maid in the Valentine Mansion. Ivy trained her of how to use a snake sword and made her an excellent alchemist. Elisabeth learnt everything from Ivy about her father Cervantes and the cursed sword Soul Edge! Ivy said to Elisabeth that if she would failed to destroy Soul Edge or if she would die during the fight with Cervantes, Elisabeth would take her place. Elisabeth accepted because Ivy is her only family and for Ivy too, back in the shadows Elisabeth assisted her mentor.


Age: 19
Birthplace: Unknown , raised in Middle-East somewhere in Arabia
Birthdate: Unknown
Weapon name: Sapara

Henry was found by a thief organization in the Middle East, somewhere in Arabia when he was a baby in a basket! (Originally Henry was born in the West maybe in Europe, but the only one who had with him in the basket was a small bracellet with a name "Henry") a woman of this thief organization raised Henry like her own child and the chief trained him to become a great thief and a warrior! One day the chief informed Henry about a "Secret Money Pit" somewhere in Italy and about the treasures there. The chief wanted every treasure of this pit. Henry along with many thieves of this organisation began to travel in a long journey to Italy in order to steal the treasures to their chief, but Henry had an another reason too, to find his true parents.


Age: 28
Birthplace: Kvenland
Birthdate: 1 January
Weapon name: Valkyrie

Evelin is a Valkyrie warrior who was born by human parents and raised in the Valkyrie tribe where served Odin. One day the elder Valkyrie of the tribe asked Evelin if she could help for something, she told Evelin to find the spirit sword SoulCalibur in order to destroy the Evil Seed which was created by the cursed sword SoulEdge and was a threat to their land! Evelin accepted and began her journey knowing that it would be dangerous.
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"SoulCalibur VI ΟRIGINAL characters part 2"

Age: 65
Birthplace: Persia, Ottoman Empire, present day Iran
Birthdate: 12 April
Weapon name: Ithan Scimitars

Yasir was an elder alchemist from Persia and a mercenary! Yasir lost his family when he was very young! He grew up in a military base outside of Persia and studied there alchemy! In the year 1587 Shah Abbas hired a major group of mercenaries to gain territories to extend his kingdom, Yasir joined the group. After of countless fights with many armies he heard about a legend. The cursed sword Sou lEdge! Some people insisted that this was only a fairytale and some others insisted that this was a truth and an evil mist from that sword covered the Europe and East Asia turned many people to evil beasts! Yasir felt that he had to investigated this and felt that he should do something to save the world! He read volumes of books and found that SoulEdge was revealed through the ancient times killing many people and the beloved son of a Hero’s King!

Yasir thought that if he could use his alchemy he could discover the ingredients of Soul Edge and how it was created and who was its creator, he decided to travel a long journey in order to find the sword, his destination was a tower with 100 floors known as the Tower of Remembrance the book that he had read stated that there it was the place that everything were started.


Age: 24
Birthplace: Mughal Empire, India
Birthdate: 2 July
Weapon name: Huntings Knife

Arshia was one of the many secret assassins of the great sultan from Mughal Empire in India! Arshia raised in a great palace. She practised to become a very skillful stealth assassin in order to serve her sultan! One day the great sultan desired power and eternal youth and informed Arshia about the cursed evil sword Soul Edge which was shattered and it's fragments were everywhere in all over the world. That was the order to Arshia to collect every fragment in order to revive Soul Edge and give to the great sultan power and eternal youth. Arshia began to travel all over the world to find every of Soul Edge fragments and kill everyone that will stand in her way.


Name: Necro
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Weapon name: Corsesca & Broadsword

Necro is one of the malfested necromancers of Nightmare's malfested army. Necro is like a general in the malfested army. In the year 1890 a man with the blond long hair and an armor covered with ice known as the wielder of the spirit sword SoulCalibur his name was Siegfried and he was looking for Nightmare and Soul Edge in order to destroy them once and for all. Necro felt that he must to protect Nightmare and he desided to increase the malfested army and give more power to his master with the only goal to kill first Siegfried before Nightmare!


Age: 25
Birthplace: French Empire, Lyon
Birthdate: 2 June
Weapon name: Straight Sword

Helena was a valor young swordswoman who she was working for a great noble man named Claude de Lyon. One night something strange appeared in the sky something dark and cruel. Helena scared and she locked herself in a room downstairs of the noble man's mansion! In a few hours nothing was like before, the other members of security servises were unconscious on the floor and Helena found everyone dead, then Claude attacked her, Helena drew her sword to her master, but Claude wasn't looked like before! His skin was pale and his eyes were red, he was turned into a monster! Helena run far away. She was trying to realise what was happened. She noticed a silouete in the horizon a tall man with a dark skin covered in a white and gold clothes and with a scythe approched her! Helena trusted him and told him everything.
"I see, it is the "Evil Seed" the cursed sword Soul Edge and the Azure Knight are responsible for this, you have to find the spirit the holy sword SoulCalibur to exorcise the world and your master, then come to find me" said the man with the scythe and disappeared. Helena was determined to find SoulCalibur with every cost, but what this man was trying to fulfill?


Age: over 70
Birthplace: Velvezar, Scandinavia (potential present day, Denmark)
Birthdate: 28 December
Weapon name: Balor

Zarvaryss was a great and an elder sorcerer of fire in a long lost town named Velvezar which it was located somewhere in Scandinavia! Zarvaryss was also the protector of civillians of this town! One day an excluded member of Aval Organization named Azwel attacked Velvezar. Zarvaryss tried to fight him in order to face his civillians but he failed, Azwel used a spell and every people of the town disappeared he told him that his fire sorcery could do nothing and disappeared into the darkness! The wounded Zarvaryss moved with difficulty to his home and there he discovered about the cursed sword Soul Edge and that the fire of this sword could help him to bring back his people and destroy Azwel. He began to collect more information about the sword and found out that the sword wielded by the Azure Knight who people called him Nightmare and he and Soul Edge are somewhere in Ostreinsburg, without second thought Zarvaryss began to pursue Nightmare with the only goal to take Soul Edge.


Age: 29
Birthplace: Kingdom of Hungary
Birthdate: 10 October
Weapon name: Kris Naga

Vivian was a noble sorcerer woman who was born in a wealthy, noble sorcerer family! She learnt to control perfect the white and the dark magic and she became the great sorcerer, but Vivian and her family were some of the countless Nightmare's victims! One day Nightmare burned her house and her parents and in a fight with Nightmare Vivian lost her left eye! She lost everything and sworn revenge to destroy Nightmare once and for all, she took her poisonous knifes and with her white/dark magic began a long journey achieve her goal!


Age: over 200
Birthplace: Ekfard Kingdom, Elf World
Birthdate: Unknown
Weapon name: Steel Sword and Silver Sword

Erolith was born in far Elf Kingdom named Ekfard, which it was lost from people and noone knew about her kind! She was over 200 years old, old for humans but in her world was like a young girl. Erolith was a good elf with such a good manners, she was always took care to all of those who she loved, she was also practised longsword techniques to protect the weak elfs and to protect her Kingdom! One day a mysterious aura covered the Earth, and her world too an elder elf told her that this aura was evil and the humans called the “Evil Seed” it was came from an evil, cursed sword Soul Edge, he also warned her that this threat also would be affected their world! Erolith felt that she must protect the Ekfard Kingdom and the Elf world and she decided to visit the humans for the first time in order to find the truth about this evil and to destroy the cursed sword Soul Edge!


Age: 35
Birthplace: Madrid, Spanish Empire (present day Spain)
Birthdate: 3 June
Weapon name: Epee’

Rodolfo was a famous Spanish swordsman, he participated in a many Spanish Swords tournaments and was victorious to all! With the money that he earned as rewards from his victories he and his family lived a wealthy and comfortable life in Madrid! One day the Sorel family sent him an invitation to join forces in the Sorel family, but actually this was to assassinate someone, his target was two people Raphael Sorel and his foster daughter Amy! The money reward was huge for him and he accepted, but one day he informed about Soul Edge power, Rodolfo thought slyly that this sword would give him the power to assassinate their targets easily, without any information about Raphael's and Amy's whereabouts and where the cursed sword was he began a long journey in order to meet his targets and Soul Edge!


Age: 19
Birthplace: Okinawa. Japan
Birthdate: 29 March
Weapon name: Chained Sickles

Reiko was born in an agricultural family in Okinawa in Japan! Her father was a great farmer and a very skilled person, Reiko learnt how to fight by her older brother in order to guard her families fields. One day her parents affected by a serious desease and she informed that the cure is too expensive, she decided to be a pirate, it was a hard choise for a young girl to be a female pirate, she thought, but this was the only way to find gold as fast as she can. She learnt about the pirate Maxi and without fear and hesitation she decided to join his crew.


Age: Recently born
Birthplace: Unknown (ruins of a nameless, hidden temple of Fygul Cestemus)
Birthdate: April 2
Weapon name: Halberd

Ashlotte failed. She failed her mission to taking down the "Black Giant" Astaroth! Ashlotte was an automaton who was created by the two priests from Fygul Cestemus, Kalnypolok and Kalnypalk who survived after Astaroth's killing fury, but Astaroth met Ashlotte they fought and Astaroth smashed her. But the two priests were also created Ashlotte's brother, Folklore Maedel if Ashlotte would be failed. Folklore got all of information by the two priests about everything! Despite that he was an automaton he had feelings like a human. So, he started a journey in order to avenge his sister's death and to fulfil the mission that Ashlotte didn't accomplish to destroy and to bring back the core of Astaroth to the ruins of Palgaea Temple.


Age: She looks young. but she isn't
Birthplace: Somewhere in Japan
Birthdate: Does not remember
Weapon name: Hide in Shadow

This woman is a female ronin, long ago the clan that she belonged defeated and every member of the clan killed by an unknown evil spirit. She has no memory of her past. This information that she remember is only this. Many months later from these events, the woman began to pursue this evil spirit who destroy her clan and also to find if she had relatives alive. Her path drove her to a small village in Fukushima, some bandits attacked her and the woman fought really hard with tricks, intelligence and perfect katana sword techniques in order to live and to not lose her path. With all of those skills and power that she had defeated the bandits the people in Fukushima named her "Kitsune" because they thought that she was possessed by kitsune spirit! After all of that Kitsune kept that name and found out that this evil spirit comes from the "Evil Seed" an evil aura that had been caused by an evil sword "Soul Edge". Kitsune began a new journey with the only goal to find anwers about what Soul Edge is and to seal this evil spirit.


Age: 21
Birthplace: Bizen, Japan
Birthdate: 6 December
Weapon Name: Wooden Swords

Takao was borned in Bizen in Japan. He doesn't remember anything about this early life. The only that he remembers is that he had seven brothers and his parents. An old woman who she raised him told him about it, but all of his family were taken by sickness, but only one of his brothers survived, his name: Heishiro Mitsurugi! Takao trained so hard on martial arts, he studied in a small dojo in Bizen the art of the katana sword, in a very young age he became a master! He took place in many local tournaments and he gained many battles, but something was missing in his life, he missed his family and he didn't accept their loss, but he knew from his nanny that Mitsurugi one of his brothers, still alive. One day he informed about the great fame his lost brother Heishiro Mitsurugi, he informed that Mitsurugi is the toughest samurai fighter that he challenges everyone in fight and that he always is the winner! He also informed that Mitsurugi was looking for a powerfull sword with the name "Soul Edge"! Takao desided to start a journey to find his brother again, he also took the name Heishiro as a clue in order to find quickly Mitsurugi, he claimed that he is his eighth younger brother and he was really sure that he would find him.


Age: 33
Birthplace: Present day, Germany
Birthdate: 16 November
Weapon Name: Ambassador

Cornelia was one of the million victims of Nightmare! The "Azure Knight" with the evil sword "Soul Edge" burned her house and her husband! Cornelia survived, but she lost her unborned child! When she was woke up, she found out that she was in a monastery outside of Bayern. Cornelia didn't has anything in her life, she lost everything and she decided to become a nun. She entered in the monastery as a nun and she offered herself to the blessing of God. She also trained as a warrior in order to take her revenge for the great calamity that Nightmare caused to her. One day she found out about the spirit sword "SoulCalibur" that it has the power to destroy the evil sword "Soul Edge" and Cornelia suspected with this sword will also destroy Nightmare! A mysterious man who he was dressed in white with a scythe informed her that Nightmare and his malfested team were in Ostrheinsburg castle! She thought that this was her chance, she left the monastery without the notion of the other nunes and she started her journey under the blessing of God in order to find SoulCalibur and destroy Nightmare and his minions!


Age: 34
Birthplace: Valencia, Spain
Birthdate: 23 April
Weapon Name: Quo Vadis

Rosario the great female pirate from Valencia, she and her husband Adrian the chief pirate of their pirate ship, were living a calm life crossing the seven seas. One rainfull day the sea was in turmoil, an unknown pirate ship encountered their ship, some zombie pirates shown up and attacked their crew, Rosario fought well in order to guard her crew and her husband, but she failed, in front of her eyes her husband Adrian died, the great pirate Cervantes killed him and killed their whole crew and burned their ship, Rosario couldn't believe in her ears, she heard long ago that Cervantes was dead. She survived, but she was spent many days in the ocean swimming and trying to find land, when she found an unknown land, Rosario mourned her husband and her crew and she sworn revenge. Many days later she informed that Cervantes attacked more people and he was seeking power! "This bastard destroyed my life and he will pay and he will return back to hell" said Rosario and she begun to looking for him in order to avenge Adrian and her crew.


Age: 68
Birthplace: Unknown, there are rumors that he was born somewhere in North Africa
Birthdate: 6 January
Weapon Name: Terror Moon

Xaabsade the head of the tribe "The Guardians of the Spirit Sword" Xaabsade expelled a young member of the tribe when he managed to use the Spirit Sword as his own, the "young" member of the tribe was Zasalamel!

Xaabsade commanded the tribe members to hunt Zasalamel after his expel and kill him, but they couldn't find him. Many years later he informed that Zasalamel became a great sorcerer and he mastered the art of the reincarnation and he was looking for the Spirit and Cursed swords in order to seek the Eternal Rest. Xaabsade couldn't believe that this impolser had that power! He entrusted the Spirit Sword SoulCalibur to Siegfried a young knight and covered his armor with ice. the great war between the Soul Swords was the key for him to find Zasalamel and killed him and take from him the art of reincarnation in order to live forever.

Empress He
empress he.jpg

Age: 38
Birthplace: Han Dynasty, present day China
Birthdate: Unknown
Weapon Name: Kaleidoscope

Empress He, the second wife of Han Emperor Ling as well as the younger half-sister of He Jin and He Miao. After her husband's death, she was able to briefly control the imperial court as empress dowager and support her brothers.
The Evil Seed covered the world and the evil miasma arrived in China, the great tyrrann Dong Zhuo was about to depose Empress He with his malfested power thanks to the cursed sword SoulEdge. The Empress tried to find information about this sword, she was in a big dilemma, to find and wield this sword giving her power to face Dong Zhuo? Or to find this sword and to destroyed it in order to weaken him completely and to return to the calm days of her empire?

"Empress He is a real Chinese history face, to my all respect to Chinese History her story is just an imagination that I have been inspired by Koei Wiki from Dynasty Warriors"


Name: Jericho
Age: 23
Birthplace: An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history, but in 16th century there are still some remnants of it.
Birthdate: 16 February
Weapon Name: Wild Hunt Sword and Moonblade

Jericho is the only recent descendant from Hero King's tribe (Algol). His grandfather used to tell him stories about the glorious Hero King Algol, but he told him and the most dramatic side of Algol's story, about that his own son Arcturus was jealous about his father Algol and stole his sword SoulEdge from him, about how Algol created the Spirit Sword SoulCalibur, everything.
Jericho knew many hidden truths, but he wanted to find out more by himself, a man with dark skin covered in white told him about the Tower of Remebrance and that Algol is frozen there and trought the millenias he still lives.
"You want to know the only truth, you want to ressurect and free your ancestor? So, mortal, you need to seek the power of the Soul Swords SoulEdge and SoulCalibur!" what this mysterious man wanted to achive? Jericho informed about the wielders of these swords, the Azure Knight Nightmare and a young knight covered in ice Siegfried!
He begun to pursue them with the only goal to arrive to the Tower of Remebrance and have the power to free his ancestor Algol.
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"Soulcalibur MINOR characters"
Iska Farkas






Frederick Staufen

Margaret Staufen

Lucius Alexander


Shugen Kokonoe
34.shugen kokonoe.jpg

Wilhelm Von Krone

Iska Acht

Won Gabok
37.won gabok.jpg

Won Soo-hyun
38.won soo-hyun.jpg









Seong Han-Myeong

48.seong han-myeong.jpg

Johan Dürer
49.johan dürer.jpg


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"Costumes for the regular character of SoulCalibur VI"
part 1

2B costumes

Amy costumes

Astaroth costumes

Azwel costumes

Cassandra costumes

Cervantes costumes


Groh costumes

HaohMaru costumes

Hilde costumes


Hwang costumes

Ivy costumes

Kilik costumes

Maxi costumes

Mitsurugi costumes

Nightmare costumes
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"Costumes for the regular character of SoulCalibur VI"
part 2

Raphael costumes

Seong-Mina costumes

Setsuka costumes

Setsuka Extra Costumes
setsuka extra (2).jpg

Setsuka Official Concept Art costume
setsuka costume concept art.jpg

Setsuka Snow Flower costume
Setsuka Snow Flower.jpg

Siegfried costumes


Sophitia costumes

Taki costumes

Talim costumes

Tira costumes

Xianghua costumes

Yoshimitsu costumes

Zasalamel costumes

Voldo costumes

"Special Creations"

Urban Samurai Mitsurugi
mitsurugi urban samurai.jpg

Setsuka and Mitsurugi "Romance"
Setsuka & Mitsurugi Romance Date.jpg

Tira and her Mischievous Whispers
Tira Mischievous Whispers.jpg

Galaxy Warrior Groh
Groh Galaxy Warrior.jpg

Bohemian Warrior Zasalamel
Bohemian Warrior Zasalamel.jpg


Setsuka (SCIII unused consept art) Elegant Warrior Geisha


Mitsurugi (SCIII unused consept art) Ronin

Ronald McDonald and his burger
burger ronald mcdonald.jpg

Lunar Xianghua
lunar xianghua.jpg

The Colorful Parrot Warrior
The Colourful Parrot Warrior.jpg

Prince Of Persia

prince of persia.jpg

Ryu Hayabusa
ryu hayabusa.jpg

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truly good idea to include all of your awesome creations in one full thread....!!!
Kostas your creations are so stunning.......!!! so beautifull with so many details costumes.....!!!
well done.....!!!
Well... any compliments I write here will not be enough to qualify this excellent artist
This thread will be an inspiration guide, thank you to share with us my friend
Now I have one more reason to wait for a season 3
Your work has a sort of simplicity to it, but also a kind of complexity and attention to detail that just captures me! I don't really know how to explain it, but either way, great work!
Well... any compliments I write here will not be enough to qualify this excellent artist
This thread will be an inspiration guide, thank you to share with us my friend
Now I have one more reason to wait for a season 3

My friend @rdmunhoz Thank you so much for your good words to me! I really appreciate your support, as I said before all this time I was trying to do my best and I really wanted to create a new complete thread with all of my creations! And yes, if Season 3 will happen I will be back with more creations!
Your work has a sort of simplicity to it, but also a kind of complexity and attention to detail that just captures me! I don't really know how to explain it, but either way, great work!

Thank you so much me friend @Tikal fro your good comment! I'm so happy that you like my work!